Google Home | 2017 Super Bowl Commercial

Home by you. Help by Google. Learn more:

Roil Ramos Canteiros
Akan A
The curviness of my legs is extremely noticeable even when I use loose pants because my knees are distant for about 1.5 to 2 inches from each other when standing up. Today I`ve been following this legs treatment solution “myma shocking plan” (Google it), and I have extraordinary results! I suggest to try it also!
Vickram Rayman
Rich people
Vickram Rayman
Rich people
Wasy Dfy
я не помню
Matthew Mckenzie
I have a Google Home from Best Buy and the Ultra Cromcast and I love it so much!!!!! It makes my life so much easier with a Google Assistance.
bTàimbm Lv vm
Pak Jan
ga ada yg menarik
Teresa Galeano
X favor en español gracias
Dhruv Gramopadhye
John Denver's Country Roads - Take Me Home . Whistle remix?
Shafaque Narayan
A.F. Ferdians
who me, who me, who me, who me, who me, who me, who me who me
Rafael Rabinovich
Google Alexa
Gucio Ulman
Google Microphome - we know you so much you can't even imagine and you're paying for that.
Adam Shed
freaking mind blowing
Alvin Liu
google how much you will take?
Rafael Lima
ok google, what is NSA?
Martin Hernandez
Me namis Martín no inglés
Blanca Parra
I like it
Dertasium Dt
people are so lazy they can't type anymore??
praveen sharma
!!! very nice !!!
Qin heuang
Google, it only works in the USA. and you have to give up your entire privacy to a multi billion company.
frances rush
this is the best application you will have and I have to have it, please send
me more please
Akshay Khanna
its great but makes us more dependant
sohidul hique
sohidul hique
Matthew Mckenzie
where can I purchase a Google Gnome?
Cristiano Silveira
Ok Google, when will Home be available in Brazil?
Ok google, when will google fix google translate? In 1 billion light years...
Antonio Forsell
Okay Google...
Heidi Nacheb
سعید عزیزی
کانال خوبیه
Hallie Lewis
The Deplorable
Subtle Racemixing thing going on here, pathetic
Gopinathan Kappungal
حافظ عيسي
ممتع وپراق وكل جميل
Fenet Yismaw
Kyara Kenrs
Alma Landeros
Donald trump
Esmeralda Villarreal
ok google,can u do everything for me
Esmeralda Villarreal
cant wait to get one and ask it everting
mow789 mehiah
life is good ,🍎🍎
Tanee Makawan
Kong Lor
Idris PendisBey
google will save your conversations of course
Ashlee Tucker
Ok google teleport Selena Gomez to me
Camora Walker
Isaiah Chatman
Am I the only one who thought that this was really the commercial?
Gloria Lozano
cPutulo del chemavenegas
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