Holiday artichoke dip goes terribly wrong on-air

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Global News' Leslie Horton shared her favourite treat to make at Christmas -- but admitted her recipe for artichoke dip went "terribly wrong."

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Shaded Muse
I'm sorry but I'm not going to Leslie's house for supper unless I want my stomach pumped! Thank god for Canadian health care
Will Tang
"I made it and safeway packaged it for me"
Perfidious Albion
This is way too funny! Testing food can be quite dangerous!
Hands down, the best news team in Calgary. Such great charisma and humor between them, perfect for the morning news.
I watch this once a week and it makes me cry everytime.
Donya P
I miss Christmas.
Brandon Williams
"I had no lemon so I cut up an orange" 😂😂😂
hmmm I need the recipe would make a great gag appetizer at parties :) just kidding
going to think about this ever time I eat artichoke dip from now on
Michelle Bragg
Hi gy us I'm sad because my dog died at 8:09 and I'm just really sad
Plz make me get 10 likes
Elijah Shane
This is still so funny
Florian Günzer
Funniest thing i have seen for a long time, though i feel kinda bad for the hosts. The dip really seems to be caustic... in a chemical sense.
And in general XD
Mono Mono
One of the funniest things I've seen.
Owen McLoven
​My generation needs to start birthing an interracial super race that could colonize the earth and kill everyone who is not mixed in the future.
Link Hylia
just skip to 1:08
She is savage
Trent Anderson
A Canadian would rather die of food poisoning than insult someone's artichoke dip.
Sarah H
Alexx H
just saw this lol fuck im pretty sure I know its fucking Calgarians I lived here for 17 years and bitch who tf do you think you are, why so negative b
Charlesha Anderson
lol the lady that made it is so nonchalant and is like you know what I know its crap but taste it anyway.
that guys bulge though YUUUM
233 subscribers with no videos
At 2:32 it says Report finds Americans twice as charitable as Canadians... I thought we were nice people
Anna Glenn
The next time I make something that fails I'm inviting 3 friends to taste it.
Ryloh -
Shao C
"...It burns"
Make me try it lol. The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast brought me here.
Oh Canada!
it burns... that what she said.. hahaha
Kevin Zirkelbach
It burns!
I want to try Leslie's artichocke dip.
Albert Kelly
Is noone going to talk about how ridiculously gorgeous the middle one is?
Erin Hanson
I watched it live and it made me spit out my breakfast 😂
That was amazing.
Rotfl! Gag reflexes in check
His fucking face when she says there's no vinegar. x'D
Cannabis production facility under construction near Edmonton International Airport? hey hey hey hey
Gamed FoLife
Her poor husband must eat out every day 😂
Chaise H
Dead! lmao!! 💀
musikal genius
scott is a hottie
Canadian Karl Stefanovic
Sean Wilkinson
If Dick Clark and Ed McMahon were still alive and doing TV blooper shows, this would definitely be one of their top 10 favorite on-air disasters.

"I thought it smelled like a barn."
"What did you DO?!"
" burns!"
I didn't have an artichoke, so I put an old boot in it.
maria cecilia jardeleza
Clearly Leslie Horton should never step foot in to a kitchen.
Christian Metatron
What a waste of air time.
Tammy Grogan
stacy franz
let me just reply please. why did this women do this and does she still have a job.?? yes i had 12 replies. if it smells skunked_ dont taste it. and yes including a smell of vinaigrette​.
Baka Baka Khan
and you wonder why your food tastes like the attitude you had while you made it.
Dan Jay
You stupid bitch why would u do that to ppl?
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