Game Theory: The Mario Timeline's SHOCKING Reveal

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Nintendo's star character Mario has been in over 70 games. 70 GAMES!!! Which leads to the question, does the Super Mario series have a discernible timeline? Or are Mario games, like many have been led to believe, a random assortment of games with no attention paid to continuity. While this may ultimately be true, there ARE details in the Super Mario games that allow them to be pieced into a timeline order...and the implications of that are SHOCKING!

Special thanks to Drake and Kenny from Crossover!

Twitter: @MatPatGT

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Tafsir Hussain
There are two Mario's Paper Mario and mario
only an idiot would think baby bowser is bowser jr. god
Daniel D Racer
For once I don't beleive MatPat...MARIO'S GOTTA END UP WITH PEACH!
Lacka boy
Welcome to the new age to the new age
The Mangle Gaming
FAwful make me think fxxxing awful
Bernard Kloesel
What about super Mario bros 2 USA?
Viola Family
a game mat Pat a GAME so I love your videos
Genesies Rivera
this theory kinda makes your theory of mario being a womanizer out of the window though?
Ender Daniel gaming
Maybe the Yoshi that is dating birdo is a different Yoshi I'm saying maybe
Storm boss
Paper Mario?
Ryan Wayne
It made sense until he brought up the "luigi married peach" thing, I believe that luigi' daughter could be rosalina but it's not peach
Lane Gray
Hey Mario and Luigi Paper Jam came out so when does that come in?
If Pauline is Mario's mom, doesn't that disprove your other theory about Mario cheating on peach with her? I mean, if you're opening a theme park, wouldn't you want your mother to be a special guest?
catawesome 237
super smash Bros is a Kirby game
Raymond Jones
Is there a reason that supermariobros2 (doki doki panic) isn't mentioned at all besides the fact that it would be hard to fit into this timeline?
my fanfiction gives a better backstory to rosalina then yur shitty theory about her...
Mat pat your a dirty liar, and i know it, you told me that this was a definite series lure, but the key parts of the series arent put together by in-game content, but by the stupid theories you've previously posted, this isn't the real timeline, its one you made up that still makes no sense
Under Dragon
You left the paper Mario titles out of the time line as well
Jonah Edwards
I have a theory with super Mario bros1
Ok So Peach can have a kid that is tall even tho Mario is short Him and peach can have a very tall child because me two friends are taller than his parents and thier parents are short So both parents dont have to be tall it just matters if the family have tall ppl BAM THEORY BUSTED
William Crowder
I know that this was made in 2015,but what about paper jam
spring bonnie fredbare
your getting to into this man Luigi dates princes pech ok dude WHAT -_-
Shaun Morgan
You missed out wario land super Mario land 3!!!!
Quentin Livezey
It's awful, but with an F, Fawful.
Kawaii Gaming
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Patience Cummings
My nickname is pc
Jacob Greene
But wait Mat Drake and Kenny, baby bowser can't be bowsers past self because of a time paradox!!!!
Nintendo Fan
10:09 so basically everything before s g now doesn't exist
Ruben Rose
super Mario 2 has birdo in it. it's almost like you forgot.
Zaidon Huntley
wait so the donkey kong from the 1900s is now crankey kong and dk jr is the donkey kong today
Henri Niemela
Hey in my game it says crossover
Henri Niemela
Hey all my sweets are pink now
TheLogannator Red Sheep
i like everything in the theory accept for the fact u did added rosalina unmsasked into this because that theory was crap because the the couples didnt swap
The Mario vs Donkey Kong games tear this theory apart... And the Paper Mario games are absent. Besides that, however, I did enjoy this theory!
So... Mario is currently only 15 then? If Baby DK and Baby Mario were around at the same time, then they grew up simultaneously.
Salazzle Surprise
b...but in mario kart wii daisy circuit has 2 statues one of luigi & daisy and one baby luigi and baby daisy! ME SO CONFUSED
who is whaching in 2017201820192020202120222023202420252026
Martín Terminel
It´s Super Mario 3D Land, then Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, 3D World, Mario and Luigi Paper Jam, Color Splash (in the Paper Mario continuity) and finally Mario Odyssey.
And I think Mario Maker takes places between Galaxy 1 and 2 because of Rosalina rebuilding the whole universe and all of that
the toucher
well i'm glad mario isn't mental then
Arcader CJ
Things from Mario is mental were denied from this
So is mario not in super luigi U because he's off saving daisy?
terra terror
Zoe No y
But, Diddy Kong is a monky! He has a tail.
Zanderz McCluer
can someone explain the monkey business joke to Kenny?
Christopher Arriaga
HEY matpat, you didn't mention the theory that "paper Mario" is a vg WITHIN the mushroom kingdom...OR the "Mario party or Mario kart theorist...or are you saving that? DOM, DOM,DOM...! (You really CAN'T get good sfx nowadays!) Lol
dr coco puffs
...does that mean mario is 15..?
OK, lemme get this right. Super Mario 3D world takes place after Mario USA, as we see in the last frames of Mario USA, Mario falls asleep again, which means Mario's dream continued
on leading to Mario 3D world. I know this because, well at the end, the Angels they saved in Mario USA hold a festival, and in the opening cutscene, it even has the 4 playable characters from Mario USA along with the festival. So Mario 3D World is the final game in the timeline
It kinda wrecked the psycho Mario theory
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