What Counts As Cheating? • Married Vs. Single

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“If it feels like you're cheating, it probably is."

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Alexandra inglis
is it cheating when you break up with someone and then wait for days and then someone ask you out and then you date them?
Anna Nevins
I totally get where Kelsey is coming from. She cheated because there was no other way out for her except to prove to both him and herself the relationship is abusive and should even exist. I don't understand where people are saying they are losing respect for her over this, I have zero respect for the emotionally abusive guy making her feel like she wasn't strong enough to walk away.
Carl Soak
If I cheated on someone I will feel no shame unless I get caught
William Shuo
I cheated on my gay coworker with a girl.
Doni G
Lol she keeps trying to justify it, typical hoe.
Qiao hui Xu
look at the picture in the back
Didn't Britney leave?
But emotional cheating is completely different from cheating sexually...
Daisy Quake
Mike Pence never cheats...Because he's never in public or private without his wife. SMH 🤦🏼‍♀️🙄
Kim Bessent
Cheating is any behavior you feel like you should hide from your significant other. You can't really confine cheating to a list of activities.
I would not have admitted to cheating or close to cheating on YouTube, Ned. It might hurt her.
James Sarvan
I hate her so much. She's like the personification of a modern day feminist.
Bronwyn Hunter
I love Ned and his wife their so cute 💖
Japanese Wolf
If you flirt with someone other than your spouse, then I consider that cheating. It doesn't matter if it's playful.
Kelsie Henry
White girl annoying as hell!
michelle bao
every time buzzfeed brings up marriage it's ned
Rasha Slater
Please find me a Ned😭
Lex Bieber
Nah bruh. Once a cheater always a cheater. He might not cheat with you but he's done it before and I'm sure he'll do it again fam dont fall for it
Fayleure Fayleure
My boyfriend and i know each others phone passwords. True love.
Queen of the universe
Look at the cute picture of Ned and Ariel in the background
Sarah Mia
Basically Kelsey is a hoe.
Grayson Meemstar
I really believe in once a cheater always a cheater. But like also. If your man cheated on his girl with you, he's gonna cheat on you with someone else.
Vanessa Calderon
Am I the only one that noticed that she not wearing a ring
Raegan Vaughn
Ned's little finger snap💕😄😄😄😄😄 Gotta love that guy.
leizel rodriguez
'We call them Fuckboys' well said Kelsie(is that how you spell her name?)
maddie DeLeon
if you gotta keep it from you're partner it's cheating
Otaku Fox
Last week or something my boyfriend told me that he dared a girl that if he landed a bottle flip that she had to kiss him on the cheek (He didn't think he would land it) but by the powers of fuckboiness he landed it.... Also I started dying of laughter when he awkwardly told me not to get mad before he told me about the dare. I still tease him about it.... Am I a bad person?
Andreas Thoyas
I'm Greek. We kiss every other Greek we see 😂😂😂
Kaylee Your Goddess
So of you're a strong woman, it's okay to cheat? Welcome to Buzzfeed...
Is it bad that I kinda ship them?...
How come you barely caption your videos anymore, Buzzfeed?
Jakob Pollestad
There are just as many fuckgirls as fuckboys, if not even more
MMD Len And Rin
Oh no.

Ned's coming with his finger snap.
Hunter Shields
I'm in high school and I cheat all the time tbh my current relationship is the only one I've not considered cheating on her
Ruben Moniz
cheating the wrong person might turn a true nice guy into a fuckboy
She's like Mickey from the Netflix serie "Love" srsly, she is like irl Mickey
Preston Xiong
I don't think the situation of him being manipulative and emotional is being able to justify cheating... If you didn't want to be with him then simply break up, even if he doesn't agree its your right to break up at any time. If he keeps on texting you or etc. Just simply delete him and know that you have done your part.
Blue Toast
"We were on a break!"
Fernando Wong
I find it ironic the feminist on the left casually talks about a woman grabbing a man's genitals at a club as if it's fine and dandy when Lord knows she'd flip out if a man grabbed a woman's at a club.
Cat Tennant
And this is why Ned is happily married. Snaps for Ned everyone.
This girl is nutty and uses weird excuses to justify her toxic behavior, don't tell them because she makes up a punishment instead of dealing with it and if the relationship is bad cheat instead of leave? At least she has a crazy look to match her crazy thoughts.
How could you cheat on Ned he is like the cutest guy around!
Sarin Thomas
what's the girls name?
current fave series
Leslie Guerra
who else was watching this and was thinking the whole time that ned is so adorable
S thër
If it's close/almost/little cheating, tell them. If you fucked someone else... maaaaybe not.
Janei Matsuda
Cheating isn't right no matter what, you break it off, no matter how manipulative the other is just break up with them and ghost them, then go and date other people. However I do understand that abusive relationships are hard to leave, but the truth is you can, you can get help, and talk to someone. But cheating isn't a good way to leave the toxic relationship
1:49 diva snap
LOL I do not think the punishment of keeping it in is greater than telling someone. Your punishment should be that your partner will trust you less or they break up with you. People who decide not to tell are literally just lying to themselves that the punishment is greater cause deep down they're scared that telling their SO will make them break up with them. In fact, acting like your partner has no right in knowing that you cheated is super selfish and totally wrong. Either be in an open relationship or stay monogamous and own up to what you did.
MiCa Love
Cheating and Independent are 2 different things girl 😂
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