Who saw the picture of Ned and Ariel in the background?
Sof Deg
Ned reminds me of this guy I have a HUGE crush on, so every time Ned acts a lot like this person I cry😭
Beyonce's Child
Never cheat. Damn is it that hard
Bethany Acquah
"Hi! I'm hope!"
Addie Peterson
I got cheated on by my ex. It was the most painful thing to find out... He and I were together for 4 months and then I found out after he ended it from his current girlfriend that they were "dating" 2 months before he ended it with me. I also found out he's cheated on other girls before me, and I have seen him cheat on his current girlfriend (I've told her and she doesn't care 😂) which amazes me, because he's not that cute? 🤷🏼‍♀️ But he's a fuckboy, and for him he will always be a cheater.
Miriam MacDonald
Kelsey said "in a heartbeat" and that makes mE CRY NOW
1:48 Ned slays everyone and everything 😆
Leah Rogers
It counts as cheating if you don't want your SO to find out about it.
Ames E C
Cheating varies from couple to couple. In my opinion the rule is if you wouldn't do it with your partner there you shouldn't do it without them there.
_Jamison Edinger-VanAtta
I call my future wife (cause it's legal now.) Kelsey. Ha wish my favorite queer person at buzzfeed.
Omg I'm so screwed, I cheated so many android games. Im doom!
Louis Chan
Bake roof account ready way nomination vulnerable rapidly last lover personality.
Muskan Elahi
Claire McMeen
Kelsey seems like a bad person to date lmao
This is why I am poly. Sure cheating can still happen, but if my Primary wants to date someone she can. Humans aren't meant to mate for life so tying yourself down to one person, romantically or sexually, is just against our nature. I'm happy when she comes home and tells me all about the great sex she had last night because I love knowing she enjoyed herself.
faye harrison
"Ok well, that doesn't make me feel good"
j mt
The blond girl looks like miss pig.
Binary Ninja
I want hope
The Oklahoma Photobooth Company, Inc.
1:47 that snap was the funniest thing I have seen all day
Ned is such a good dude, Ariel is a very lucky woman. :)
Mr Gabagoo
If you say you have guy friends if we're out together and you hug another man that's not family if you talk to another man in my face if you accuse me of cheating IM CHEATING
Inaya Fontaine
God carbon This video truly looks like strongly#amazkng gaze :‑<
Could you do an episode on emotional cheating?
hannah the banana
If you cheat, you're a disgusting person. Period point blank. No ifs buts about it.
when she said ''hi, I'm hope'' i was like ''I'm your angel, I'm your hope, I'm J-Hope'' dammit BTS
Morgane Guillet
I got cheated on and I'm marrying that person. We were in a hard place, both of us. But you know what? We talked about it and we fought through it because we love each other and you don't give up on someone you love. The cheating was only via text, granted. But we are happier than ever and can't wait to say I do.

It's all about the circumstances.
Delillah Jasmine
I'm with you girl cheat on the abusers like damn
John kln
And we call em hoes :)
i believe that cheating is doing something romantic/sexual that your partner(s) don't consent to.
Vince Willems
mass nearly stomach seven issue heat wisdom plan horn.
Natalie Chisholm
Ned is like her older brother/dad
This blonde girl seems to have such a low amount of self esteem, and is clearly quite insecure. She justifies her crass traits with this illusion of independence, equality and free spirited virtue, but it's basically nonsense to cover up that she's actually deeply flawed.

Unless a guy or girl is literally locking you up, physically abusing you or some other genuinely illegal and criminal thing, there is NO excuse to cheat on your partner. Not happy with the situation or relationship, simply break up. The only thing she proved by claiming her partners emotional manipulation compelled her to cheat, was that she herself is emotionally manipulative, and most of all, that she's a complete coward. Too weak, cowardly and hapless to break up or properly communicate her feelings, but immoral enough to actually cheat, which itself requires a different form of insidious courage.

Please people, do not take advice from her.
JoBeth Rice
Sibylline Rose
She sounds drunk all the time, and I like it!
Teddy 97
When did Ned become so pretty?
Elizabeth Brandon
Lol Ned's snap at 1:48 is the best!!!
Holland Bending
Massive crush on Kelsey. I have NO idea why she is single. Damn.
Helene Franck
i love them
Sehun ́s Mom
Honestly i dated a girl I didnt like at all but she was manipulating me and I wanted to cheat on her because she did the same before even tho i forgave her but I was more concered about the guy I wanted to be with finding out about her than about her finding out I cheated. I didnt love her at all, I ened up breaking up and everything was fine because I felt free to be with someone I like. If you really wish to be with another person its better to breakup than cheat.
This chick just sounds like a damn ho
Leny Romero
she: "Hi, I'm hope"
me: "Hi! I'm your hope! I'm your angel! J-Hopeeee!"
Tikki Tokki
Why do people always compare cheating to wanting different food? Food doesn't have feelings, nor do you put a title (spouse/partner)on your 'relationship' with whatever you're gonna eat. Did you promise commitment to a sentient pizza??? Maybe that's what it is for some people.
You're Gonna Have To Dig Deep
I have lost all respect for Kelsey
Sasha Maltby
Ariel (Ned's wife) who? Kelsey and Ned seem to be really compatible
Jonathan Malagon
i love this two soooo funny and cool 👏💗
as someone that was cheated on, (that doesn't even begin to describe the situation) when the other person told me they cheated it did make me feel like I did something wrong. it wasn't until months later I realized it wasn't my fault and they were just looking to put blame on someone besides themselves.
Paulina Yang
What about commenting on IG with inappropriate comments like "😍👌🏽😝🔥" or "💦💦👅😍" and so on...???
Army Blinks
hi im your hope im your angel JHOOOOOOPE im sorry I had to do that
Margaret Velto
Told my ex I hated cheating more than anything and that I would rather get dumped than be cheated on. Same ex cheated on me for half the relationship and then proceeded to dump me like 2 days after our anniversary.
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