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Here you can see the best engine modification on 2000hp+ in cars 

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Como cuando tienes un Supra 200 HP :D Pero no es legal en la calle D':
AH Glasher
A false thumbnail is lying and insulting! I'd also insult my own integrity if I clicked another Car vs Car or left without giving you a Thumbs Down.
Marcus Monette
He got a lot of the car Nasir's wrong lol
Donnovan Mason
i had to thumbs down because 3 cars it's not 2000hp
Nik Hals
6:17 the mans elbow looks like the big belly of the man with the camera
Ass hole shitty video, i feel sorry for ur desperation for views on ur crapy videos .
Matt Mallam
click baiting fgt cunt
Iketani Koichiro
good video disliked because the thumbnail is clickbait
marco clay
click bait
Muhammad Nur Hakim Saharudin
the thumbnail car is coming at 2090 lol
Andrew Easton ヅ
where is the car on the thumbnail ? ! ? ! wtf I need to find that car now! fk.
Adrian Vargas
none of these cars are any where ducking close to the horse power you claim SMFH that supra was 800hp tops and the vette maybe but 2000hp? GTFOH
your power is enough when u get wheelspin in 4th gear in an awd car on the dyno
brandon woodford
click bait
Jonathon Roman
there is a lot of horse power in those vehicles i like that
Speedy 212
and @ 2:00 kids is why you warm your tires up(burnout) before you race.
lol all these ricers no way they are at 2K Hp, maybe some of the big V8's bu even them more like 1200 HP if they are lucky
zombiekiller 20
a car with 2000 hp is not even possible you notice how a 2000 hp dragster has only the roll cage the body frame(which is super thin) and the engine and intake and everything else. these look like cars that have been suit up and that is all. or half of them are ricer cars.
afox forever
Thumb nail picture is fake!!!!!
Ruben De Yoly
fuck your clipset!
yummy foods
hey man are you interested to hear my old Silverado lol these shitty car's arenjothing for my baby
magnum do paliozinho top
Tommie Fisher
no way some of these cars make 2000+ hp.
"..smells so good." love that :D
Miguel Iniguez
5:00 poor clutch
Wrote in title 2000 hp + , show less than 2000 xDDD
Maximus Juannes
Prototype Gaming YT
Shane Ramirez
love the blue "camaro" at the end.
Chris Edwards
thumbnail fools me again
jason truong
thumb nail failed or this is a plane?
Alexander Crumby
Anyone notice the promod mustang not camaro
John Z
Joining the others, lose the thumbnail. Anyway, there's some cool cars in the video, especially the black 68 Charger,, luv it BUT I have a question for anyone else reading this,, am I the only one absolutely unimpressed with watching an obviously high hp car roast the tires? It's nothing any 500 or less hp car can do so why do it? Our '63 pro street nova (look in google - "quickdeuce) could blow the tires off just like these but I NEVER did that,, felt it kinda dumb to cook loads of miles off a $400 set of Quiktimes or M/T's just to do a smoke show. Anyway my rant for today is over,, I suppose roast'n the weenies just falls under the heading - "different strokes fer different folks" - or - "what ever blows yer skirt up" eh :-) Thanks to Car vs Car and YouTube for sharing the videos!
Sam Groen
there are 7 cars without 2000hp+
Chicken Chicky
your fucking clickbait
1:22 is that GT-R burning rubber while dyno run? :o
Ty Brown
6:34 too bad thats a mustang
Brandon Rose
did anyone notice the mustang that was being called a camaro or is it just me
Getting sick of click-bait. So your video sucks.
nela gordon
The last setup looked so nice
your so putting random horse power numbers on all these, you have no idea what HP these cars have do you.
2000 hp out of a ricer? yeah right, more like 200 hp
Car vs Car
I like sound of Supra the most, bud i would choose Nissan GTR. What would be your choice?
David Ghattas
wow marvelous cars 👍
Sounds like shit
Flatros QQ
Garage Auto
jadore les voitures de sport
Эдгар Кузьменко
z06 is amazing
only 2jz
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