Makeup Addicts Guess Real Vs. Knockoff Makeup

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“You have to watch out for the fakes. They will get you."

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In Color
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Nina Butler
entertainment has died and you killed it
Victoria Hall
I was literally guessing just by the packaging. 4/4
I'm called Sara
No Saf or Kelsey that's upsetting.
Alexandra Moraru
They mostly guessed because of the packaging lol. We all know higher end brands have better packaging. They f'd up the Mac one cause the box was identical. Hypocrites.
DJ Spooky Jim

Josh- the shirttt
Abigail- HAIRRRR
N o o r B e l a r b i
Could you make this into a series
anna μ
glad to see us scottish girls getting more representation!! loved the scottish girl
Anne Shaneen
Ok - girlfriend's dark lip is YES
Josie Fox
Wow Nearly all of those women look over made up, thought the idea was that it was meant to look au natural, just flawless !?!
Vanessa Limani
I thought Saf and Freddie would have been here
Milo Kitty
Mallie Sue
Where are Saf and Freddie?!?!
Let's eat With me
When you think you're an expert but you're not 😂💀😎
Casey Parkes
Anna Morris
wheres Saf?? :(
True' Tuber
Who else has the iPhone 6 or 7 and u go to turn the volume up but instead you just turn it of😂😂what phone do u have I have the iPhone 7 not the iPhone 7+ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😂
Any small youtubers like to become friends? We can subscribe to each other and ACTUALLY Help one another out?:)
cris ballarta
Omg i LOVED this !!!
Do more!!
Eloise Pacey
Ok but for the glow kit you chose two completely different products? The fake was a knockoff of a different kind of glow kit...
Shane Zellaha
Heather Jackson
loving the Scottish representation here!
mia schuler
i have the real glow kit so i could addmetiatly tell
cheap fake makeup can be very dangerous, you are poisoning yourself slowly, please dont risk it, even Gouvernement is giving warning...
Mihoene ayye
Where's saf??
Fitria Hardono
im not really into make-up, or more like i have no idea how to properly use it, but found this very amusing? xD
Mac powders are notoriously stiff and dry. If they feel overly emollient, that's a dead giveaway.
tiana moore
engagement happen university qualify land walk nod merchant blue below.
Tannya lucero
part 2 please :)
Bre Mims
They should test the products
Savannah Swan
I LOVE my Glow Kit. :DDDDD
cls s
i know. the Ultimate Glow Kit is trash. Just a bunch of chunky glitter. If I didn't own it I wouldn't think it was real either.
I'm surprised that saf isn't in this
Sara Etherington
the packaging made it easy to tell which was fake, for me anyway
Alys P01
What accent was that girl? Was she Scottish? I couldn't tell...
It's unfortunate how some people leaving comments don't know the difference between fakes & dupes...interesting.

Pretty Little Liars
ok who else is living for the "unfortunatly ashly" song at the end
S Palmer
now i just want to know where to buy the knock offs lol
Lena Brennan
That thumbnail tho
Troy Mcabe
lel check out hat mongoloid with the silver hear wearing a dead cat
Lmao kill me
all the girls are fake tbh
why are they screaming over the fact that they got something wrong or right...
rachel Green
Does anyone know if the girl in the black polo neck with the brown hair is Scottish? She sounds Scottish to me as a Scottish person but also has a twinge of American!
ambulance girl
I LOVE those NAKED eyeshadow kits. I have three of them.
Kyle Reese
J.A. C
God, I love Jasmine's makeup!
Pomeranian de Mundo
Cute baby pomeranian channel! Tune in now! :) So worth.
God Buzzfeed has really hit rock bottom
Those are two different styles of glow kit I feel like that wasn't a fair comparison
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