Best Tony Award Opening ever? Neil Patrick Harris 2013

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We think this is one of the best what do you think?

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Lisset Iglesias
i am that kid
Hill m
6:36 is all our reactions
PTX D. Luffy
I watch this everyday.
Summer Mackaaij
Eric Packer
I've watched this video a dozen times and will watch it many more times. Thanks NPH for giving the performance of a lifetime. Thank you for all the performances given over your lifetime thus far. Please keep going from all of your fans, we wish great things for you.
Pendekar Mustarrr
Lagend says that he is still hanging there till today.. šŸ˜‚
Joeri Van Meer
I dont like musical but this was fcking epic.
The Ultimate Reductionist
Anti-climax: having to hand out awards after THAT.
ima cheetah
Even in a disney animation movie I hve never seen anything like that. Just a complete artist like Neil can handle something that "big".
Usa Kiri
Isn't anyone gonna mention how red NPH's neck become when he began singing? Is it just because it's hot moving so much in a suit or he's nervous and trembling inside but manages to hold that super awesome opening?
Sang Nguyen
So talen....(wait for it) Ted. love you man! what a fast rap. I'm sure he can rap with Eminem too.
Zachary George

WAIT so can I

Go subscribe
slash slash
Is he funny? Wtf
The Best Opening ever! made me wanna cry in the end.
Everglade Prosperity
yes....and by a very long way
That's the best ever. I don't think it's been topped
(HE wrote this)
What a great celebration of life!!
Jonathan Lin
Not that this matters but... at 4:00, the redhead little girl messed up. She was going the opposite direction as everyone else. Yeah. I have no life.
7:05 He's thinking "neiled it !"
Are there any sound technicians that can explain me how they miced him?
Ginger Boy
1.50 legend- wait for it and I hope you're not lactose intolerant cause the next part of the word is.... Dary!!! Legandary!
caveman Versace
I'm not American, can someone tell me why spiderman is there?
Annie Mulvihill
Damn I wish Nph was straight
Lucas Maas
where the hell is his mic?
"Well, that's our budget. Goodnight!" lmao
Nuno Goncalves
Nailed it!
Why is no one mentioning the fact that Mike Fucking Tyson popped up randomly during this show
2013? How had I not heard of this before, this is the very definition of Legendary! (HIMYM S04E06)
Wrorf Viking
This is like a real life Disney song!
BĆ”rbara LĆ³pez
Emi Lizzy
why am I crying
Shana Proctor
Maroin Joundi
what the hell man,that was...well...ehm...big,really big
Mihika Samant
Hands down the best award show opening ever.
Rideshare Commando
I honestly don't see how they could top that, in future years.
Tom Hanks's reaction makes this XD
Clyde Ryan
music meister
Abi Alston
Nothing will ever beat this. NOTHING.

J W.
Freakin' Awesome. PH is so talented. Musical are great. Thanks for the vid.
Larry Ousman
Alan Robertson
What a man - fantastic!
That was incredible!
Lu Hyuga
LEGEN---wait for it---DARY .... LEGENDARY
Zeek Xekri
When i hear his voice all that comes to my head is Mordin Solus, From Mass Effect 2.
colston -
i was emo throughout this whole thing but when he started talkig about that "kid in the middle of nowhere" i got even more emotional because i am that kid??? and wow this was beautiful
why is no one commenting on the fact that NPH said Nigger at 3:23?
Anne 7700
Thanks Lin-Manuel Miranda for this!
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