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What causes addiction? Easy, right? Drugs cause addiction. But maybe it is not that simple.

This video is adapted from Johann Hari's New York Times best-selling book 'Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs.' For more information, and to take a quiz to see what you know about addiction, go to

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Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong

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Jonny Bravo
Im still fascinated how we use rats to justify human brain function
Fleeb Swallower
You guys think marijuana is addictive?
Max Purple Man MTTNOOB
1:13 RICK!
rainbow dash fan gaming 9173
ah so that's why in so addicted to ponies
Reddit LUL
Addiction is 100% up to yourself, unless you have been using long enough that your body dosent work without drugs
Rotisserie Chiggen
Bong Me
my father told me that morphine is okay to use if you have pain, it reacts differently in the body if you aren't in pain. Idk
(edit: this is same as a tedtalk i have seen, but 15 min shorter, cos he also spoke about things like Portugal)
fishron the shark
1:13 rick Sanchez
Śliski Andżey
Rick and Morty fuckin fanbois
Brandynette Malek
Beautiful! <3 I think i know some of the same things you know. The vid said it perfectly! Very well made and easy to grasp flow of the animation!

I would have loved to have this kind of information 10 years ago. Someone i knew back then, ODed at a party. Shock, wake up call. Months latter i read about the same situation. There was a first aid option, if i had known could have saved his life.

I will try get my idea out the best i can, im still working on my writing.

, learn and change over time is the key to explaining why addiction is such an issue.

The Addiction problem is a really simple one. ;)
I think the nature of how our brains work.
The basic structure of our nerve system is responsable. It is made of neurons. Neurons want only 2 things. Nutrients and stimulation. Dendrites move in the directions where there is something.
Just imagine u are a brain, lol... so, there is no light, there is no sound, limited space and nothing else but, +/-150B other neurons.

The mechanics are really simple,( if we have less than 10 neurons XD )
Neurons connect when stimulated.
-1st neuron: I found food, send signal.
-2nd neuron receives the signal, links to the 1st, then sends a dendrite and investigates. Found food, sends signal.
-1st neuron relays the signal, sends dendrite to investigate.

2x the signal 2x the neurons that send dendrites. More neurons receive the signals and send dendrites to investigate. More Neurons link up and cluster together. Now manage to decipher, store and relay a piece of information.

-We have learned something!

Clusters cluster together, manage to decipher store and relay bigger parts of the puzzle.

The Only thing the brain has to work with are the impulses that come from the senses.
Entire areas of the brain become sense specific and incredible powerful managing that information.

-More stimulation, more activity, more connections, more variables, more options to store information, general efficiency increases.
-Learning and training any ability fiscally increases our capacity to do more of it.

-There is a problem when we learn. Our subconscious cant tell the difference between reality or imagination. We reach wrong conclusions, bad decisions when we are emotional, even worse if high.

-When we are born
We have no clue what anything is, it takes us years to figure out what all the signals from our senses mean. Only thanks to our social interactions we learn to interpret and form associations to communicate. I think that we permanently hallucinate everything perceive and feel. Its just when humans agree on the same hallucination that we call it reality.

The more we use anything inside our minds the stronger the capacity of that area becomes. If we focus on our ears, our mind uses more to decipher what we are hearing.
Receive signal, connect, send signal. There is a permanent and constant feedback flow of signals.

Neuronal Plasticity + Selfawareness + Control of body.
This is how we actively learn something, we focus, we understand and let our brains do the only thing it never stops doing.
Hundreds of thousands of neurons connect or disconnect all the time. Every single tough fiscally modifies our brain.

Neuronal Plasticity basically it means that no single connection is permanent, neurons change or die regularly, smaller clusters dont always send the same clear signals. I think that our brain just systematically best guesses everything. Optical illusions, wrong memories. Reason for the Human Error?

Ok i think i can now say why humans get addicted, to everything all the time!!!
Our Brains become stronger the more we use it. We focus to learn new things, strengthening subconscious paths.

Stone age this was great, we found a fruit tree thanks to the sweet smell, we calculated where it was, if it was save. Ate as much as posible as fast as posible. Instant gratification Monkey. Collected as much as we could carry and fled. Maybe a predator is near.

-Adrenaline and the amygdala stimulate us just as a drug high.
Arriving home, joy kicks in. Self esteem is sky high, Sole focus of all social interaction that night. Remembering and telling the story, again and again, making it easier to tell every time. Reliving the memories and finding new possibilities to improve.

The amount of stimulation, number of new connections, sheer amount of new information that was learned and stored. Thanks to fear, fight/flight response. one will never forget that experience. 100% certainty that he would go again the next day.

We are just the brain, that was fundamentally rewritten by the new experience.
The brain became addicted to the experience. The consequences are different. The risk the same. We love to stimulate our brains, if we enjoy the experience we will repeat it. We learn by repetition. The more we learn the better we become. The stronger the need for stimulation of the involved clusters.

In the end, getting "addicted" is the basic mechanism of how our brain works.
Being addicted to running or learning or driving fast cars or drugs, irrelevant! Gime stimulation!

