The Chainsmokers - Closer (Live from the 2016 MTV VMAs) ft. Halsey


The Chainsmokers and Halsey perform “Closer” live at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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Anibal Bruno Garcia Costa
Tem alguém português
Jaida Vicente
He can’t sing even if it would save is life
Closer is my favorite song
King and Queen btw I made a cover cause of how awesome this song is!!
love this :)
Maritza Sanchez
Prettier with long hair
Sylvie Williams
The guy is such a bad singer.
Neda Tila Miruku
Tony Lam
So baby pull me closer in a bathtub full of toasters
That I know you can't afford
Bite that toast right off the counter
Pull the toast right of the toaster.......
His voice isn't that bad actually👌
His voice isn't that bad actually👌
Thangneo Baite
wow amazing vioce
Informative Funk
One more way to uz it
Jw H
I love it
Ruby Riddle
They r such amazing and talented performers not just cause of their voice they were born to be on a stage performing and I'm so glad that they made it there
Ruby Riddle
Imagine how many ppl in the back thought they had actually kissed
Ruby Riddle
1:55 heaven. Ur welcome
Ruby Riddle
This was the first song I've ever heard of halseys and I didn't even know it was her. A while later I fell in love with her and realized she's always been on the radio and I'd been listening to her and loving that song for so long without knowing there was a hidden gem so close as long as I would've figured out who the bomb as bitch girl singing in it was
Hi Hi
Halsey 😍
Maricor Cueva
just marry already
cold water
드류 이 새킨 할시한테 이렇게 추근대는 것도 모자라 대머리년이라 욕하냐 어이없네
Debora Manurung
Spartan 300
His voice compared to his voice on the radio 😂😂😂
Karen Aguirre
He touched her in her private!!!!!!😮
No Halsey s so much better than he is
Halsey is ok
No affence but be sounds like a robot trying to sing I hate it I only like the music video I feel bad for the people who bought tickets
Niki sharma
Niki sharma
i think i can sing better than them
Cezar Giura
☺😁😃😀😚👑👍🎂😻💕❤👄😍😘💄💰💲💲🐱si 🐶sunteti voi
His real voice is very shitty!!
Lady Demy
So funny when people try to sing without autotune and they sound like shit.
Natalie Williams
the underboob is real and halsey kills it
the boy to me he doesn't really sound like the actually sound the same like in the closer video and halsey sounds perfect
Lena D'silva
Autotuned voice
ishaan Sathe
We aint ever getting older er er ..😍
[ 매 력 포 텐 ] 청 럄%
Rebecca Woodward
Well, at least you knew it was live. That is something I guess...
Gaming Tigers
3.09 like sh knew he was doing the move
effa mastura
Still listening .. anyone?
Ok it may be not be terrible but for God's sake if that's the best effort they have that's not acceptable and the only defense would be I like the beat and it sucks ass anyway that's a fucking insult to ears everywhere. Overproduced garbage at the end of the day but for real how do you do that live disaster and still make money. Too many idiots that's it.
Man this guy is terrible. I guess anybody can become famous these days
DeLfi Brown
I love this song!
William Oliveira
Jacoba Lucia Soto Albornos
Simplemente perfecto 😍🎶
Ulti Mator
Holy mother of christ it is acutally astonishing how miserable he sings in comparison to the studio records for the musci video. But this is what pop music's all about i guess.... (editin this real quick: her voice is even faaaar worse wtf like that shit's whack af omg; she like literally SCREAMING in that mic wtf fucking miserable i'm shocked holy shit :D
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