Kelcee & Madison | Truth or Drink | Best Friends

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Best friends Kelcee and Madison play a game of Truth or Drink.

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Produced, directed, and edited by 

Kelcee & Madison

Noah Martin - Gaffer/Camera Operator 
Scott Calvert - Grip/Camera Operator
Curtis Enlow - Audio
Sable Desireè - Makeup
Jessica Law - PA

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (by Mozart)

Have you ever disliked someone I’ve dated
Have you ever had a crush with someone I’ve been with? What did you do?
Have you ever had a sex dream about me? What happened?
What’s something you’d want to change about me?
What did you think of me when you first met me?
Am I your cool friend, funny friend, cute friend, smart friend, or ugly friend.
Sit on my lap and stare into my eyes intimately for one full minute or take a shot.
What would it take for us to have sex?
Have you ever caught me masturbating or having sex. What did you do?
Who would you be most embarrassed to introduce me to? Why?
If someone offered you 1MM to never talk to me again would you?
How would you describe me to someone who’s never met me?
Do you love me? If yes, say it or take a shot.
What are some things I do to let you know I’m mad without me actually saying anything?
Have I ever told you a secret that you’ve gone on to tell someone else?
If I killed somebody would you help me cover up?
If we were to meet now would we still be best friends?
If you had to eat one part of my body what part would it be?
What’s my greatest asset physically?
When was the moment we became best friends.
Finish this line with me: My favorite genre of porn is...
Finish this line with me: I’m most scared of…
What do we always fight about?
What shape am I looking at? (Triangle Shape)
Describe me in 3 words?

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guys, obviously the blonde girl was uncomfortable, it's sexual assault?? so y'all hear yourselves??
cindy Nunez
It was cute
Amairany Olivera
lmfao the blonde girl acts like she doesnt want madison to be into her but i think she likes it
nickle for a pickle tickle
man i love madison
Aidan Grise
The girl on the right kinda likes the girl on the left
Taylor Madison
Just take it!
Cameron Alyssa
I couldn't be friends with the blonde one, shes so fucking hot.
I think somewhat between 90 and 99% of all people masturbate of course some do it more often and some more seldom, but all do it or did it at least when they were single... so the shock about "you are doing it was strange".
The blonde is so not who I'd think Madison would be friends with. She's boring and kind of a bitch.
Jaclyn Dotson
Regina from Leafly!
a million dollars? u would do it for 2K, gtfo
More Madison!!
Gg Hh
I wish Madison was a Pornstar so I could wank to her
Eden Kasongo
Madison looks like pornstar, this is not an insult lol
Megan White
I love her like low-key gay asf Madison is and the other girl is like tf get out
bri thomas
Ship it.
Kaliya Madera
I ship it keldison
Cassie Keilman
"Oooh you do? Flicking the bean" IM CRYING
Maya Gamal
the blonde one is not a good bestfriend ..
Peia Eddy
Is she always drunk or wtf
Both are bi
They need to be together ☺️🤗
LPS Moonlight
Madison looks a little bit like Raven from The 100💝
Me thinks the blonde chick doth protest too much
Orion Ulttramarino
Do they have the same jeans?
kelcee is straight as an arrow haha
Lmao I'm the brunette and my best friend is the blonde😂😂😂I feel like I'm literally watching us interact
Madison is so Alpha
Carlos Escandón
Cut, please make more videos with Madison in them ! (:
SuperYoshiXX _
What is that orange drink in the background.😂😂
Megan Mcneil
Holy shit please get more videos with Madison!!! She is sooooo ficken funny
Rainy Raelyn
It's cute. I see a mild crush. it reminds me of a situation I was in.
Jona Cgn
Madison is at least Bi.
I didn't see any sexual tension at all tbh. Madison just seems like the type of friend to be out there and affectionate and give no fucks at all and Kelcee seems more uncomfortable and reserved about personal space 😂😂
Cameron Cronk
Omfg on the sex dream part my Alexa went off and said "That's so nice".
Abby H.
Madison is comfortable with her sexuality, Kelcee is insecure
This is just like me and my best friend, lmao. I'd be the blonde one. XD
Bea Troon
madisons friend seems like a bitch. take the spoon out of your arse girl ur a prude
Cocoa shine
I feel like they r both lesbians
Mourad Haas
if the brunette had the chance to fuck her blonde friend, she would literally rape her with all the fetishes included ! just saying !
Jeremy Sutherland
Madison would be a really fun person to know. She definitely has the sense of humor my friends have.
Brandon Andrews
So... Is it a million apiece,or would they split a million
Daniel Lit
get yourself a madison lmao
Garapati Raja
So where do i leave those million bucks....
flicking the bean LOL
Angelica Avi Caculitan
who's ready to sail the ship😂
I wanna just hang out with Madison she seems pretty fun
Blonde girl reminds me Tarja from Nightwish for some reason
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