AMY THE LANCE MASTER [Lance A Lot Enhanced Edition]

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In today's video, the gang gets their hands on Lance-A-Lot enhanced edition! It's a game where you ride around on rockets and do the most natural thing while you are riding on rockets... JOUST EACHOTHER! May the best lancer win!

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Hey everyone! We'd like to introduce you to our brand new channel: ToasterGhost! Sohinki and Lasercorn have risen from the ashes to bring you guys the best gaming content that Youtube has to offer. With a focus on actually playing games, the dynamic duo has teamed up with some of their best friends, Pam Horton, and MissHabit to create the toastiest gaming content for you! Videos are published at 1pm every weekday except Wednesday, so be sure to subscribe so that you don't miss out on all of the awesome content!

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Names subject to change... almost definitely.

TheLukas Goodman
Damn that last match, and yea I see it looking a bit like League of Legends
Anton Ehn
This was awesome! Super intense last round with a perfect comeback :D
Brett Thurston
Amy is the jovenshire or toaster ghost
The bankrupted site Desura appears to be back online. I had hundreds of games on it (all through bundles) that I 'lost' when they bankrupted and wasn't sure what they would do when they brought it back, but it looks like all my games are there (it actually cost me $100 AUD because in a scramble to download everything I accidently spilled drink over my hard drive which killed it and I lost many hours of downloads too). It looks practically the same. Not sure how they're going to reboot an interest in the site (especially after many game makers complained of not getting paid), how they're going to repair their image, and how it is going to be economically feasible, especially as they didn't bother to email us the news. I assume Indie Royale is going to be back as they say, and I imagine Groupees will start getting Desura keys to give away but Groupees isn't doing too well the last year ...
Elias Id
The greatest choke ever since Super Bowl 51 πŸ˜‚
It's become a common theme with Amie with Ultimate Chicken Horse, Dark Souls 3 and now this. She can probably accomplish anything. Probably equally as applicable to real life. She should try and solve the mystery of the universe. That's kind of been bugging me.
Nuclear Foxy
Sohinki should really dye his hair!
#Team Pam! That win by Amy was epic! It looks like a fun game to play with friends.
Colin Colby
I was laughing so hard at the end. That was amazing.
OMG AMY!!! True underdog story! πŸ‘
Andrew Henson
Pam's hair nomnomnom :D
daddy munge
Nick Alphonso
damn pam lookin hawt af
The Comeback is real!
Jassem Hallester Mariano
You're not the only one who hates Rocket League, Amy.
And to think Amy couldn't get a point at first
losang yolmo
The ending was TOOO good man
get out you normie lul
Jake Disalvo
Amy looks so bad with that haircut + color combo, please consider
Zero Barge
Pam your hair looks awesome!
Stanley zorrilla
Amy faking shes bad at everything is her Game DONT BE FOOLED!!
Cookie Lover
Top 10 anime comebacks
Valeri JullΓ­
AMYYY!!!WHYYYY?!!!! Only crazy ladies have straight front hair T.T ...and i liked you most in this party.... -.-
Narek Hakobyan
That was the oldest league clip I have ever seen that's like season 1 lol
xhappy _
kelsey conover
He confirmed #Bluehinki! Sort of.......... :D
Outro music πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
Noah Jhonson
love amys new hair
The Sherminator
This kind of reminds me of fusion frenzy
Man, fusion frenzy was my childhood
Michael Kelly
Pam, I don't think my ears are supposed to be bleeding. Every time you yell. I actually have a headache now. Please stop. Not being mean, just... stop. (This is the only problem I have with the channel).
Kieren House
Wow amy looks hot in the thumbnail
Best ending ever!!!
Alexandra Harper
That was incredible!!! Good job Amy, that was amazing!
William Scott
Pam turned into markiplier
tito 18895
I didnt know pam was in a relationship with ianπŸ˜πŸ’‘
Aymane Rhedhbane
Yo pam's hair is the shit
Benaiah Said
Play shadow of war!
Jaime Echartea
You got to believe more you all, brings out the happy.
Jaime Echartea
Mysterious stranger..sleep well you all.
Dominic Mercado
I honestly thought Lasercorn had let Amy win, until I saw his reaction. Priceless XD
Lance A THOT
Naeem Ahmad
The last game was soooo goood..!!!
I got WAY too invested into this. Also, the music made the video that much better.

Go Amy!
Stephen Falepau
Kashif Farees
Pam's hair looks sick as hell.
Ben van de Vusse
I find myself ALWAYS going for Amy, the eternal underdog..
Anyone else #TeamAmy now. That comeback was the stuff of legends after all it's not about how you good you are at the start of a game but how good you are when you finish.
Stave Grimise
Lmao that was a good ending. Amy's control over her character is so awkward she's good against...good players? Is was kind of more fun seeing Amy getting pwned by everyone than watching the competition. Nice hair guys ;)
Amy, the wrecker of face
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