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He even looks like a tony award statuette
CakeDevil 275
If you thats the best opening you obviously haven't seen James Corden"s
06:25 "So let's create the biggest spectacle we know" ...and they fecking did 💖 #NPHforPresident
Van Hamilton
Did he write his own bit, if not anyone know who did?
Mistycat . M
Remember my comment in the sea of how I met your mother comments
Mistycat . M
Theses comments are basically what I live for... In other words it's HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.
Mistycat . M
Barney can sing???!!!!?
LEGEN...DARY! I love this guy so much!!!!!!!!!!
Dan Satter
Doctor: You only have 8 minutes to live.

Me: 0:00
Pooja Jeyakumar
That was so good omg I got goosebumps why am I just now seeing this 😫
Lucy Engman
I love him
Miguel Duarte
And that's how your uncle Barney opened the tony awards
Mike Chen
So deal with it!
Mike Chen
I wish no one go to hell but homosexuals are the tops in line!
Mike Chen
The bible tells us no homosexual will ever see the kingdom of heaven period!
Team Valor
MIKE FAIST?????!!!!!!!!!!!
Barney Stinson, you son of a bitch.
mino d
How the fuck did that magic trick even
Renzo Martinez Ramirez
I like the part when all say " GO NEIL GO!!!" :3
Mike Chen
Going to hell!
Mike Chen
Aubryella Otero
Of course he said legendary...
Patrick Reimann
I really like how geniunley happy and blown away Neil looks when everyone gave their act a standing ovation. It really speaks miles about his person.
Sophie Chen
He has truly outdone himself!
Karla Ramirez
It's 2017 and I still don't know how he disappeared inside the box and then appeared in the middle of the aisle dancing and singing with the Newsies.
absolutely amazing:D
Toni Torocco
Kevin Spacey 2017!
Sam J
How the hell did he get to the audience that quickly?
Sam J
This is great but I like James' better
Depressed Noodles
One of the best seasons evee
Caitlin Kershaw
everything he said was a...

true story
harsvini harsh
happy birthday neil pattric
Delany Davis
This man is a KING
Alejandra Rodríguez
Still the best!
Nurlinda F Sihotang
great job Neal!!! you really cacth that theatrical spirit...all those charades, and all that kill-yourself-but-the-show-must-go-on attitude of theater actor and artist (very clever snide to those lypsincer). you sure steal the show!
Mahan Lagadia
im sorry i only got into broadway last year... WHICH SHOW WAS SPIDERMAN PART OF
I like to watch this five times a day
Debra Messing at 6:35 is legit all of us... even now 4 years later!
Barbara Thygerson
Andrea Atwood
Surberbly amazing!!! i just have no other words!!!
richard darby
even if you think theatres gay this is truly awesome
i'm sure you guys know that LMM wrote this one and scored an Emmy for it
Charlotte D
wow there was a lot aof kids in shows that year XD
Amanda G
When I found at Lin Manuel-Miranda wrote this I wanted to cry.
All Things Animals
I'm shook
angela mendoza
And that kids, is how your Uncle Barney made the Tonys LEGENDARY.
lina maria Bermeo
best ever!!!
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