When our brain creates a cluster, it will only stay as long as it is stimulated.
Now you are a Professional Tennis player. The amount of resources dedicated to the hands will be completely deferent from a Professional soccer player.
Each one of our minds is wired to fulfil our desires, eventually the network of neurons dedicated will be so complexly interconnected, the entire lifes memories are linked, traits that define our personality are there. If its an addiction, like smoking cigarettes or 2 beers after work every day for years.

I consciously know that im doing something wrong. But my brain doesn't, my brain just does his natural thing. Loves the exaggerated stimulation, sends signals and connects like crazy! Eventually one invests so much time of the day doing only one thing, toughs, desires, resources, time, social relations everything is sacrificed.

{So im learning, being indoctrinated by a dependence. Enslaved by my own natural ability to learn. }

-One needs focused effort to unlearn something like that. The time spend tripping must be filled with new and varied experiences. Like to, recicle or re purpose the unused neurons dedicated to the addiction. Boredom, not knowing how to fill the void and social rejection are the mayor relapse factors.

I will probably get hate for this opinion. Imagine, if we could just go to the regular Doc or certified Professional

-Customer: We are traveling to a festival. It will last a week. I want to take this and that. Is it posible?
-"Recreational Toxin Master": Let me check your folder, yes, i dont see a problem. I have to remind you that this is the 3rd time this year, i wont consent another trip.
-Thanks doc no prob, u know i have a weakness for that one...

"Recreational Toxin Master": This is the safe dosage for you. You must obey the rules and guidelines. Next appointment is the day you wake up and feel rested enough to get here.
Enjoy the festival

-hahah i wish, but the problem is still there

We are kidding ourselves if we think we can defeat drugs, we are humans there will always be a demand. We have been taking them for at least 6000 years. The huge difference was that we had some sort of nutjobs in the community, a rainman, a shaman, druid, wizard or any digressed thing they came up with on their trips.

-Blood of the savior is WINE... I dont want to believe, I want to know.

If we could change the way we define addiction. We just accept that sometimes we program our brains into endless loops of bad habits. Its either sugar or heroin. Fat dies of heart attack and the junkie dies from bad stuff.

- laboratory pure with certificate.
-Knowing beforehand what the effects will be to push the placebo effect higher.
-Correct dosage, risks and instructions, tested and available.
-Professional Supervision with open conversation.
-Opens the possibility for new medical treatments.
-Dramatic Stress Reduction and stuff.

-Every service and product has its cost.
-Taxes are charged.
-Controlled and regulated.
-Comercial increase thanks to a new legal demand and supply.
-Jobs are created to fill the need.
-Social intolerance to consequences resulting from substance or habit abuse might change.

-No more drug dealers.
-no more drug cartels
-drug related criminality in general will be reduced
-Jobs will be lost, Legal and Illegal.
-An entire sector of the natural black market will colapse
-Rich and powerful people will be pissed

-on the HomoSapiens User Manual DXDXDXD
-Learning how to properly use our Brains and reach a new level of education, social relations and sharing

-have a nicer Mind, a bigger consciousnesses and a fulfilling live.
-the awareness of our consciousness and be able understand the infinite possibilities the universe allows.
-Discover all the other posible hidden abilities to be discovered when we connect the correct amount in the exact combination... or they are just...

- Huh? Imagined?
-Yes, your brain doesn't know the difference. You are consciously demanding information. Your brain will think, connect stuff and come up with the best guess to satisfy your will.


Thank you for reading one of my monologues, i have issues... it helps to write, literally still learning to do it. If you find any error or you see a correction for better understanding, please let me know! Thank you for taking your time!

I hope you enjoyed my view on Addictions. If i managed to connect some neurons im happy! <3
Cool Kid747
I'm addicted to ceral
Ben Bro
Spectacular video. I totally agree. We need more connection, we need more personal conversation! Less social media and more social interaction! Get off your phone and make a friend, fall in love, and share your feelings with loved ones and close friends. God bless you😘😇
Kayley Jansen
1:14 i see you Rick Sanchez
Alia Fansa
thank you
John Johnson
Look Morty, I'm in a Kurzgesagt video, I'm in a nutshell Morty! I'm Nutshell Rick!
MaGnI ManD
I feel bad now. o feel like i have firends but maybe i dont? all i do is study and play computer games. Hm
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Courtney Earnhart
3:47 ZELDAAAA!!!!!!!!

nah? Ok
bood budda boop boop 1:14
Exotic Ginger
This makes so much sense I used to smoke and shit like that but there was something I didn't understand. Y do I smoke more during school that at home. I mean, at home I have more free time to smoke so I have always woundered y I craved it at school more then at home. This explains it PERFECTLY.
Marné the Noob
Muhammad Akbar
So much learn for today, thankyou<3
Drink Bleach
RICK!!!!!! 1:13
Who else saw the rick and morty reference at 1:15
Jacky Chan
Love the Rick and morty reference
Tiny The_Dino
Nehmo Sergheyev
The video has a philosophical bias, makes numerous factual mistakes, and comes to unsupported conclusions. Moreover, it masquerades as an educational work yet uses emotionally biased imagery.
The start is a rather negative depiction of heroin addiction. That sets the stage.
Then he (the author) makes the conceited statement that what everybody else knows about addiction is flawed; he will now provide the wisdom. But much of his wisdom is just opinion and conjecture. His claimed “studies” aren’t universally accepted, and, in any case, don’t yield solid conclusions.
The more common American chemical name for heroin is diacetylmorphine. Diamorphine is sometimes used in Europe.

