The Chainsmokers - Closer (Live from the 2016 MTV VMAs) ft. Halsey


The Chainsmokers and Halsey perform “Closer” live at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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guigui16237 celui que tout le monde connait
chuis déçu en faite ils avait mis de l' auto-tune là ça rend moche 😓
Aarón CG
0:45 cover your ears :v
Alex Castro
I see that they were a satanic signal mmmmmmmm it's weird not hoblo English but I know English mmmmmmm rare eeeee
Pempe Tozluyurt
I'm the only who likes him voice ._.
Iftikhar baloch
at 3:49 look at her sitting style haha
Kevin Baylon
When you butcher your own song lol
Aphrodite. 23
Wtf ? He don't know sing
Lesdeine Ramos
She was not wereing any bars i think she's crazy.
Austin Hsu
He sounds like he smokes too much.
ginga bung
I think all the boys in the audience was to see the girl
Rini Ghosh
I also thought that chainsmokers are a good singer, but here the girls was the saviour ... omg
Tamiris Soares
ela parece a Emily ex BBB
mat rıx
poh gibi
His voice sounds pretty rough I think he might've had something wrong with his throat and didn't want to disappoint his fans by not singing. At least he had the effort to sing . Halsey sounded amazing like usual . I love her so much.
Night Comfort Theatre
She has a great voice but man he is bad
Michelle-007 Wilkes-mdeezeer
his (auto tuner) proves about ANYBODIES voice could be marketed......but love the auto tuned version. :O) and even like most of what they sing-love halsey too. raw talent i'm thinking for her she doesnt even need music,,,
Great! The Amazing Spiderman's singing now.
M4D -
why is that guys thrid-weeling in the back lol
Co Nguyen Duy
why dislike???
あ あ
Fatima Bano
love........... this........😙😙😙😙😙
Ronnie Shaw
Sounds horrible live.
Saguto DragAce
Wow i should get into to the industry cuz i can at least do better than that
Hell the 1st graders on talemt show do better
Finding Ma
I think they just had so much fun here! I wish I had the same chance to rock the stage and have fun like they did
Tevin Tan
btw why does the girl has no braw😰
this guy can't sing wtf
he sing very very bad
basket sing more le less
Sounds like he had a really sore throat here because he sounded a lot better at the AMA.
hes hand😂😂😂😂
Lazanha de Primeira Linha
Cade os Br?
Erika Ciminelli
halsey sei troppo bono ti amo 💙
Erika Ciminelli
è bellissima sta canzone la amo e amo te
Dawn Pickford
I <3 Halsey so so so much!!!
Olivia Tom Room 39
Imagine him on the X factor picture Simons face😂😂😂
Juan Rafael Santiago
Halsey backed up the guy 100%
He is handsome but singing is not for him
Elijah B
not nearly as good as the one you hear on the radio
Christine Chow
Geez He is no that good as a singer
Giselle Azmi
Halsey voice is really good
Giselle Azmi
Yea his singing isn't that good in this vid
Laina Collins
2:35 ..
kibic i piłkarz
piękna musuc show√
jaden evans
Everyone is taking about how bad they sound but BITCH HER HIGHLIGHTERS POPPPIN OMFG
jaden evans
I'm rewatching this and I am obsessed with Halsey and I do really like the chain smokers, but this was reeeaaally bad. I think maybe their ear pieces didn't work and maybe they couldn't hear themselves well..? Idk
Medoa Lazer
I can feel the spit in every "pull" he says
Joy Doke
he's a terrible singer
Irsyad Mustaqim
You are jelous that he's famous
Steven McKinney
They're (all three) amazing artists, but vocally, no... the guy on the drum pad was the real star of this performance. Vocally, I feel both of them failed pretty hard... but he did better than Halsey. He was at least able to hold his pitch... Halsey sounded like she was sitting on a broken dryer while it was running. This almost ruined Chain Smokers for me though.
craft idol
i love it a lot.i love Andrew and halsey
Erica Batres
Halsey is fake woke and a mediocre singer AT BEST. She can pay ME to eat MY ass.
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