Hailey Ann
lol yep
Breanna Mugford
They are so cute together
Olipril all the way man otp
Suzette Waller
Oliver is pacing like any new daddy, she's a pro. And the baby will be loved by both
Jermaine Ho
So, giraffe likes to sniff each others' butts too?
Vicki Kent
Help! How do I get April on my FB????
kraftyfox farms
he smells her backside and looks up and says, yep, i tapped that.
Christie Anderson
Oliver singing: "Hello from the other side...."
Dora Hernandez
Did you all notice how she wasn't wagging her tail in beginning but when he came in, she has kept wagging her tail. She was happy to see him.
Theodora Paz
Oscar was at her butt telling the baby to GET OUT ALREADY LOL
Georgie Celli
Love these two❤❤
Cathy Ridings
Love watching April and Oliver having fun together
Maria Moore
Is the baby born yet???
Bella Finchelli
i hope april has baby soon
Kia B.
April girl your baby is going to be 5 when it comes out
StarDazing AJ
This is so ADORABLE! <333 I wish I could a giraffe in real life!
Isn't technology great. Being able to watch wild animals in their natural habitat?
They look like they are pretty good stall cleaners---I'd hire them LOL!
Olivia Chavez
How often do they let them outside a walk around?
Karin Brown
Typical male!
Allison Harris
What is that grey or black stuff on the floor?
Vikki Trautner
Adorable they are together. They are the only 2 giraffes at this Zoo, so they are for sure Family. Cant wait to see the Calf!! Wish it would decide to enter the world. :))
Micah Beckendorf
omg she is pregnant
Krista Mott
They taste the female's urine to know if they are in heat.
Pple it's just how animals react to each other and Oliver IS a male. So males are going to do what males do. That's all. Nothing new. 😏
Kaylee Smith
At like 1:10 Oliver was checking out her rear end
Sissy Gibson
she so cute
Laurel Cook
Oliver is like "sup son or daughter?"
bipolar disorder
I know these two animals are bringing the world together.
Bionic Braylon
oliver : I'm hrungry!!!!!!!!!! (walks to April's food and water place) awww!!! its empty!!!!!
Valerie Gordon
He knows she smells different.
Right to her food and water place! Just like a male!
Chicken Soup-FLU
is that normal for her to pee on his nose?
Corissa Pizzella
oliver got a golden shower lol
Diane Vitanza
He says i know my baby is in there .
squad 1000
love this
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