I Dare You: ULTIMATE WEDGIE! (ft. Justin Chon & David Choi)

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Andrew L
I dare you to eat lemon with soy sauce and siracha.
johnny flo
I dare you to shave half of both of Your eyebrows
Hari Menon
6:20 lol BTS
Doodle Bot
ARMY anyone?
Jack and David
I dare you to let someone for free
His underwear wentt flying
Johanna Bruhns
I dare you to drink a cup of everyone's piss
Charlotte Gilani
I dare you to drink each others pee.
The random people down the street looking at grown men running with a blue rope atatched to there butts. Well....
captainNDG Vlogs
I threw up at the Mayo toe thing
Kelly Bian
12:29 to 12:40 when you have long hair and your hair so knotty
Ash Cinis
I dare you to run doen the street naked
Vanjinathan Games
I dare you to cut some of your hair and eat them
Justin is such a disgutsting weirdo. Am I the only one who finds him attractive? xD
Tae Mizuki
Best episode. Hands down
Johnson Zhou
Holy shit, justin is so gross
KPOP Lover
foxtrot 2203
0:09 that laugh.
Toxic Arrow
I dare you to put tape on your eyebrows and have the person to your right rip it off
Dave Occhio
Whoever recorded at the beginning had to look at Justin's butt
3.5, 3,

Ryan, why even try? 3:23
McDonald’s in the kitchen
clouud washer45
"I can see disease" My mom when she goes in my room
Varun Mehta
I dare you to get shot with bb gun
Harry Carnahan
8:01 king Jon un
Hazelle Time All The Time
So.....David doesnt know what a window frame is.......
Hazelle Time All The Time
Wow Davidz got them " Viddas"
I’m extremely uncomfortable and disgusted. Oh well🤷🏻‍♀️
dude disgusting
Christian guerrero
I dare you kiss someone to your right for 10 seconds
mr savage
Dear Ryan can you poop on your friend's head
Do a belly or a flip into I big tub of Legos
Undead Bat
I dare you to get dragged head first from the top of the stairs to the end, by each person.
Amy Rodas
I dare you to backflip from the highst place to the pool 😈
Nyah Chan
I can't believe MirandaSings got a fucking Netflix show...
Seal bait
I love Justin
tchoco chips
He is SO kinky😂😂😂
Persona Lio
I dare you to give yourself two points in addition to points given to you by other members after you lick the tv remote and space bar on a keyboard.
Steven _TH
this episode disgust meee ewwwwww
Mohamed Mahfouz
I dare you to take your shirt off and get slaped by everyone on the back
Karolin S
I really enjoyed Justin, I wish he could be in I Dare You again.
Milo Wong
Mustard wet willy
2:05, I got one... two three four five six seven eight M's in my bank account
Christian Ordonez
"I Dare You" reminds me of Jackass for some reason
Lyla Patricio
I dare you to kiss Marleys butt
ethan maxwell
I dare you to get tazzed in the butt bare skin
Riley Lawson
Do a mega mega weagy good luck sucker
zee fedak
summer osullivan
Will is so handsome
Pusheen Kitty
I dare you to have the person to your left hit you in the butt with a baseball bat OR wear goggle with water in them the whole game. Your CHoice.
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