What Counts As Cheating? • Married Vs. Single

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“If it feels like you're cheating, it probably is."

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Carissa Zirbel
well that's not Ariel, that's Kelsey.
Camilla's Mom
The thing with cheating is it's not worth it! A 1 night stand to have an orgasm you can literally do yourself is NOT worth upsetting yourself and your partner. Personally, if I was cheated on, I'd rather them tell me and we can decide what to do from there. Not have it hidden from me and risk disease. Like be the grown person, have the respect for the person you chose to be in a relationship with, and own up to it. Or, you know, don't do it to begin with.
Matt T.
She seems like the kind of person who would justify cheating as the right thing to do
wait is Ned married? why'd he never mention it before?!
Ashlie Leyva
Completely don't think "Once a cheater, always a cheater." If you feel the need to cheat or don't feel guilty cheating then you aren't with the right person. The only boyfriend I haven't cheated on is my current husband of 3 years and I'm VERY happy. I don't feel the need to see someone else or anything further. He makes me happier than anyone :)
Erika Wesly
No wonder she's still single
Jessica Berry
is only sexting cheating?
Hopey Dopey
Actually, I'm Hope.
Mariana Rock
UUGGG!!! That girl´s double chin. Discusting!!!!!!!
Pinky Samantha
(if you read the entire thing you are a goddess)

ok so i kinda am in a relationship but it is long distance and i haven't met my actual boyfriend. yesterday i met this guy at this park while i was with my friends and he was with his friends. he came up to us and me and my friends got one of the guys snapchat and his name was justin (we have a long history with the name justin lmao) so i snap justin with hey and we just go on conversation then he asks for my number and we facetime. we like similar music and stuff. And i hate to say it but i'm catching feelings pretty quick for him. I told my friends i broke up with my boyfriend so they wouldn't see me practically cheating like this. one of my friends stopped being my friend because she says "the boys are always looking at you and izzy and not me" and it happened to be that justin was with another guy named aiden that happened to like izzy and my other friend feels left out. So me and izzy are both lowkey crushing on the guys while im at the same time talking to my long distance boyfriend acting like everything is fine. I haven't seen justin since yesterday but were gonna meet up probably next week. Im considering hooking up with him. i honestly dont even know what im doing or thinking. but...idk
Ruby W
2:17 AWW
It's funny how everyone is just talking about physical cheating. To be honest I'd be more hurt about emotional cheating because it's more about a connection which can be harder to deal with.
Lindsey Castro
I think once is a mistake, but twice and you'll probably do it again
Kristina Bal
But I hate it when relationships are too strict like "you can't hang out with/hug/talk to any males/females" like bruhhhhhh that's not cheating. Cheating is making out with or having sex with or sending nudes to another person while IN a relationship and if they're on a break then it's not cheating they're NOT together🙄
I have definitely been in that same situation. I was in a super manipulative relationship and the guy WOULD NOT LET ME BREAK UP WITH HIM! So I cheated on him and he finally was okay with ending it!
y'all I need help
On prom night, i danced with this dude and we had a nice conversation. He was in my class the year before.
Yesterday he wrote his number on my yearbook and told me to hit him up. A few hours later he says "bye Alyssa" when I was leaving to go home.
my name is not Alyssa, I said my name literally 5 times and he always forgets. Is he considered a fuckboy? Should I avoid him?
aesthetic flower
Ned is so cute
- -
No wonder she's single
Self control people
The Black Hammer
She just pisses me off for some reason
Ned is so sweet 😂❤️
Hater Shnitzel
She would be the worst girlfriend to anybody
Ally Kain
Commenting on someone else's Instagram is not cheating at all. But I did have a boyfriend commenting on other girls posts saying damn with the heart eye emoji and the flame emojis and so hot. So. That just kinda hurt lol
II TheCupcakeMonstah II
I hate to say it but the truth is that although Ned is a good guy theres actually a great comparison when you think of girls cheating and guys cheating . Because it is absolutely obvious that guys do it way more it is pretty sad bc the word hoe will and always has been throwed around while the word fuckboy was JUST invented.
Lilly Kitty
1:46 "As a strong independent woman" snap 😂😂
B Ruegg
I really do not like Kelsey.
Skittle Bean
Ned has pretty eyes
kelsey is getting bigger
I don't think cheating has anything to do with your relationship... It has to do with personal morals and integrity.
Jon Walton
I think if you have to ask the question, then you are either already cheating or dangerously close to cheating
Camilla Ceuterick
I don't agree with kelsey basically saying it was okay for her to cheat because the guy was a terrible person. If you're not happy in your relationship, then end it, don't just start cheating..
Winni Lay
"Okay, well, that doesn't make me feel good" lmao Ned's tone
Agusława G
I would say cheating is everything you wouldn't do in front of your significant other. For some people it is hugging (and if it is back out of that relationship, your partner is abusive) for others it kissing or sex, and for others - emotional connection.
Heidi Beth
i was cheated on. But he made me happy when he wasn't cheating so i stayed
Cheesy Unicornz
Ned is like Kelsey's dad, like actually.
she's asking to be cheated on basically with her prideful response.
& you need to tell to spread your guilt so ppl know not to date your skanky vajayjay lol
helena a
is it cheating if you're in a relationship but you cuddle with someone else? like you don't kiss them or anything
get you a guy that looks at you the way ned looks at kesly
Hold it in sounds, like something a cheater would say...
Caroline Kuipers
Always always always tell if you cheated . The worst truth is better than a lie
love able
Y'all seem like it's okay to cheat, what's the point of dating someone if you don't got trust in it
jor r
fuckin roastie
Kat Tachibana
My boyfriend once dared me to kiss my female friend and when i actually did it he was like "O.o what have i done"
Bri the Free
I think instead of once a cheater always a cheater it should be three times cheating always cheating
Jean Valjean
dont cheat just break up if youre so strong and independant why couldnt u just break up?
0:40 that is a load of horseshit. If you're in a dedicated relationship and you cheat on the other person, the least you can do is tell them the truth about the situation.
alexandra inglis
is it cheating when you break up with someone and then wait for days and then someone ask you out and then you date them?
Anna Nevins
I totally get where Kelsey is coming from. She cheated because there was no other way out for her except to prove to both him and herself the relationship is abusive and should even exist. I don't understand where people are saying they are losing respect for her over this, I have zero respect for the emotionally abusive guy making her feel like she wasn't strong enough to walk away.
Carl Soak
If I cheated on someone I will feel no shame unless I get caught
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