0:45 True, heroin bought via non-legal channels is often adulterated, but that doesn’t make the pharmaceutical version “much stronger”. It depends on the dosage. Pharmaceutical heroin also has inert additives. These are incorporated to make the product manageable.

1:02 Certain people are more prone to narcotic addiction than others. But you can’t quickly conclude (on the basis of a little-known rat experiment) that social interaction is the factor that makes a difference. Several other factors come into play, genetics, for instance.

1:24 Heroin and Cocaine are two different drugs with different effects and qualities of addiction and craving. It’s scientifically reckless to lump them together. And if you are doing that, why is not nicotine and ethanol thrown into the mix?

1:28 Again the video show unscientific bias. A cartoon skull was placed over the heroin/cocaine water bottle.

2:28 The story about American heroin usage in Vietnam not being returned to the US is hardly a fact on which to base a theory. Some politically motivate people pretended veterans magically stopped narcotics upon return. That’s all. Most (I would say “all”) heroin using veterans continued their drug use back in the USA. This story of cleaned up veterans is just fabricated.
Moreover, if Vietnam was such a horrible place, why did so many servicemen re-enlist? Was is patriotism (from a group that learned to be cynical)? Maybe not. Many are still alive. Ask them. One veteran summarized it to me: “It was the biggest party going.”

2:29 Americans were not “really panicked” at the prospect of veteran-junkies returning from Vietnam. (Cartoon shows zombies who are supposed to be veteran addicts.) Where did he come up with that?

Lots of veterans who were addicts went to rehab. The statement that they didn’t is simply untrue. Also, if they were physical addicted, and if they stopped, they certainly (contrary to the video) went through withdrawals. It’s medically impossible for them not to.
Many Vietnam veterans did not return to a “nice home with friends and family”. Doesn’t the author (whoever he is) realize some Americans will be in the audience?

At this stage in the video (never mind a time link; it’s a long stretch), he throws in numerous negatives, (including having more floor space), lack of jobs, fewer friends, etc., to conclude a society with more social connections will solve addiction to, apparently all, drugs.
Anime King
Annie Banani
So it's weird that I want to live in a huge house all alone with very little furniture?
Judson Zhao
While I agree on some points made in the video and I'm all for caring than incarnation, and hoping all of the connections can be achieved. But tons of solid evidence/research of physiological and neurological reasons of drug addiction have been published, reviewed and updated by famous institutions and researchers. These are hard facts you just can't ignore from one other researcher's theory and experiments.
You can't just say people keep doing drugs because they are left alone. That's a victim-hood assumption and give them more excuses to go on. No one can care you enough except yourself, no on can help you if you don't want to help yourself. Your most intimate friend/lover, parents can't give the connection you need 24x7 and that's not your reason to do drugs. Tons of people lived through tough lives, drugs were not outlet for them.
Dikkie Baan
Great animation of Johann Hari's story
Well done!
Jav Nufel
anyone else notice rick from rick and morty
This is nonsense, if addiction is so easily solved then family's who have a member that used drugs a few times would not get addicted. They're still connected with society, so your studies don't make any sense.
Whitney D.
3:30 That sounds like the makings of one hell of a weekend
Miguelcloquell Games
Oh so I'll make and play video games for the rest of my life cuz I'm an introvert
Joshua Ballard
No withdrawal is the only thing I find a bit suspect, unless they were experiencing a massive release of dopamine etc from relief from being in Vietnam? and even that is a psh
I am alost positive the ones who cae back and didnt go into withdrawals either DID go through withdrawals, or continued to use when they got back or tapered off.
kakashimoto 9
Where did you get the information
K Squints
Shelly Rae
Thank you, This video finally answered a question I've had for years. I too was in a cage then my life turned to rat park, my "Problem" went with it, never made the connection to why.
Jake Stockton
1:13 is a nod to Rick and Morty.
ㄒ卂乙乇尺 [T.Z.R]
Enize CA
14mln what the kurgz ?!
Geo S
1:14 Rick :D
The Roots Christian Rehab Center Thailand
Nice video.. we always showing this video to our client that love is the best medicine for addiction and Jesus Christ promote Love! if you need help getting out from your environment and recover while on holiday. Please visit our website our faith-based treatment facility is located in Thailand.
Hà Lập An
Damn my addiction is Roblox
Rome Dela Rosa
"Too complicated." -Every Senator
Slender's child
Empress Pierce
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