Makeup Addicts Guess Real Vs. Knockoff Makeup

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β€œYou have to watch out for the fakes. They will get you."

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Brother Russia
i have a strong dislike to that bear of a woman
Talulla Harris
The packaging makes it so obvious x
faith c.
lol that one Asian chick was cocky af
Jordyn plays
I would have fake Adidas but not make up
Starr Ayala
The girl in all black w long hair reminds me of Darlene from the tv show roseanne . πŸ˜„
Kayla David
did anyone else get really annoyed with the girl that worked at ulta. she was so snotty
alessandra garrido
Part 2
Brenda Ulloa
Is it bad that I could tell which one were the fake ones just by the packaging?
Am I the only one who thinks the one who worked at Ulta is cocky and annoying?
Joshler The bean
I love how the girl was like so confident like "this is the real one guys" then got it wrong
Cesia Brillant
I wish they put in on and then guess what was what.
Alisha Chao
omg where is safia
Mikayla Howieson-Pearce
Finally a Scottish person on Buzzfeed!!!
try taking a golden shower, I heard its refreshing
jasmine allen
Pain distribute farmer bnmowi safe grand hard schedule host
Could you edit this and others like it in a way so that the viewer can have a chance to guess as well?
Lexi Vass
But if a fake works better I'll buy it! I don't care but the fakes are also cheaper
Annabel loverado
But with the Anastasia palletes, both of them are replicas to an actual pallete by Anastasia. Anastasia has plates that look like both of them.
Delia Gallagher
Every makeup is the Same. Bye
Harriet Lindner
Do real vs fake designer bags! see if they can tell the differnce
That girls Vlogging
I hate the girl in the white top in every video shes in shes just over confident and thinks she wins everything
Leslie L
My sister bought me a fake naked palette and it PISSED ME OFF
bella b
jazzmyne is soo gorgeous i love her πŸ’πŸ’
Fully Emma
The two Asian girls are way too self absorbed. Get over yourselves, it's makeup.
Georgia Gray
They could've at least used 2 abh glow kits that were the same....
Ayesha Tabby
There's this place called "Naif Bazaar" in Deira, Dubai (UAE) where they sell EXACT knockoffs of high end makeup products. Like seriously, they look exactly the same. I was shook.
Jennifer R
Knock off makeup seems like such a bad idea. You have no idea what the ingredients are or the health conditions where it was made. For all you know, it was made from powdered monkey butt in a dirty basement. And you put that on you skin...around your eyes and lips?! That is a big ole nope! You want inexpensive makeup, go to the drugstore.
L 013 bout you just buy products from the drugstore, which often have similar if not the same ingredients?
This applies to lots of products too, not just makeup. For example, I used to use the Clean and Clear acne cream, before realizing the CVS knockoff, which was $6 cheaper, was the exact same. Seriously, a family friend of mine, who is a dermatologist, has told me that most beauty products are similar, some even made in the same factory, but sold at vastly different prices based on branding.
leedle lee
"this ones the real one guys, WHAT NO!!!!!
I have a they're real mascara and it's real as I got it from the actual counter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Anna Mist
The long-haired girl with rosy lipstick - russian?
Reiko Groves
I actually have the Glow kit for. SephoraπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Sarah Kanty
who is the one with the black shirt that says skinny dipping? she is really beautiful.
Carla V. Santos
1:17 her hair omg
Ashly Mason
What's the girls name in the NASA shirt?
Jane McWhirter
Whats the girls name in the cheetah print?
Why is the Scottish burd flaking on her accent. Own upto it hen.
* Bella *
0:33 the girl on the left is wearing a NASA shirt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Mya and Taylor
"They're real" is my favorite mascara. Too bad it's $20
Is anybody else surprised that Safiya wasn't in this video?
Rona Rome1
Dear buzzfeed
It would be really interesting to see them try the fake makeup
Please make a video on that x
Thank YOU OX
Malorie Carter-Hardy
I'm terrifiedof knockoff makeup because that can damage potentially​ a person's skin
some of the real ones are not good quality tho
Bryn Hannah
why do people care about the packaging so much, I rather care about the product than the packaging because people are just going to throw it away when they are done
Ashy xxx
Who is the Scottish girl? 😁😁😁
Yayzana dayan
The girl with the accent is gorgeous and has amazing hair! Everyone in this video was so stunning omg❀️
Samida Beqaj
For the ABH palette they aren't even comparing the same thing LMAO. Like the Real glow kit is a holiday released while the fake one looks like the sun dipped one, which is also a palette that they carried. If you're going to do a comparison buzzfeed at least make it the same damn product
Harper Rat
I just got a fake naked palette
koopi woopi
am i the only one that watches all these makeup video but doesnt even wear makeup?
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