Pewdiepie's Irrelevant Friend Roasted Me!!!

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family friendly pg clean

this dude doesnt even know how to hold a fork
Super Player32003
You are trash, that’s why he had to call you that
Levi Mendoza
The Killer3405
2:19 yes you are
Spacey Dawg
U are nothing compared to markiplier
Dead Memes
Just a reminder that he has 10 million more suns than u
Gregory Secor
Your so fucking stuipid
Katie Nunez
Hmmm let’s do the math 18mil >8mil. Mathematically he had double your fanbase but isn’t math something your supposed to be good at?
Frankie Fangirl
MARK WAS MAKING A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also he is relevant and his name is Markiplier.
Link Strife
Link Strife
ricegum vs idubbez,pewdiepie,and markiplier....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
R.I.P. ricegum 2017
THAT guy
That's cute
thinking about roasting someone with 10M more subs and a legion of loyal squirrels at his disposal.
Oscar Jimenez
Well...i liked ricegum...i was gonna sub to him again but then i saw this vid...rice you went to a new low...done with you
Katie Weber
Why is it taking so long for you to off yourself
Skylar Toast
Markiplier was 10 million more subs than you. I think that's saying something...
Alexxa Conroy
Jesus shut up rice, it was one second cmon
Does he ever stop fucking flailing his arms around? It's honestly pissing me off.
Ezzy 1089
That’s not a roast that’s a little joke
Papa Lasaga
Pewdiepie is in the title but its about mark?
Xayah Williams
Biggz None
Julius Revsgaard Jacobsen juli208r
Hey nigger fagget Mark was like roasting you for 1 sekund you fucking gay cunt
Jewel Mine
dude shut up thats not important. Markiplier is a good guy he was just making a jokes o chill out.
Now, I don't want to sound over dramatic, but you really don't go after Markiplier. The dude is a true saint. He's helped raise millions of dollars for charities, he gives back to people, and over all just a really nice guy.
I can get why you wanted to make respond to Idubbbz, we all knew it was going to happen, but when somebody makes a tiny joke about you, you get just nearly as butthurt. Don't try to start drama with Markiplier, he doesn't deserve any of your fucking attention.
Jared Genesis
Ricegum is the fucking man! Man cuck markiplier aint got nothing on him
hey, fuck off, k.
Maria NG
mark is the best
mark is SO much better than you and always will be. your "fans" are actually 12. you are violets irrelevent friend. thats the only reason they even check out your channel. like,,, fuck off.
ICanShipThat GoTellTumblr
I only came here to give a dislike because ooooooh myyyyyyy GOD watching this idiots videos gives me cancer. Mark is good boy and this dude is the kind of bitch that I wish would just die
gio carlos
1:04 possombilities
Alex Perez
Was not rost it was jock
Victoria T
Chose to mess with the wrong you tuber, who has like 10m more subs 😂😂😂😂😂 the video didnt even have anything to do with him. 7 minutes I'll never get back
migle luk
migle luk
Deadpoolio The Great
Funny thing that I had no idea who you are until Ian made the content cop. I have seen few of your videos and I have lost all hope in the future of music. You are shit. Get a ghost writer and composer and singer while you're at it.
Ohh by the way Pewds fliped you off and talking about his friends... Are you scared like a little bitch you are
London King
Cringey is what were aiming for
Maybe he called you trash bc u are lmao die watching that markiplier vid btw hope ur chancel crashes
giny wolff
Dj Brookie Cookie
Rice you need to chill if you really react to everything you ARE trash. And Ethan probably edited that video so good job Ethan
Anyone check their Skype at 0:53 lmao
Amanda Mcleod
You do not mess with markiplier people will go insane and you channel will crash he has more fans so I would say its not worth marks time or yours
Lydea-Su Moses
this fucking piece of cancer is overreacting 😂
Still always...
"Bro why'd he have to do that? What'd I do to him?"
Well maybe he wouldn't have made that joke if you weren't such a fucking asshole.
Melissa Andrades
She’s ugly asff
Kian Pike
Makes me wanna die
Josefin L.
Man rice is desperate
CrashWoah GT
He got you xD
Alec Alec
you say you will stop flexing stuff but you do that at the start of the video
Alec Aquino
Dude, what is the matter with you???
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