Best Tony Award Opening ever? Neil Patrick Harris 2013

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We think this is one of the best what do you think?

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Anna Zhang
is it crazy for me to say that i only found out like a week ago that lin manuel miranda wrote this??
wow what an entertainment. Thank you tony~~~
Luka Andguladze
holy frig
Jonathan Gudino
tough act to follow
i can see this performance over and over again! Sooo Legen...dary
Hey You
I keep coming back to this
his standing ovation was more than 3 times longer than the amount of time it took him to disappear on stage and end up in the isle...#GOAT
Carolina Vera
KimberlySharee Mulford
Fucking WOW!!!!!!!!
Sdarms111 Doug
That was seriously impressive!
Jordan sheppard
Is it just me that thinks this is what Neil THRIVES off of?
HA! I love Debra Messing's astonished face @6:36. I can't imagine what it must have been like to be right in the middle of all of that!
elodie marie
6:05 literally makes me cry
voyie brister
NPH is THE BEST!! I DON'T See How ANYONE Could've Done Better! Amazing!!
Wow!!! I love this ... Thank you for the upload!!!
I so love this !
Jaz S
Where is his microphone?
Henry King
STunning !!!! That's a golden million dollars act from neil Patrick. I watched this video so many times.
Jay Smith
7:53 wishes he had talent like Neil... Lex Luthor LOL
Antรณnio Almeida
Dayuuummm that was GOOOOD! I'm putting "see NPH on Broadway" on my bucket list.
Mauri de Gooijer
This is my fifth watch in just one day, and it won't be the last one... I can't stop. Send help....
This Naill is really good at singing. I hope he gets famous one day
Gracie Sky
That was..... Legendary!
Still epic... Never gets old.
Can't beat this.
at motel6witmywoes
damn awesome
Kaylyn Owens
If there's anyone else that could pull off something like that so flawlessly, I don't know who it is. Zachary was right when he said that'd be hard to follow.
claudia yessenia giron rodriguez
awesome!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
David van velzen
Neil Patrick for the next oscar opening....(ft tom hanks and lol....fill it in)
Lee Riley
Some celebs jaws dropped. Honestly, I'm not really into musical type stuff, but that was an astounding performance and completely mind blowing. NPH has skill.
Shubham Chandra
Peter Oscarson
Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabriela Cuellar
tingles, tingles, tingles and more tingles!!!
Dan Stock
rieanne lime
Bรกrbara Oliveira
I can't believe I'm watching this only now...
Heru- deshet
All fag review.
Fan XD Square Enix
392 homophobic losers disliked this video
Watch this on x2 speed lmao and 1.5x
Georgia Davis-Bonk
I gave this a standing ovation from my desk in my room it was that wonderful and deserving!
Linda Luks
wow!!!! this was amazing!!!
Gisela Quantum
who the f*** disliked this?!?
3:26 nigger :)
asordid reality
Sounds like a tune from Family Guy... did Seth MacFarlane have a hand in this?
Clement le Roux
This guy is awesome!
Crash Bandicoot
No one can top this
Matthew Nelson
When Tony Award regulars are in shock you know you've done well
Matthew Nelson
I only just found this... and please just have NPH do Tony openings from now on? thanks :-p
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