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What causes addiction? Easy, right? Drugs cause addiction. But maybe it is not that simple.

This video is adapted from Johann Hari's New York Times best-selling book 'Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs.' For more information, and to take a quiz to see what you know about addiction, go to

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Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong

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Rox teh dude
3:07 you thought I wouldn't notice the tardis did you? you hid it well this time.
Sarah S
Maybe I'm too cynical, but I think we could create a better society and still have addiction problems. Human beings seem to have a built in dissatisfaction, sense of alienation or questioning that comes from our complex brain functioning. Not sure what the solution is, except possibly a drug that will interrupt the pleasure response from stimuli? idk?
I have been addicted to sweets to the point where I lose my mind, get mad and start breaking stuff if I don't get any. It was obviously linked to my growing depression which I still suffer from. And the sweets have been replaced by a far more unhealthy drug - antidepressants. They keep me calm but I'm horribly addicted to them, too.

Antidepressants may be kinda helpful but cannabis has worked wonders on me. It relieves my anxiety and helps me get rid of negative thoughts. It also boosts my super low self esteem and helps me relax and sleep without nightmares. And I am in no way addicted to it as I haven't used it for a year now due to all the illegality thing and I don't have an urge to use it again. I would definitely use it if I had some, though.

In my opinion, cannabis is not a drug at all. It's something that brings 10 minutes of sunshine and good sleep to my miserable life.
Njlamp Shitposting

To be honest that sounded pretty good until the last part
Miriam Boyce
This is an amazing resource. Well done to the creators and I hope brings compassion and understanding of pain and addiction.
antony jucan
Much of this video has striking similarity to this article: (written by the author of Chasing the Scream)
A lot of the same adjectives, many lines of the article are used almost word for word without citation, and it has all the same arguments in the same order. Great video, great editing, just heavily plagiarized.
Sniffy e
"Do heroin, but only occasionally" - Kurzgesagt (2015)
I legit got into a fight with a teacher about this in high school. She said she wouldn't let her kids be friends with addicts and would tell them to abandon their friends because drug addicts are always liars cheaters and thieves too. I stood up against her. She sent me to the counseling office. I transferred from that school the next year because I refuse to be educated with stupidity. I really hope she's no longer teaching for the sake of my juniors.
Arron Tolan
Ridiculous. The conclusion is that drug addicts & substance abusers are only people that are isolated, lonely or damaged??? How do you account for the the innumerable quantities of people that have large families and decent friends that get addicted? Or the vast numbers that are socially isolated but NOT drug addicts? This is an obscenely politicised video, trying to shift the blame away from those who don't have the mental fortitude to either refuse drugs or stop taking them and place it on everyone else. Take personal responsibility away from people and watch the world burn.
Samsgotskills Dungdworf
Loved the rick and morty reference!
Ezrah Jaugan
rick isn't that kind of scientist
This is really interesting
What is that feeling i always get while whatching the end of the video when he says "the oppposite of addiction is connection" but it's nice :)
I love this. Channel, they put the effort on putting 21 little holes on the start of the video like for each day you get one shot
LargeMargeVEVO dotcom checkoutmymerch
What if you're addicted to connections?
Lalve Engie
1:14 Hi rick
Nthn Is Dank
Anyone else notice Rick? From Rick and Morty? 1:13
gamer123 bro be cool
Rick what the fuck
Юлий Гусман
Since I've been socially sober, I went addictive to marjuanna. Personnally for me, that has proven, that nor a medical neither farmacological aspects of drug itself are significant. Its all about your lifeview and choice, created by it.
Addiction is in your genetics. Until they find the exact gene that causes addiction and compulsive/impulsivity they could probably isolate it and destroy it.
Jam Ano
"doing heroine is a great way to spend your time"
Craig Wilkes
most accurate video ive seen ever tf 😅 whoever made this is very intellectual
mike pence fucked a horse
3:33 basically my life.
jassir amed
ain't gon lie 2017 acknowledge
jassir amed
I'm here listening
The real Bmw9 Animates
so true
like if u agree
If only it were as simple as that. Unfortunately the results of the rat park experiment could not be replicated as far as I'm aware.
randomDS luonto
1:13 rick!
Nicolas Gomez
awesome Rick and morty reference there
Quatron SD
You know what? Thank you for opening my eyes. I myself treated addicted people not so well, but thanks to you it will change from now on. Good job you did there :>
At 1:13 its Rick! from Rick and Morty
Mary Melekidou
LITERALLY thinking out of the box wow
Hope and Light
If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol call (855) 789-3251 Someone available 24/7 US Only
random seal Beaver
If so I might become a drug addict
Once addicted to opiates, alcohol, or benzodiazepines, the body physically depends on continued doses and is at risk of harm or death if the drug is quit "cold turkey." Hospitals are able to dose people with opiates without lasting side effects because they wean their patients off of the drug with decreasing doses. Sometimes, this doesn't work, which can be seen in many reported cases of opiate addiction stemming from prescriptions. There also are plenty of Vietnam era veterans on the streets who are in need of help with substance abuse, so I'm not sure what makes that example a good one. This video works in relation to non- addictive drugs and habits, but fails to consider real pharmacology. The end of the video, however, does bring up great points about our mistreatment of drug abusers and the need for social change.
Conclusion: Fuck Jail!
Silly Buddy Kid
I'm still not going to take drugs lol
shahidul islam ivan
wow ur great every one have to see it and understand the facts.
Claes Claesson
I love your voice. Just wanted to throw that out here
Sebastian Pastor
Woooooooow! This is so eye opening
Ross Bannon
1:58 wow that escalated quickly
Mels Mew
hubba dubba wub dub
dfghjk,mn jhgfgh
I wish ive seen this before my brother died from liquor addiction. we just gave him hate and pressure. I was always pushing him away. but what he needed was love. that's all hes ever wanted when he used to walk this earth. I miss him. the only time I told him I loved him, in years, was on his hospital bed when he was on life support ready for the plug to be pulled. it was horrible. my mom looked like one of those mother hens trying to wake up one of her baby chicks when you can clearly see the chick is dead. we all kissed him good bye. he was only 20 and he had his first son when he was 19. I hope I can see him again in the afterlife. when his skin turned cold I wished that I could have hugged him when he was still warm. I wish I could hug my idiot knuckle headed brother and tell him I love him its way to late now.
dfghjk,mn jhgfgh
war on drugs. what a fucking joke.
Jimbob Joe
are all these videos plagiarisms of tedx talks?
adam loosle
theres a tardis!!!!
Balmore Ruano
thank you guys for putting so much work into these videos! they are so enlightening
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