Best Tony Award Opening ever? Neil Patrick Harris 2013

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We think this is one of the best what do you think?

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0:40 Shia LeBouf passed on hosting. I'm so glad
Peter Lohnes
2:52 thats pretty amazing
Cris Almeida
Perfeito! Adoraria ter participado de um musical,mas a vida não quis. Lindo!!!
Jorah Kappler
i'm that kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I regularly come back to this video and every single time it brings tears to my eyes because of how incredible NPH is. I still cannot believe it.
Tinaysha Maree
That was AMAZING 😍😍
Schwanzus Longus
holy fuck this was incredibly awesome !
I love how Debra Messing just looked completely awestruck and stunned when they got her close up...... No one does extravagant quite like Neil Patrick Harris......XD
Molly Fuller
zachary was so cute at the end aaahhhd
He sounds like ronnie drew. The guy at the start. Holy shite.
"that's the definition of a tough act to follow"
Husnain Ahmad
He is legen....wait for it ............dary ! Legendary ♥
And that's how I met your mother.
"And just for the hell of it, Tom Hanks"

Tom hanks: shook
Jenny Milner
He is a machine!
Can't imagine how many times he had to rehearse his lines and movements, jeez
Margaret Bonassar
Did anyone else watch just for the newsies?
Vince McMahon
If anyone out there is prejudiced against gay people, they're way more talented than straight people, I mean we kinda stink at everything. NPH is the goat
Fjola Baldursdottir
He is the awesomeness in broodway
Krizia Marrie Casil
The way all these artists are watching with awe looking turning heads around makes it legit.
He is already a living legend. How the f#@k does he do it?
I hate musicals but that was very good
Wow. Best ever
Todd Fedoruk
Unlike other award shows, the participants at the Tony’s, live to do their thing before a live audience.
Randy Testman
I think this performance is truly superlative---Amen!
Camila Díaz
ni un brillo
Him and chandler bing
Up North
Sadettin Orçin Demiray
legend, wait for it, -ary
Roberto Rivera
Se paso este flaco y quien lo dijera que actuacion me mato jajajaja
Fred Fagungy
Doogy is a Fudge packer :-/
Mojos Bigstick
That deserved a Tony
Bervbel Pomme
I want that Spiderman
Laurent Mussard
Awesomeness made Man.
We've come a long way in 4 years. Yes, now being famous can mean you get a good review.
Tho mas
This is LEGEN - wait for it - DARY!!!
this is the first time i've ever seen this and i have legit tears in my eyes and chills throughout my body... i haven't watched any other openings but if there's something better than this, I think it'd kill me lol. NPH is fucking incredible. wow!!!!!
Arkin Caringal
Every single time that I watch this, I cry. And until now, I still don't have any idea why.
NPH is probably the greatest host to grace an awards show since Bob Hope and Billy Crystal in regards to longevity, creativity, popularity, and overall showmanship.
Brian Orr
Wow!!! ^^ That was awesome and Neil can really sing!!
Mal Owens
This never gets old. Just love it!!!!
Paul Steed
That was incredible
Takemasa Isoda
FRICKEN LEGEN wait for it DARY (im pretty sure someone else commented this before me)
Ride More! Worry Less!
Greatest man alive!!! Love you Neil!!!
Regulus R
NPH might have performed this brilliantly. But it was Lin Manuel Miranda who wrote this song.
Legen - Dary
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