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Casually loses 400 bucks... I HAVE 3 DOLLARS IN MY WALLET!!!
Judy 94
thank you for the review i wont buy this anymore !
Alec Baldlose
This dude looks like what would happen if Sean Penn ran into a brick wall
Crazy puppyTV
you had that drone for 1hr!!!!!
Of course it flied off it is DOBBY, so everyone hates it and Harry Potter gave it some MAGIC!!! Poof! Its dead...
Unbox Madness
What a dumbass
David Augustin
I lost my drone it flu a way and can't find it David
thanks for the laugh! :)
Oh shit this is gonna really hurt you in that investigation. Very irresponsible. I wonder if its considered criminal by the FAA? Jesus you sure know how to get yourself in some pickles.
Nabilah Hakim
I cant even buy a drone lol
Saifo Wahsh
4k my ass...
Tina Rawlins
Casey, Might I suggest getting a label maker and putting your name and pobox on your drones. People will probably return them to you. :)
Salut Jérôme !
André Lousada
No longer the tiniest drone! SPARK IS HERE!!!!
Could you please fly one of 100's of your drones to Poland? You can even loose it i will try find it, addopt it and look after it. Just fly one that pissed you off, i promice you i will teach him how to behave. Thank you. This way i would have drone too.
Tom O Shea
Pure class
Pzo Ismail
Im pretty sure he accidentally clicked those 10-30-60 sec motion video.. That drone should be able to return at last gps location of phone as long as its not hitting anything on the way.. Sure wasted of 400 dollar selfie drobw
sourav iswarari
Lauwe Shit
I like How he compares the commercial vs reallity
Luciano Lacayo
D4S Music
:) I enjoyed a lot great 👍🏻 job god bless you
Drone Trends
Awesome !!
Gavin Call
I'm from the dirty south and have never been to NYC. Casey's videos give me glimpse into the cool urban life of New York City.
Muhammad Rezaul Hasan
looks like you have thousands of unused stuff in your room!!! send me somethings you don't need anymore!!! :)
Victim Castrate 222 Tips Snitch Rapist
Neil Garbanzos
Look up! Look up! Look up! What are you doing man? Lol
Mike Holt
So, how was the drone...........................? Question directed to the guy who found it, lol!
Frank Strachan
Short french douche
Frank Strachan
what a douche
Hanif M
the Chinese commercial adds + the review make it so interesting :D
Mike Oxlong
It's funny now that you can get an improved version of this quad off banggood for $30.00 now...
casual polaroid
Does anyone know the song (artist/title) of the beginning in the video?
The High Tech Channel
Banggood sell the Zerotech Dobby a lot cheaper than anyone on Amazon
If anyone is interested, their product page can be found HERE:
Mick Harrison
yeh nothing illegal there. what a dickhead
Cool Pant Cate
Drones are cool, the noise it makes isn't lol
7:38 WTF is that door ?? Are you living in a bunker ???
You must remind me not to lend you my car – or anything else I own
sheryll gallardo
check this one out! its on sale! https://www.banggood.com/Eachine-E50-WIFI-FPV-With-Foldable-Arm-Altitude-Hold-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-1105949.html?rmmds=myaccout-left-flashdeals?p=9T01218813552201702W
4:14 omg lol
Justin Krause Photography
So...you wouldn't recommend that selfie drone then +caseyNeistat? haha
Loll you are so entertaining
Suave Nilo
that board is amazing
Henrik Rubin
Can't go wrong with the Juice Press!
Timmy B
what board are you riding on?
Caleb Elmore
puff puff pass lol
quick question. if you had to pick between dobby and 3dr drone. which one would you buy and why?
Shamir Chowdhury
i live in new york and i probably will never meet him rip
B Noble
Why not just do everything on FaceBook Live?
Such an irresponsible idiot, where is FAA now??
4:10 lol you throw it but you didnt know there was a drone :))
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