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What causes addiction? Easy, right? Drugs cause addiction. But maybe it is not that simple.

This video is adapted from Johann Hari's New York Times best-selling book 'Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs.' For more information, and to take a quiz to see what you know about addiction, go to

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Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong

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Dumber Style
Loads of sex would be the highlight of my day :D
Ong Peter
RIP- Kurt Cobain
Matthew A
what if you have a close connection with your fellow drug addicts! I don't understand the logic! But I get that there are environmental causes of addiction.
Eric Samuels
Shouts out to Rick from Rick and Morty 1:12
Pablo MP
Am I the only one who see Rick Sanchez in the minute "1:15"?
Ben Clark
I generally agree with this, however, in the case of serious trauma (i.e. a broken hip) the body is already flooded with adrenaline, endorphin, cortisol etc. This results in receptors being preoccupied and a much more metered response to the drug, I surmise that these differences separate the recreational user from that of someone receiving medical care. It's the difference between wanting help, and needing it.
can you make a video about porn addiction?
Moraru Lucian
This piece of shit just said "we have to build a society that looks more like a rat park"
.. the theory is interesing but the way he presents it its just fucking stupid
Odd Jobs
This video totally misrepresents and misstates the facts about the Vietnam troops coming home:
Finland Ball
4:44 Ms Humanity = RMS Titanic?
Matthew Bay
Thank the capitalism. Because capitalism set us up by competing each other, fighting each other and even hating each other then fianlly killing each other. In capitalism world only the Top of the system benefits while the rest is just struggling to survive while fighting each other... that is why some people do drugs because they want to escape from this fucked up world. freedom? Yea it's the top of the system scums made that BS so they can keep exploit us. they are laughing and even consider us nothing but their toys in their exploitation and money to feed their greed addiction. Conservatives shout freedom and liberty but funny thing is... conservatism holds more authoritarian policies and less freedom when you are not rich...and i can sense trumpsters and conservatives already labeling me as SJW or commie scum. then again they are not capable of thinking broadly since they need their masters(top of the system) to tell them what to do and what to believe...
Matthew Bay
20days?? Nope try 6-7 days.
Hello, Philippines.
Far muhan
i never mention about how to stop addiction is looks like that
damn this video is right, now i'm understand
Cutesy Lover
but you forget life is also a cage
Peter Thorton
was that a rick and morty reference lol?
nicole sablada
At 1:58 tho
TheLegend 27
You're talking about Cocaine or Heroine addiction. Let take MDMA or Ecstacy for example. People use it for the high, not because they want to bond with it. Sometimes it can go for Weed or Acid.
oh thats the reason why in adicred tolittle dogs licw
david dmonte Chocolates...
Eww It's Him
"if you take heroine for 20 days"
FOR 20 FOUR 20
Jacob Alvarado
Yea we should have schools for people to learn wisdom and love instead of going to jail
But no some people will say we need other pharmaceutical drugs to "cure" addicton
WHY did you have to tell people this? They're going to break their bones!
Pizza Hut
all the people at my unversity suck id rather smoke weed and go on reddit tbh
Pizza Hut
first statement is wrong, 1 in 5 patients become addicted to pharma drugs after being prescribed to them.
Andrey St
Do not read -------------------------i telling to to not-----------
Jeff Anderson
This is based on the ideas from a book called Chasing the Scream by Joann Hari. He presents some pretty radical approaches to treating addction. We do need to do do something different, because obviously what we have been doing has failed horribly....... losing the so called "war on drugs"........ Great book by the way....
Robert Schafer-DeVries
Furthermore, rehab centers and even law enforcement need addicts to continue to have an economic justification for existing. The rehab industry has a vested interest in keeping people addicted to drugs.
Robert Schafer-DeVries
Going to jail, for instance, will get people addicted to being abused. Take a stoner, put them in jail for a year, and when they get out, generally they will have some sort of compulsive need for self abuse. This is really obvious. If there is ever a rehab center, NA group, or police force that is able to completely wipe out all addiction, please let me know, until then, might as well make the best of it. Addiction is part of life, just choose the least harmful and most rewarding addictions, this is the best we can hope for.
Robert Schafer-DeVries
The human condition is inseparable from addiction. Humanity's collective struggle with addiction will always be a losing one. We are more likely to overcome capitalism than addiction. Humanity will never, ever succeed in overcoming addiction. Rates of use may go up and down, but in the end, humanity will always be addicted to a variety activities, drugs, and relationships. All bonds are by nature, addictions.
Peter Cohen
I'm an addiction MD. This pseudo-logical argument selectively uses facts to support its bias. Connection is essential to recovery but disconnection is not a primary cause for addiction. In short this video is crap.
Kitty B
i agree that people who do drugs aren't being helped in healthy ways and are being punished wrongly for their choices, but drug addiction isn't as simple as people being lonely. i dont buy that.
Octordoctor and the Pests
1:14 Is that rick?
Well, my only addiction are cigarettes. You can imagine it like if you want to lose weight, and try not to eat, but you want to eat.
Zoonotik germ
man i knew this answer all along.
Kalos King
We must take a biopsychosocial approach here. One research article in academia (i.e., Alexander's theory) doesn't prove an entire concept. This video does a poor job explaining addiction and erases the biological component that definitely exists. True, environmental factors such as the economy, racism, and trauma all impact addiction in huge ways. There are numerous studies on that. But, when you leave out the biological component, you are literally leaving out what (all) addiction is — "a brain disease". Some people end up not abusing prescription medication because of several reasons; one dominate theory points to genetic factors (biological) that may or may not affect individuals. Many individuals who stem from affluent, supportive, and experience no trauma can easily become addicted to all kinds of things, not just drugs. I'm all for raising awareness on addiction, because we seriously need it (speaking personally and professionally), but this video does not do the proper research into the topic and furthers the confusion and misconceptions of addiction. Let's combine social, psychological, environmental, and biological aspects so individuals can grasp a better understanding of how addiction best fits into their own situation.
Mark Kenney
If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction A Road to Recovery in Port Saint Lucie Florida may be able to steer you in the right direction. We are losing an entire generation to the opiate epidemic. Please reach out before it is to late. 800 411 9200
Riff Keyboarder
right now you need to wake up from this dream... talk with your friend
Shadow743 45
1:15 Rick
Erick Posada restrepo
Great video.
Tyler Bowers
Was watching a Ted talk posted before this and the first part about breaking a hip and going to a hospital is almost the same.
mahmoud khater
I'm going to rehab because of memes
God beating a heroin addiction is absolute fucking hell. I'm recently clean, will I ever feel good again?
Sharon Galyean
There are many people that have loving supportive family and friends and yet still they are addicted to drugs and some I have personally known that have overdosed from those very same addictions.Addiction is a dependancey on a drug, or something we feel we can not live or function without. It can be something as innocent as coffee but yet still an addiction. The theory of the 21 days is what it takes to form a habit not addiction.
Gordon Weintraub
was there a TARDIS in there?
Charte r
“Wubba lubba dub dub!!!”
"Opposite of addiction is Connection"
Some things just make my day...
Wow, love this video. Thanks! :-)
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