Stephen Stars As Donald Trump Jr. In 'Collusion'

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Featuring Stephen Colbert as Donald Trump Jr., Stephen Colbert as Paul Manafort and Stephen Colbert as Jared Kushner.

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John O'Neill
Donald Jnr is even uglier than Donald J. Trump.
Melvin Stinson
2:54-3:25 is muh fraking brilliant!!
If Donald Trump himself was colluding with Putin to rig the election, why did Donald Trump Jr. take a secret meeting with someone he didn't know to get dirt on hillary?
There will be no impeachment until the Democrats and the Republicans both want to go to an election with someone other than mr DT as Prez. There is sufficient evidence - but insufficient politics.
Di Petro fuel
As usual, there is no proof of anything whatsoever. Hell Obamas 'actions' where the epitome of colluding with our enemy's, he gave everything to Iran while they chanted death to America. He was the muslim brotherhood plant that had been planned by islam for years. Someday it will all come out, and I hope that the filthy pig hangs for such a crime as this.
conspiracytheory69: Classic feint. You put forth what seems like the most damning evidence and meanwhile hide the worst of it deeper... Heads. Will. Roll.
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
To the Republicans and Trump supporters, it's better to work with the Russians than it is to work with Democrats and Americans if they remain silent after this. Do the Republicans want to beat or hate the Democrats that badly that they would forsaken their own country and people? Whichever party, isn't their primary job to better serve US and its citizens? I might not agree with some of my family, but I would not collude with outsiders to bring them down. We are stronger together than divided. For Republicans who have strong conservatives values, I feel that they have lost their ways.
Elijah Collins
I never knew that Trump could lose his presidency because of what his son did. Btw his sources were CNN ๐Ÿ˜‚ FAKE NEWS
yea and when bill clinton met with loretta lynch the day before hilary clintons verdict of her investigation, that was no big deal to anybody lol
Scheme Spielberg
Lorenzo de' Medici
Stephen, ask your bosses who Natalia Veselnitskaya is. If she is a lawyer why does her " law firm" not have a website, email or phone number? Why did Loretta Lynch let her into the country without a visa? Why did she try to contact Don jr saying she had dirt on Hillary then have the meeting and then not actually have dirt? It's a set up, from the beginning. She's probably a deep-state operative, working for the same people you are working for but you're too naive to see it.
Certfied MoneyAflliates
trump is not the best guy but the elites that control media that want him dead because he's exposing them for being pedofiles sooo... all you non trump supporters support pedofiles who love tourchering abusing having sex with eating and sacrafice children to Satan you all are quick to hate on th smallest think about trump you soon forget that out world and government and media is ran by satanic pedofiles and if you really want your children to be slaves then keep listening to this controlled media like a dumbass while they snatch your 5 year olds up and fuck the brains out of them while you bitch about trump hahahahaha so funny now right??? hell no you blind fucks you don't have to support trump but you don't need to support a child predator ethier.. facts!
Al Mar
This fucking dosh bags are not tired of every day Russia ,Russia .Russia they are in love with it , who,s watching this idiot,s , i am tire of just seeing the headlines .
Roy Green
America wasn't built by people like you, you're disgustin !
Tom Chippie
what an idiot....
Marco Polo
Cuntboy Colbert probably jacks off to President Trump. LOL !!!
Shaun Peters
Just another butthurt snowflake liberal who cant take the fact that they lost the election. And the liberals not admitting to the fact of the Clintons and the Russians relationship. O and the fact that the Russian lawyer was in the country illegaly under the Obama fail admin
Wajiha S. Khan
What happened to his right-eyebrow-control ๐Ÿ˜จ
Why does him, Don Oliver, and other political talk show host constantly beat up on Trump? CNN has made themselves look and have done some pretty damn stupid things, but they won't say things about it. I get it if you are far left, and will do anything to stop the right, but damn it's getting old, he will not get impeached. That's that, this is all childish, this obsession.
Eb theDoc
Thank you, Stephen! Posting here, too: Unbelievable! The man who calls his Mafia contacts (and contracts) "just part of doing business" thinks he can excuse the treason (exposed by his son), that he's literally admitted to as "opposition research" and tries to excuse with "everybody does it" - what? And don't think you can buy yourself into a "settlement" on this one, Donnie Boy - America won't let you!
Charles Carrico
hey Steven how about staring in how do I shoot myself in the head I if you say where you live believe that!!!!
Raging Heretic
4,404 Trump supporters are getting their guns ready again...
Shawn Lewis
How about Colbert stars as the idiot talkshow hack of late night talkshow! Ding ding ding
4 now
Soros payroll ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž
Cyrus Slapatich
Oh my God will they ever give up with the Russian bullshit? Does the word "idiot media " ring bell? Nobody believes yo anymore.
