Best Tony Award Opening ever? Neil Patrick Harris 2013

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We think this is one of the best what do you think?

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Tom Ebbs
It's amazingly sad how all these musical live action rejects crave and thirst for's not about the effort they put in, it's about the kiss ass appreciation they get...and to me as a human being that just seems all a bit drilled in, artificial, cold and sad...damn you NPH for endorsing this atrocity of an event, it gets more desperate annually and a lot more annoying...even Jon Hamm and Ken Loach agreed it's an embarassment to the oscars and emmy and bet awards as a very artificially based awards ceremony
Tom Ebbs
Richard Harris and Peter O'Toole are turning in there graves in ireland...abhire this kind of cheesy crap...jeez Jon Hamm is right this is just sad
you do gotta wonder if he gets bored of being so damn perfect at fucking everything
A. Michiko
FB Projecten
This has Seth McFarlane written all over it.
Angus Powell
It is bigger and better :)
Max sch
"I just learned this dance like half an hour ago" - I believe him.
Ian Alvarez
Crop temporary bike decrease judge behave rule fiscal van industrial football read.
Emma Richards
Absolutely amazing
Diana Riverjackson
Who the fuck disliked this
ʜʏʟɪᴀɴ ᴘʀɪᴅᴇ
Well god damn.
bernd lauert
Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist and shouldnt be celebrated in public at all.
soukaina aaouatif
it will be a truly legend wait for it dary show
1:41 that cute little tongue
6:34 thats exactly how i sat here
Talking Angela
It was Legen wait for it dary.. It was LEGENDARY🔝
the tom hanks part :)
Jordan :D
Pentagon Builds - Made for You
This is my dream - to be teenage heartthrob and smurfs guy Neil Patrick Harris.
Tommy Berger
The balls of this fucking guy!!
Antonio C.Saa
Siana Teelucksingh
I've never seen a compilation of so much talent ever before. So incredible!
Rhianna Williams
Seriously, he deserves a Tony for that.
Thomas Torchia
Margaret Davis
I love Neil Patrick Harris!
Sky Vins
this man is a national treasure
Gav Lar
wow that happened
Gunsandrosalina Padtwo
wow I am speachless
Nancy Tram
That was legend....wait for it...DARY.
I wonder how neal deals with being loved by men and women in the same way all the way all day every day.
Balty Dupond-Dupont
Fabuleux !
Lila Janick
Every true theatre kid can be heard sobbing when Neil starts to sing about "that kid in the middle of nowhere"
A Rocket
Me at 1:35: Wait, WWTF! But, but the mic!"
Oh Lordy once again another attempt at hiding white talent....fuck you racist cunts
maj klod
what teh fuck
Magic Manticore
Chills . . .
Hanni Quirós
No words
Ward Nightstone
and the Tony for best Tony opening number goes too...
Joseph Conner
Oh my god he winked when he said legendary
Fpv Orc
OMG! I'm giving this a standing ovation in 2017! Never knew Neil was this talented, blew my mind totally.
Alexander Pechlivanidis
I don't like Neil Patrick Harris and I don't think I ever will. I just don't "get" him.
Matt Smith
Best opening ever!
thats sum how i met your mother things right there
Krystina Estrada
That was legen- wait for it ... dary. Legendary
6:35 - 6:37 pretty much sums it all up.
jammy n
There's obviously nothing Lin Manuel Miranda cannot write, and Neil Patrick Harris cannot perform.
"He danged Diana Ross!"

Me: ded
Harry Todhunter
I love his Tom Hooper dig.
Itz Andrea
he just sang for almost 8 minutes straight. give this guy some starbucks
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