Luiz de Jesus ferreira da Silva
MY MIND IS DOING KABOOOOOOOooOoOoooOoOoOoskkeooeosooeoooooooooooooooooooooooOooOoOOoOoOOOoOOOOoOm now
Samuel Katz
Of course there are 2 Mario's. Mario and paper mario.
Ultimate Batman
What about mario allstar
Dwayne Kevin
Stanley is Mario’s dad.
Stanley fights Donkey Kong, who is in his late teens, who has his own son, Donkey Kong Jr who has his OWN son, the present day DK, while Stanley’s wife is expecting.
Mario is delivered, as is the new third Donkey Kong. Once Mario is twenty, he finally finishes Donkey Kong off, with Junior disappearing and DK starting his own adventures.
Cranky Kong is 40, Junior is in his late 30s, and DK is in his early twenties, same with Mario.
Stanley most likely retired, in his 60s or 50s.
Pretty simple.
Oh, and Donkey Kong might have a brother in Funky Kong, as they look the exact same, except Funky dresses really stupid.
And where does Diddy come in? Well we know Diddy is DK’s nephew, so what if Funky Kong is Diddy’s dad?
But that’s just a theory, a game theory blah blah blah.
Caitlyn Boyer
i have super Mario Wii
jessie elliott
Wait if in he mario is mental episode he says poline is special guest in mario vs donkey Kong so if that mario in donkey Kong jr is not mario poline is real mario mother so mario does not cheat on peach and when luigi steals peach mario goes to daisy, I just proofed mat wrong. A mario still abuses animals doe

Pregnant platypus
Wouldn't this timeline disapprove the whole.. Mario is mental thing? Or at least the animal abuse part.
David Carpintero
Odyssey ruins the whole thing
Annoying orange fan
More like gay theory
I would to see an update of the Mario timeline since Paulina is now in Mario Odyssey
Super mario odyssey..... sooooooo marios mom just randomly still live in new kong city.....
reeves` gaster blaster
but in the tv show for super mario bros. 3 the are real plumers i think you should see the whole seris it`s perfect maybe use Netflix to watch it and the cartoon takes place super Mario bros. 3 time and they still are in the mushroom kingdom yeah i know some stuff you don`t about Mario well until you see this comment
Deez Nutz
What about Paper Mario?
Galaxy - U R MR GAY
Galaxy 2 - YA I M R U 2
BrentonBC epicness
Super Mario odyssey screwed this up so bad. In metro kingdom Pauline says "You remembered!" When she asks what did I do in the past and mario/I/we pick Get captured by an ape. So that has to be him, not Jumpman, unless Jumpman told Mario!? Come on MatPat answer our questions!
Kalel Wayne
Say what!? this makes no sense
Christian Johansen
plus the "Jumpman Mario" has a much more fabolus moustache than "Mario Jumpman"
What about odyesesy
unkown gaming
Nintendo you lied to us.
Billy Myres
Mario odyssey is the final game in the jump man era Pauline singing jump up super star is her confessing that she still loves jump man. The rabbits are bowers dads minions. the princess in odyssey will become the queen and gives birth to the princess we all know. Bowser's dad asexually made bowser then dies at the end of the game.
yoshisgaming 6
tfw peach kiiiiiiiiinda rejected mario in Odyssey

W e l p
Princess Peach
I️ just remebered that Daisy is a character in Mario, I️ haven’t heard or seen her in a while
Temuka Lekveishvili
Super Mario oddessy proves the fact That pea
Arin Playz
3:13 he use the react channel screenshot
well you see when you go back in time and see your younger self, you remember that experience from the side of your younger self, your whole life growing up you know that you will go back in time at some point and see your younger self, and so you expect it, and you know time travel is possible, and you are not surprised by it, nor by seeing your past self
LeoKent Games
Oh no...I’m in 6th grade! And health class in in the next trimester!(Trimester one ends Monday!)
Yoshi story and paper mario are missing! and odyssey of course:)
In the festival in New Donk City, before you enter the 2D stage, one of the NPCs says "Jump, man! Jump!" This is obviously a reference to Jumpman. This confirms that Mario and Jumpman are the same person.
actually nintendo recently confirmed in an interview that mario was the same person in Donkey Kong and Super mario bros. He hasnt changed since. so ur theory has been offically debunked. But at least u put a lot of effort in to this so i'll give u that
J0RD4N is a Person
I love how he shows The Phantom Pain while talking about deep stories when this one had basically zero compared to the other metal gear games
They forgot super mario bros. 2
Animation Formation
And then we saw oddisey csme out and the theory was ruined
Sharon Loeffler
Now super mario odessy is here now if mario is adult how is paulina not old? you know what that means ANOTHER GAME THEORY
Man, Freddy's and Mario - you got my attention!
yuuki terumi
You first i wanted to go all odysee hurr durr...but..the posibility exists that its time travel shenanigans..tbh once you introduce time travel i personally think that theres no place for timelines, since all of the theoretic ones could be true and wrong due to unmentioned time travel, sucks tbh but i liked the theory happy its correct/sad its wrong
Jack Rek
Super paper MARIO
Lilian Castillo
Super mario 64 and super mario galaxy is my favorite games ever!
Cally C
2 things I’m going to point out. 1: if there’s Mario jumpman mario and Mario the plumber that kind of messes up the theory of him being a sociopath doesn’t it? Or at least a little. And for the second thing, about all of the babies? Your theory about Rosalina talks about worlds being reborn in slightly different ways. I’m assuming that since Nintendo is so freely letting everyone time travel, multiversal travel should be able to pass as well, giving an explanation for all the babies. Sure, I’m late but I have nothing better to do at midnight than to rewatch game theory because sleep is for the weak.
*whispers in distance*super mario o d d y s s e y . . .
Elliott Tobin
What about the Mario 2 that was a doki doki reskin
I think ths timeline is a little wrong, Maybe super mario land should have come in the start of the timeline. Great vid btw
Chris Henry
dogs rule
But... Mario's still a phycopath... right? Right?
Trynity335 AJ
Omg you were right in super Mario odyssey peach breaks up with Mario and peach cause she was done being captured
Marsmallow Taneh
Even with Odyssey, this timelien could still hold. Just add a new era: the dead era, where mario dyss. Everything there can just be explained as the fantansy of deadworld.
well what about Odyssey Pauline calls Mario her old friend
DerpbushPurple 64
Super Mario Bros 2. Western?
SyKe SuperMikoo
Mario odyssey disproved this. Mario meets Pauline in new donk city, and she says “it’s nice to catch up with old friends.” Notice how she never implied any king of familial bond.
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