Dare Jones
Colbert you're the fucking King of Late night talk shows!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Billy Yang
I know the video is probably really funny.... but I truly can't laugh at it and I'm not even American.
Colbert is awesome, but this Jon Baptiste chiming in, contributing nothing,
on the sidelines is impossible to stomach.
CBS, if you are paying Batiste to make parroting noises,
you can PAY HIM TO STOP.
The Blueglowingcat
Gotta love how most of the comments are arguments. Trump supporters are never going to hate Trump, there is nothing we can do about it... They are stubborn and fail to see what Trump has done wrong.
Fabien Eldridge
Why do people talk about the Republicans when Obama (Barry) the gay cabalero and big Mike lied through out his fake President tein. Hillary stole Billions of dollars from the poorest of the poor. Why are you reporting about the millions killed by Obama and Hillary Clinton. Not to mention the fake Russian report on TRUMP ? What about all the propaganda under Obama and how could Black person ever get elected in the United States, ESPECIALLY with all the racism? Oh I get it the racism was over until Obama and his queer committed Fraud.Where is his birth certificate Kenya ? We don't hear that Obama isn't even a United States citizen ? Why don't you report the facts, or try the TRUTH before nose grows so long you look start looking like your boss Hillary Clinton, you have been getting your check ?
Old School Muscle
Jesus is our only hope.
MikeUp OffTea
trump supporters are smashing dat dislike button ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Stephen Colbert! is this what you've become, a tool hate and Division. as a talk show host you have a responsibility not to show your ugly self. it is over for the B littler's for the bullying for the agitators and the instigators it's over. shame on you.. this is not comedy this is ugliness..
Trump supporters: Unite the Right Free Speech Rally
Saturday, Aug 12 5:00 PM Lee Park, 201 2nd St. NE #299.
Charlottesville, VA 22902 STAND STRONG FOR AMERICA ! GO TRUMP!!
If i were u i would focus on retaking power in 2020.
it would be hysterical to see you, mr Colbert, to go up against trump in 2020. I will guarantee you will embarrass the hell out of the liberal shit stains, you being one of them๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Clayton Riisoe
Do people actually believe anything will come from this?
Dana Preston
Ravioli Ravioli
If The Donald gets impeached, is he going to look in a mirror and say "YOU'RE FIRED"?
David Woods
Oh god the Trump apologists look so desperate and kinda deranged... Put it this way - ya boy Trump's got less than 6 months. When he got sworn in as President in Jan, I gave him a year because I knew he'd be a disaster and get found to be colluding/lying... Yeah yeah Clinton/emails/whatever but Jesus Christ she couldn't have been worse than this train wreck we got now. Just please stop defending Trump and the GOP when they're clearly putting forward disastrous policies, embarrassing America and its Allies and for the love of God don't apologise and enable their collusion and lies!
Michel Marcil
hey colbert how much money do you earn from the clintons mother fucker
Michel Marcil
only tickets for democrats your lagh is at the end of is roll no wonder why they kick you out of the senat moron
Michel Marcil
hey colbert stop your fucking politic show and do what your supposed to do comedy you will get kick out mother fucker another lovers of hillary fucking moron
Michel Marcil
Colbert is a fucking leftist moron as the are all you lost so shut the fuck up loosers
Mizera Mykel
Colbert, you kill it every time!
Please God, let a natural disaster wipe out Amerika before they start a nuclear war with Russia just for the sake of ratings. AMEN
This is an indictment of lawyers because of their purported clients. The presumption here is that the "Russian lawyer" represents the interests of the Russian federation and its government. Lawyers are not their clients or Hillary Clinton would be a sex offender (because she agreed to represent a sex offender at the behest of a judge who insisted on appointing her) and James Madison would be a British loyalist because he represented British soldiers in an excessive force case in Philadelphia when no one else would do so. I suspect this "Russian lawyer" represented many people but no one has proven that she represented the Russian government on that date, at that time, and for the purpose of meeting with the Trump campaign. Wash, rinse, repeat. That is the protocol for this Russian collusion canard.
marc M
Hey Colbert. FUCK OFF
Terry Bruce
Cobert is in collusion with Anderson Cooper...couple of fuggies.
Fake news, Fake people, Fake comedy. Tell everyone how your show is paid off by democrats Stephen Colbert. Or are you going to delete this comment? Tell us exactly why trump should be impeached :) go ahead, try. You can't. All you democrats are leftist trash who support Antifa and whine because you finally lost for the first time in like 50 years. Suck a dick faggot
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