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10. Tiger VS Tiger
9. Grizzly VS Grizzly
8. Goat VS Kangaroo
7. Badger VS Fox
6. Buffalo VS Lion
5. Tiger VS Buffalo
4. Cobra VS Mongoose
3. Eagle VS Fox
2. Iguana vs Iguana
1. Bunny VS Snake

From cobra vs mongoose to lion vs tiger we countdown the top 10 biggest animal fights caught on camera. Shocking fight, between a giraffe and a lion in the plains of Africa, most would assume that the giraffe would be defeated easily by the king of the jungle. However, this is no jungle and the giraffe manages to use its long legs and high jumps to stomp the lion repeatedly, causing the giraffe to win the fight. In this amazing video, two rather small but deadly animals go head to head. The cobra and mongoose take shots at each other respectively. Until the mongoose gets a firm bite on the head of the poisonous snake, and making itself the unexpected winner. In this fight in the Australian outback, a giant snake and a crocodile take each other on. At first the crocodile grabs the snake between its teeth. The python snake then coils itself around the crocodile, and strangling it. 

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Dejv devi
eagle fans i am from albania
Eegii Eegii
damn bunny is crazy
A badger will take on Pit bull or Jag terrier and have a chance
Plan Nigerian69
They all fight strategic asf it's weird
Fabio Pereira
Durga Gurung
this is the damn good collection of animals fights.
That mongoose is slick. Great movement.
HazzMatt 5150
Bunny from Hell!!
This shit was weak as hell
Abego arellano
Where is the fight dog vs leopard? Fuck you it deserve 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Missydean Matthews
Don't fuck with the Bunny!
Rudraksh Gangooly
This is just legit😎
Marvin from Google
fight number two ..
wow nice
Tim Martinez
Tigers r the real king..always said it and always will..its marked on their heads in chinese..well a specific breed..siberian perhaps? nonetheless..damn near perfect animal
Tayeb Ait Said
Tiger vs buffalossss
Prasad Royal
🐅 True Warrior and king of the Jungle.
🦁 lazy dumb ass.
That bunny doe 😂😂😂😂
That tiger though, very impressive.
Parviz Fayazi
nicholas fabris
Let the fights play out..👎👎
Alan Macias
Buffalo vs Lion= Lion quit
Tiger vs Buffalp Pack= Buffalos death
Tony Holder
Horrible music.
CreeperCraft Gaming
OMG #ninjabunny
Sergio Antonio Tinajero Bucio
no iguanas son baranos
William Connolly
i hate people who do this
Guillaume Roques
le lapin c un teug mdr 😂😂😂
Asim kiani
The rabbit fucked up that snake
bunny: whos on top of the food chain now
Elenita paige
Vepa Mamedov
محبوب السعادة
kingfootballplayer firegames
the 🐅 is a savage
Naseer Salihu
shit that bunny could be hulk 2
Daniel Mateescu
you ruined the video with that music dude...
Using is annoying and loud.
Martin Rodriguez
Boy tht tiger got gutts, even though he was sourranded by african buffalos, he managed to kill the buffalo and let him there on the floor, guess when thay all go away he will come back and take his food. Even the Lion ran away, but the tiger stayed there.
Keno Seremet
I thought that bunny was having a seziede
PopGoesTheWeasel Gaming
WTF number 3 is a document and the eagle was trained to do that.
Arturo Avila
las portadas son un gancho mandamás!!!!
Royale Pro
1:36 hahahaha #BuffaloBest
Bapu Randive
I disliked because there is no fight between dog and jaguar as shown in thumbnil
Lizzy Billet
that is crazy
Ghost Angel
that rabit was like u want some of this??? boom pow pow.
then the snake bit him
rabbit: Yowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!
Gurson Gurson
Never knew a rabbit will be that vicious
Dimitris Xaitas
3:23 funny
Very interesting combinations, but stupid, loud music background and the videos were cut too short. Very unprofessional presentation.
Jordan Sutherland
The bunny vs snake was soooo funny 😂
Dilawar Sial
very good vedo
Gilles Huioutu
That bunny is probably dead by now.
Moh1 Khan
you focking faggart what's with the porn movie music dick
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