Giant Snake Fights a Porcupine

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This huge rock python tried to eat a big mean porcupine; this is Trending Tuesday !

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7.Sabre-Toothed Fish

6.CSI Loch Ness

5.Missing Teeth

4.Signs of Life?
Fast Radio Burst -- or FRBs -- were first detected by astronomers more than 10 years ago.  And the sporadic bursts of cosmic radio waves have proven to be a puzzle ever since.  At one time it was thought the phenomenon was of human origin, but we’re told that theory has been disproven.  The idea that the bursts might be indicative of alien life trying to contact us night not be so far fetched … because scientists in Australia have confirmed the bursts do originate from outer space!  That’s based on studying three FRBs using the Molonglo (moe-LONG-lo) radio telescope near Canberra (KAHN-bare-uh).  The telescope’s huge collection capacity was used in conjunction with highly sophisticated software to pinpoint the origins of the three FRBs.  Telescope data confirmed all three bursts did originate from outer space.  It looks like ET might be phoning home … should we pick up?

3.World Wide Wall
Did you know there is a massive wall located beneath our oceans?  That’s according to a video posted by a YouTube channel named ‘Flat Earth Arabic’.  The mysterious wall is said to stretch for tens of thousands of miles and was detected on Google Earth.  Those in favor of the wall’s existence argue that it cannot a natural formation because of its sheer size and linearity.  Others counter that the anomaly is simply the result of a satellite image stitching error, resulting in a type of digital seam. That can occur when there’s a glitch in the process of assembling multiple photographic images with various fields of view …  to produce a high resolution image.  But if it really is a massive wall, then what was its purpose … and who could have built it?

2.Do Not Disturb
North Sentinel Island is located in the Andaman (AN-duh-mun) Sea, southeast of the Bay of Bengal.  And the Indian government has made it illegal to approach within three miles of the island.  That’s because it is home to a tribe known as the Sentinelese (sen-TEN-uh-leez)…who are thought to have inhabited the island for at least 60,000 years!  Rare footage of the indigenous people was captured recently for a documentary … and it’s one of the few times outsiders have attempted any sort of contact with the Sentinelese (sen-TEN-uh-leez) since the 1960s.  Prior attempts to communicate with them have been met with a hostile response … including efforts to provide them assistance after the 2004 tsunami that tried to drop food parcels.  A tribesman fired an arrow at the helicopter at that occasion … and they are known to respond similarly when any low flying aircraft approaches. The tribe has also gained a reputation for killing intruders on sight after taking out two fishermen in 2014.  They were illegally fishing in the area when they drew too close to the island’s shores.  But experts say that whether it’s a friend or enemy, any intruder will likely be greeted with spears and arrows.  The Indian government has since made it a crime to attempt contact with the Sentinelese (sen-TEN-uh-leez).  That may actually work to the tribe’s benefit.  Because they’ve lived in isolation so long, experts think they could be highly susceptible to diseases like the flu or measles.  Because researchers estimate the tribe’s population at no more than 500, they might easily be wiped out by an epidemic.  Did you know, many experts think the Sentinelese (sen-TEN-uh-leez) could be directly descended from the first humans who emerged from Africa?

#1 Spider v Porcupine
Points Taken
We recently ran a story on Scary Saturday that involved a rock python eating a porcupine -- and the quills eventually killed the reptile.  Now we found a similar scenario that took place at an undisclosed location in Brazil.  A boa constrictor there had apparently tried to eat a porcupine … and while we don’t see the actual attack, the results are clearly shown -- and the snake was the worse for it.  It is shown with a massive amount of white quills impaling it.  Footage depicting the gruesome scene was posted online.  Stills from that video are a bit blurry … but there’s enough detail shown to make you recoil at the sight.  The critter writhed in agony in the video, which lasted for a couple of minutes … but we don’t know the exact outcome of the story

fuck this video
Spirit Haunters
I love your videoes you are awesome
Jaden CM
Lmfao don't think we missed your citation of the flat earth society. Fuck you.
fuma seven
bullshit clickbait video.
what an asshole
Bryan Zafra
That snake didn't attack no porcupine...he straight up evolved!
C. Goodman
I feel a Mandela effect coming on ugh.
j d
i hope somone helped that poor snake
Jj Wg
fake title..bad
Chad Rushing
The outcome of the story is the first recorded screaming snake poop ever.
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i will give u anice dislike
video has more dislikes than like, cos its SHIT. Its just pictures and a voice
Ntr Htp
Good for that fu*king snake, the bastard got what he deserves :))
Sophia Vilchis
this is not even what the title says the is not what I expected And BIG THUMBS DOWN 👎👎👎👎👎
Your accent is fucking insulting dude.
I just can't bite into a tomato
Serjio Blockus
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T. Rigger
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Obvious pseudonym
I don't care what content you make but if you title the video on something that gets about 2% of the video time, I'm gonna downvote it.
This channel is shit
Eric Rodriguez
and of course the snake part is at the end. 😐 👎👎👎
Reaper man
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Cyberat Rodent
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The Kuroyami
Tina Tyler
I will be needing it is 2000 of those fish that can make you feel like your own opium and I will also be very happy to see any snake killed by the porcupine
Pink Sheep Is_BOSS
# 8 I KNEW TOMATO WAS A FRUIT!!!!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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I think trump built the wall
Temprel Storm
Sure is a lot of clicker bait trash on youtube now.
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I subscribed
I came to see a snake and a porcupine mauling each other. Disappointed.
Groot Stewart
You call this a video?You suck. Fuck you
Northwestern Aviator
I love this video and I have liked and subscribed to you!
Alek Rudy
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This has to be one of the most cancerous channels on YouTube.
Ilogical Thinker
Where's the original guy who done the video
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I'll save you the trouble won't see the snake until the end then it fuckin died LMFAO
Boon Vang
Go play in traffic your video is bullshit
Mr. Epicbrownie
What country are you from?
Elijah Hope
This is so retarded I thought it was an actual video. I hate click bait
lil boat
If the loch Ness monster was real don't you think he will be dead by now think about it's been a long when they took the first pic
Fukushima wouldn't have any thing to do with the fruit.
Blake Flame
the walls purpose was to keep out the Mongolians but they still got around
What sort of moronic accent is that? It's definitely not Aussie!
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poor snake, i want to take off the needles from it u.u.
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