Eating Dog Treats With My Dogs

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savagekeeper 232
Jenna:it tasts like shit
Me: thinking wtf how would you know but I'm laughing so hard
RosLynn Bowman
Did you get Kermit any Irish spring or dial???
melissini 77
I love how she decides if they like them and their exact opinion on her own
Thea Morse
“Human grade”
I died 🤣
Daniella Olaloko-Mendy
Peach has the same birthday as me
Racoon cat
Aren't there dog treats that are just raw dry freezer meat
Those treats that are like toothbrushes for dogs smell awwwfuuuuullll
Simona Milus
Vegan Jenna ate bacon 🥓
Steph Lou
is she not vegan in this video?
Liting Ng
I thought Jenna's vegan though lol. Was that the most chicken/beef she has had in a year?
Sarah Christine
You’re so brave.. 😕🙁☹️
emily overton
plush friends
How do you know what poopy diper taste like
Pretzels Queen
Gabe Parsons
Peach: spits out dog treat
Jenna: dont just fucking put it there! picks up and eat
Jenna: this is fucking great! This is FUCKING DELICIOUS
Lemon Zest
Sophie A.
This was posted on my birthday and I am so happy it was 😂❤️
Natalie Hernandez
I have the same birthday as kermit
Bree N
Kermit’s first video on his channel
How to torture your Jenna with peanut sticks and jerkey
vegas rice
I read this as ' eating dogs with my dogs '
Ruby Games & Vlogs
Wow the background song is the barney song.
makenna myers
My older brother (I'm the middle child just so you know) whenever we go to the Petco store they have a open area where you can grab a bag and put dog treats in it anyways whenever my brother gets to that area he always eats something and it's pretty gross but he likes the taste of so I dunno? But anyways bye
TeaGreen SeeWhatIDidThere
your dogs are so cute i love all of them mostly peach
Bronwyn Paton
Nasty dodo power it tastes like shit
Forever Alone
Ashleigh Greene
I literally gagged when she ate the canned wet dog treat
Amie Phillips
When Jenna’s dogs started howling, my dog was SO confused
Relax my Dog Golden Retriever
please like and subscribe to my channel
Shannon Contrenchis
Happy Birthday pups...🎁🎈🎂
Jessica Daniels
Jenna looks so pretty in this video😍 like prettier than usual
Shayne Caudill
You know they had the shits after this
I know why peach and Kermit loved the chiken here's why:you have to feed your cermit chicken it helps them grow (lol)
Al Perez
Do this with ad
content not found
The real reason Jenna's a vegan
Emileigh Bristow
How did I not throw up. I was eating during this;)
Donovan Campbell
Now people are making vegan dog treats?? The world is one messed up place.
Malia S. Mills
cute but why tho
Brendan Yeoh
This titile should b called jenna reviewing dog food wittthhh biasity :D
Animal Matriarch
I used to work at a doggy daycare and we had this jar of those cheap assorted bone-shaped doggy biscuits. One owner would come in to pick up his dog and just. Grab a handful of the treats and eat them. He said the red ones (beef flavor?) were the best. No he would not give them to his dog. I have never feared a human more in my life.

Sidenote: I did try a bit of one of those little Oreo looking dog treats they have at petco and tbh it tasted like off brand oreo. Guess that makes me a hypocrite but at least the oreo treats look and smell like a people food.
David Luna
Me and cermit have the same birth day
Artymations Kiba
When I was 10 I would eat all my dogs treats and they were like a bacon treat
Queen Sierra
8:06 to 8:14 Marbles seems very interested and engaged in what Jenna is saying. "Hmmm yes, quite! I certainly do agree!"
Ultronix Extreme
Tastez like Nasty dried Fiesh
The real question is why the background music is "This Old Man"
Yazmina Gresham
i have the same birthday as marbles
Sierra Benson
"You guys like bully sticks and i'm never putting that shit in my mouth"
I wouldn't either, it's literally a fucking stretched, dried, bull penis
Jenna Dugan
I don’t suggest eating when u watch this it’s so fucking funny😭
Ruben Flores
Jenna will stick anything in her mouth.
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