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What causes addiction? Easy, right? Drugs cause addiction. But maybe it is not that simple.

This video is adapted from Johann Hari's New York Times best-selling book 'Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs.' For more information, and to take a quiz to see what you know about addiction, go to

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Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong

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Jezbaw Jezbaw
Is having an addiction with your channel a bad thing??
William Long

these videos about humans and people really got me addicted.i watch 4 of these videos again and again.
War On Drugs
What Is You
What Is Ebola
Ryan Heath
peter Carioscia
I dunno...i have a family that loves me and friends, a girl friend that's been with me for 5 years and I still can't be clean...
Best video I've seen, incredible job!
Heather Reis
Fascinating..sad how ignorant society is though
Osvaldo Guerrero medrano
daniel assayag
I wish there would be a french version of your program. People are sometime lazy, and cant read subtitles. I wish there could be a french actor to read the text in french. Maybe you could start a partnership. It would be a great way to spread your videos to new publics. It would be very helpful to stop far right progress in France.
Isaac Lange
This is basically the same as the TED talk but animated
"Imagine Utopia." "If you cannot even imagine a utopia you ought not call yourself a human being." RSDay "Dear Landlord" -Bob Dylan. Financial terrorism has meant no security for anyone as FIRE Finance Insurance & Real Estate takes all the money meaning that even simple tool purchasing power is so diminished that one is lucky to end up with a decent knife.
Dima Playz
Im suffering from depression
Oxygen '
Tardis at 3:06
Sam Lastee
It is due to chemicals.
Torry kawaii
I feel warmth and touched at the end of the video 😊😊
Edward Clark
Middle class white christian male here with awesome parents and great childhood. Also a recovering Alcoholic. 700+ ml of 80 proof liquor per day for 8 years, and 400 ml per day for the 4 years before that. This video holds false claims. I repeat...complete farse. If you have a friend or family member struggling with addiction, don't heed this channel's advise. Head to a clinical specialist AND seek church fellowship/12 step program. Unless the many groups of recovering addicts and alcoholics I've come to intimately know over the last decade are all playing pretend, our environment has little to do with a compulsion to use our drug of choice. Homeless or millionaire...I wanna drink. Explain that Kurzgesagt. Can't? Oh ya, you completely omit GOD as the ultimate connection! Please adjust your message and give the Creator some positive air time. If atheists were forced to apply GOD....this would be the place to abandon your humanism and help!! If your feeding the world this debunked rodent experiment turned into oversimplified emotional fodder, might as well feed them some of the real deal.
well although it may work to help addicts by putting them in some sort of heaven, the question i ask myself is if it is moral that other people pay for the faults of others instead of people take responcebility for their own actions
Pink dolphin
Can I give 1.000 likes ? Wow best explanation ever .
OMG they have a rick as a scientist :D
Evan's randoms and vlogs
u said 95% of them stoped soooo 5% of them dident
Rhianna Barnes Nash
I am addicted to.....

Rober Valley
I'm studying a degree far away from my town, my friends, and family. And I just realised that it's true, when I'm away from home I'm an addict to the smartphone, pornography and videogames. I do those things at home too, but not so often.
This is amazing video
I saw Rick from Rick and Morty
carlos delgado
tiny rick!
Sehaj Kahlon
can you make a video on the railways . please
We need a revolution
porn is EW !
damn those rats thirsty af
ZedGamming 222
I'm addicted to play on PC.
Justin Beck
The guy who does the voices for this Channel I want to punch him in the teeth I don't like his face even though I don't know what it looks like his voice sounds like a fucking prick
Im surprised no one mentioned PcychedSubstance yet...
Leopaws β„’
Zach The Fat Cat 2005
Hey this was uplaoded on my birthday!!!
Does anyone else feel bad for the rats?
Space Cat \Rose,L
most of people are saying that you can be addicted when you have a happy life, well... I think people who are social but didn't escape the drugs addiction is probably because in some way they have a emptiness to fill, so they smoke drugs (or take any other sort of drugs) for fill there emptiness, every pot smokers should ask themselves, why did I smoke, what did I wanna forget, cause the reason is mostly because they are lonely in a sense... or they want to feel like they had power, so they smoke a drugs that makes them feel like they had the control, but they don't, it's a elusion that they make for trying to have a life that is less better, but later on they life they will have to deal Whit it...
Im addicted to masturbating

And I'm only 13 years old
Pretty Lonely, Eh?
Alison11 11Groen
420 blaze it
Use your noddle to see that if you can INDUCE or impose scarcity and fear of disconnection by trauma or tapping into fears from past conflicts - you can then offer 'choices' within a framed or caged narrative that presents the programmed or intended 'choice' as the temporary saviour from the feared condition. Lather rinse repeat. Lather rinse repeat. Lather rinse repeat. etc...
Truly opening a willingness to both FEEL - and move with what we feel in a way that hurts no one - including ourself - embodies life and restores an intimacy of being. In relationship this is the 'bonding' of extending a sense of worth - even if sharing a fear of unworthiness - for we give and receive who we believe our self to be - but the addiction to a false sense of self costs us our Soul (Feeling being).

Because we are shamed or fear to be damned by denied feeling and thought - it gets denial - and the projection out onto others and world makes a fearful, hateful and threatening world of caged minds in place of the unfolding now of a connectedness.
So regardless the cage - it has an internalized mapping that can be moved beyond by no longer trying to escape it or pretend it away.
The 'war on ,whatever>' never was based on anything but expanding its market mindcapture - though in all such memes, footsoldiers believe they are fighting the evil and thus are the good guys. It's the scapegoat magic of sin redistribution. The addiction to a false nature must sacrifice Life to get gratification.
Nama Asliku
why do reddit and video games included as bad addiction? i understand connecting with people is important but isn't there are some people who doesn't like talking or being around other too much?
Anton Werner
101 Ted talk in short
Jiang Jack
I'm addicted to video games. Help, my mom doesn't love me enough
No Name
I already knew this because of movies and TV shows with drug addicts. TV and youtube really helped me out in my life a lot. At 19, almost 20, I never drank alcohol, smoke weed or cigarette, and never had done any drugs. I stay green and mean with a healthy life and good proteins for maximum strengthen capabilities.
Adam Bayly
I am legit addicted to YouTube, no joke, I come home from school, I get on my phone and watch videos, sometimes up till like 1 in the morning. I dont get my homework done, I dont want to take my drivers permit test, nothing. Im afraid to tell my parents because I know all they will do is just take away my phone, and Ill end up finding some other way to watch. since I thought I could get help from the source of my addiction, so I am really begging for help.
The Dog gamer
3:35 Porn thumbnail lol
Addiction is caused by the need to numb emotional pain in my opinion.
Shihon Kaerie
I see a Rick and Morty reference :D Rick is one of the scientists
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