Game Theory: The Mario Timeline's SHOCKING Reveal

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Nintendo's star character Mario has been in over 70 games. 70 GAMES!!! Which leads to the question, does the Super Mario series have a discernible timeline? Or are Mario games, like many have been led to believe, a random assortment of games with no attention paid to continuity. While this may ultimately be true, there ARE details in the Super Mario games that allow them to be pieced into a timeline order...and the implications of that are SHOCKING!

Special thanks to Drake and Kenny from Crossover!

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C.A. Gaming
I just realized something. "Man! I was really looking forward to some ANGSTY TEENAGE era Mario games." Thanks Scott Cawthon
mega nerd nation greg
look at that position on weegee at 11:23
Super Mario odyssey?
Firey fury1
So now, where do Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam and the three Paper Mario games come into the timeline?
Cody Finchum
hey hey matpat the Zelda timeline make sense it just breath of the wild throws a monkey wrench into the timeline
Emily Eiriasu
MatPat just destroyed at least three of his previous theories about Mario
Parker Caligiuri
Can you do a sonic timeline
carloslol games
my friend had a theary about hello neibhor where he makes all people he kills become maniquins
Nikki Livermore
could you make your videos apropert I'm only 9
Jake Cuevas
Couldn't the story of Daisy exist in the plumber days rather than post galaxy2?
the game changer
I still haven't beat Mario and Luigi bowsers inside story. It's hard
the game changer
Nintendo lied to me? Peaches sweet cake? What is that voice in my head saying? Oh I know. THE CAKE IS A LIE. I saw that game theory. Give me a shoutout since I'm smart
Journey Wayman
mustafa abougoush
in Mario world after u beat Bowser it says they're going on a vacation
NightcoreMelanieScout 27653
make a princess daisy theory, yoshi theory, and Pauleen theory
Puppy dog Gamer
Actually super Mario galaxy 1/2 are after super mario bros 1
Krish Patel
I do not know why I kept thinking that Luigi's mansion and Luigi's mansion 2 were the same game
Senna Cookie
So this explains how Bowser could have a biological "child"
where is mario 2?
Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
my mind is officially blown
Johny Vargas
Christian Olmos
6:18 look at top!Morton koopa Jr, does this mean bowser married a man named Morton but trying to cheat on princess peach!!!
William Mackinnon
This video was released a year before Harambe's death.
Coen Taylor
he he
Lugia 100
Wait if current day Dk is 15 then u do get a teenage Mario
K I'm going to clear up something,
To the people saying "This theory and The Mario is Mental theory can't exist together", Well you aren't completely right.
With some minor reworking, the Mental Theory can fit snugly into the Timeline shown here.

So The first Mario, Lets call him Jumpman, abuses Donky Kong and his son DK.Jr, And Animal Abuse, if excessive enough, can show signs of other mental disorders. And mental disorders can go from Parents to children, albeit at a lower chance, and if one does appear (Like Alzheimers) it would likely appear later in the child's lifespan. We can see this, in Mario Mario (calling him Super Mario) When he A. Abuses Yoshi by punching him and jumping him off cliffs, B. Humiliates his brother when Luigi won a competition and neglecting him on the balloon in New Super Mario Bros Wii, and C. He abuses other animals like the Wigglers, who aren't really doing anything other than sit there and walk, not necessarily hurting Super Mario unless if provoked.

That covers Part one of the theory, Now on to Part 2.
In Mini-land games Super Mario invites Pauline to the opening of his new toy company. We can re-work this into Mario inviting his mom to one of her Son's greatest accomplishments, (PS i didn't play it so if they kiss and show affection that can't be classified as Mother to Son, Then feel free to say in the comments) Also Super Mario giving Pauline a toy because it might be her birthday, or just as a gift to his mom.

The next part of it is ret-conned because Mario now meets Daisy AFTER Peach is with Luigi, so the multiple love interest part is shut down. BUT Super Mario still killed possibly HUNDREDS of Toads during his Mario 1 escapades, Plus him showing no emotion at all the goombas, koopas, etc. Does put his morality in question.
So After re-looking through it Mario is still "Mental" But not as much, At the minimum, his is the worlds biggest D-Bag, and the max- he still needs to be locked up and treated for mental disorders, You just don't go around your kingdom killing innocents, if they are blocks or not.

So that is the Mario is Mental-Re done. Any theorists that want to add or fix any problems with this re-worked theory. Reply and share your thoughts.
TheAmatiranGamer //Falah
Stuffierbat 06
Some theory is wrong for example luigi and peach never love together and rosalina is not related to peach
poke jacob123
What about the Donkey Kong vs Mario games? it shows modern day Donkey Kong, Mario, and Pauline in modern day. Unless it's Paulines (from Donkey Kong's) daughter. That would make a lot of sense actually.
NagARAXD Roblox
F course wario and mario pssh bahahahahahahahahahhaahahaha
this is the first video I EVER liked and I thought I would watch it again
shytoastgamer 4
Matpat disproving Marios monkey abuse he talked about
kuri kun
If Mario is jumpmans son then the Mario maniac theory is wrong.
at the start of the video then breath of the wild
I think for the spinoffs the babies are probably uses the time machine E. Gadd made in partners in time
Pinky Patrick
Omg...I just remembered that this was my first Game Theory video
Freshwater Fanatics
Birdo was evil in the first games
George Purdy
So this timeline kills some of the support for Mario being a psychopath
Ikarusu Hīrō
I'm starting to hate game theories now...
Eli K
Werdna Kalamot
What about DK 94 on the gameboy. Is that DK jr & his son donned his trademark tie in DKC?
Xtra Funniez
wait are those other guys still active on YouTube or what?
Zayaan Dadwani
Ive played all of the games he stated
Foxtastic Gamer
ElfyThe GamingElf
Wait so you've proven your own theory wrong.
In the Mario is insane.
You say that "Mario" abused Crankey Kong(now)
But it's Marios father,So Mario did not abuse the gorillas
Mia Bowling
You didn't take into mind about the Mario is mental vid you said Mario shows Cruelty towards animals and if it's a different Mario then the current Mario didn't do it to the original DK
an nguyen nguyen vu
mario had to much clothes
Lemon Dan
how is teaching a 6 grade class of how babies are made to mature.BOI 6 GRADERS ARE NOT EVEN READY TO HAVE SEX
Jod Datu
Calebr cheeze
according to marois dad beating up dk than hes not a complete animal abuser according to the Mario being eval video you made.
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