Dustin The wind
How lame was that ???
Mohamed Poling
It's a glock 18 it can be
I thought he found the glock
Jack Bradish
pan for diamonds there
Levoe Tillman
Hi,I would like to know what kind of metal detector do you recommend for the best results. LT
iJustWantToComment :
I wish this guy was still around...i discover his channel a little too late.
Johnnie Bowling
some dumbass lost his weapon
Stu Blair
Good shooting hehe
Young Boy Deezy
roses are red violets are bluer they guy uses click bait to get more viewers
Faye Lee
Thought you found a gun in the desert
Quan Le
I'm just gonna to make you happy 😊
kman2099 Hahn
it's just a bunch of bullets he found
OculusWraith 6660
me to
OculusWraith 6660
me to
Suck at soting
Christian Bacud
What if your land detector detect something big and you star getting excited and dig faster and harder and hit a bomb and explode lmao
Why is there tape on handle huh no fingerprints or what
CradleRock Comedy Felchers
People just make these videos to trick you so they can make money
CradleRock Comedy Felchers
O thought he was going to dig up a buried glock somebody purposely barried
So....you own a gun, yet you think the actual bullet is a casing.

I found a luger in the ground when I visited berlin
Matthew Holloway
is he drunk
Melody leeann Remedies
7.62 is AK 47
Datgaming Minecrafter
Did anyone cringe and turn the volume Down when he shot?
Jonathan Ness
good job finding me haha
Shadow the Hedgehog
gun found 6:66
Brian Jackson
is that a talon grip or just worn duct tape?
Dillan Obrien
Esprit pascal
oh my god
Antipeluru Coy
You're not found the gun. But you already had it. Is it a reason to use an illegal equipment ?
Do you have a license of the gun ?
That's too pretty and clean for a treasure.
tyler emerson
that is so cool
Henry Mobley
Roses are red Violents are Blue I got clickbaited and so did you
William Dwiggins
it is rattle snake skin grip duh
Alexander Sheldon
Alexander Sheldon
a gun!!!!!
blake Carpenter
sorry wrote twice
blake Carpenter
to have more grip
blake Carpenter
to have more grip
So Flow Godz
ima pull out a coupla inches 2:11 ish
Elishia Paxton
prosickguys9 GT
Darn tree branch. won't keep still...
prosickguys9 GT
Do more detecting sir. Less shooting please. I follow your videos waiting to see if you find something exciting. Hit something nice with the detector because hitting something with a gun is not one of your finer qualities. seriously...still waiting.
Mr Bean Parodies
Why do they call it glock? can't they take the L out and change the G to C?
Joel Armstrong
Roses are red
violets are blue
i got clickbaited
and so did you
Jacob Johnson
Click bait alert!
Scott Lawrence
My dad and I went river easier hunting and found a canteen that dated by to 1941
janiesha jordan
can I have the gun
Noel Productions
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