Game Theory: The Mario Timeline's SHOCKING Reveal

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Nintendo's star character Mario has been in over 70 games. 70 GAMES!!! Which leads to the question, does the Super Mario series have a discernible timeline? Or are Mario games, like many have been led to believe, a random assortment of games with no attention paid to continuity. While this may ultimately be true, there ARE details in the Super Mario games that allow them to be pieced into a timeline order...and the implications of that are SHOCKING!

Special thanks to Drake and Kenny from Crossover!

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What about Super Paper Mario?????
"Nintendo, you lied to me"
Another time.
Super sauce sorcerer
Now explain we're maker and Odessy fall in
Ronan Hayden
OBJECTION mat pat never mentioned the game where Mario and Luigi go into bowsers body there for the timeline is not complete i know this is late but the time line is wrong
no intro?
__Mr. Man__
Mushrooms aren't just edible power-ups, they're drugs tho. That's a theory I saw once.
Monte Cornette
Nintendo you've lied to me!
George Villarreal
I think that Rosalina is Luigi's daughter but he didn't hook up with peach.he hook up with daisy and daisy gave birth to Rosalina. and if Luigi and Daisy get married. Mario and Peach get married. since Mario and Luigi are brothers that makes Rosalina Peach's Thea that how they can bet related
Cole Heckwine
what about bowser's inside story
Thatonenoob Yup
Doesn't this video throw nearly everything you pointed out in the Mario is mental theory video
The Olivia Show
lol i died at 12:23 hahahahahhahahahhaahhaaha
Danshrio Miiman
What about Mario Vs Donkey Kong? Those games show Super Mario and DK the Third with Pauline. What's up with that?!
Adison Weglarz-Ward
Does this mean that, sinse Mario is middle aged in the adult era, the DK in DKC is dead, and Diddy is super old? You said Mario and DK are the same age...
casey rindahl
What about paper MARIO
LizCraft And other games!!!
Hehe lol btw it's 8th grade health class 6th grade health class is just a puberty lesson
My Mermaid Channel
Angsty Teenage Mario
That totally should've been a game.
Foxy Lover
Am I The Only One With Super Mario 64 as my fav game
Teostratos L
you destroyed Mario is mental so many times why are the Mario is mental Videos even still on your Chanel?
Damian Vargas
Find the difference 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Ethan Platt
This is awsome i love ur videos
I agree about the timeline but what about the mario vs donkeykong games
Juan Urbina
Rey Gonzaga
Just want to say my name is also Ronnie
BooBoo Bear
Goomba Guy
There are multiple yoshi's
aries garvan (constar)
if you dont know about the ending in yoshis island ds yoshi has been hatched from an egg its not the yoshi that helped mario is birdos love interest but that newborn yoshi that is also one of the seven star children
AngelWing 222
0:00 So we're gonna ignore the theme song? Okay then.
Wait then what about the game where we discover to sides to Luigi, Super Paper Mario?
I know this video is a couple of years old now but wouldn't there have to be three Marios? You didn't cover anything with Paper Mario and where it would fix into the time line. We know that they have to exist at the same time cause of Mario and Luigi Paper Jam.
Hannah Baldwin
You guys keep saying this disproves the "Mario is mental" theory, but I think it still works. Other than the evidence proving him to be sexually deviant, everything else seems to fit. Both Mario AND his dad could be abusive to animals, and this timeline doesn't make him any less of a murderer or brother-hater. It shifts the evidence a bit, but it doesn't disprove it.
Superpopularmmos Fan
What about diddy Kong?
Jules Wagner
Mario's nose is as big as Peaches head.
timelines are the best
Skyler Mcfadden
Donkey Kong is technically a gorilla, which means, he might actually be friends with Harambe.
EpicGames 10
8:53 what game was this
Gielaica Canete
Gielaica Canete
Just soon as the scientist said peach's sweet cake when everything went silence the music(better when im dancing)said "yeah"
Ava G
jumpman jumpman jumpman that boys up to somethin HOOOO
I always thought luigi would get with daisy
The Cabbage Merchant
So Pauline is Rosalinas grandmother?
Jumpman + Pauline = Mario + Luigi
Luigi + Peach = Rosalina
The things i don't like:
1. FNaF
2. DanTDM
3. All minecraft videos
You are not on the list because you do not clickbait.
So mario doesn't have a child
Why Nintendo? Whhhhhhhhy!
I trusted you
Now they've got to make a movie that covers the game theorists TRUE theories
Ghost Eye
So when mario brings pauline to his toy review he's bringing his mother
Blade 31404
The crossover show was legit better than the main theory's on the channel
Hooded Hedgehog
my head is going to explo...
Hamilton Johnson
Matthew McConico

5% I watch porn 80% random comments 14.99% this killed ur psycho theory OMG UNSUB!!!!1111 0.01% actual theorists helping us solve the secrets of game and movie franchises
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