People Instagram Like Kim Kardashian For A Week

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"She's like the Michelangelo of Instagram."

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Sam Stryker's Instagram
Ella Mielniczenko's Instagram
Kim Kardashian West's Instagram
Rachel Kang's Instagram
Kuwilileni Williams-Hauwanga's Instagram
Kane Diep's Instagram

When U a Kardashian/Jenner Fan ALL DA WAY
"Blood Sweat and Tear"

apple crumble
Mika Diaz
Arif Hussain
when he said blood sweat and tears it remind me of bts
didn't someone already make a video like this??
dreaming awake
blood sweat and tears 😢 BTS 😢
I should stop now
Grace K
This is fascinating. I can really appreciate the art, and the process of these photographers.
kbs sunflower
Kane is very good with filters.
Jemuel Gonzaga
i hate the asian girl
Kim kardashian looks like the female version of that guy in star trek who makes this weird symbol with his hand
Die Wlanlose
which Filter did he used😢
Amber Rose
Who else slowed the video at the end and tried to do the filter on their phones??
Jessi Quinlan
wait......kane KILLED this challenge
chill out
Ok but what did she use to edit
Allie Chem
What filters is kane using bro
Olivia Talmadge
this is wild because i follow ella on instagram and didn't really notice that this was happening while it was happening, but now i look back and there's like, a really stark contrast between the pictures from this video and the rest of her photos. this whole thing is a super cool cultural phenomenon like kuwilileni put it and i'm so here for it (also happy 4 u ella & hannah happy anniversary)
Maria Erika Pamisaran
The black girl is so hippy
Laiah Clay
People Snapchat like Kylie Jenner for a week
harriet the flower
did he say pleb like "pleeb"
taehyung's singing voice gives me lifeeu
"blood, sweat, and tears"
me: wonhae manhi manhi yaa
Kane, you are KILLING THE GAME with your videos! they are always so thought out and well planned. I really appreciate the thought provoking dialogue you include. You have been a wonderful storyteller. keep on making these fun videos that truly have interesting insight and social commentary!
"A organic moment that was captured" I hate it when they use a in front of a word that starts with a vowel 🙄
Fleur Mertens
Value intelligent likely pkgakgp discrimination no wonder careful dirty.
exotic peaches
I just wanna know how they did the pictures
Maggie Zeng
I wanna see the blood sweat and tears-
Me: sweats nervously
Me looks around
I am ashamed of myself because I didn't know that Ella was gay cries
Fati Alaoui
are they serious?
Aira Pogi
Just stop with the bts thingy okay. tf
Panic! With Twenty Øne Crybabies at the Discø
Hannah and Ella are dating? omg yesss 😂😂
Bongau Master
did they spell confused with a K?
Kane slayed it
Aliya Hannah
Hey boldly?why don't you start a contest among your viewers...We might feel more connected to each other.
like this if u think we should do this😅
Parawhore !
No one actually achieved the original except Kane and the black girl( I don't know how to spell her name and I didn't want to be rude and misspell it.)
Daniel Smith
0:26 his face is like "b***h please"
can someone please explain the filters?
Mr 3 minute and 1 second
Mr 3 minute and 1 second
When you accidentally reference a song without knowing it
amanda gaskill
SC: kekeandrews
Whoever thinks Kim has control over her Instagram is insane! I doubt she had anything to do with the trillions of filters she put on her pictures.
Rebeccah Brungard
Kuwilileni is so well spoken and sounds so knowledgeable every time she speaks. I love listening to her.
The guy who took pictures with his dog nailed it.
you are sick, get a meaningful life,
did he just say bLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS? nae pitam numul~
arie helmig
WHAT?! Ella is gay/bi?
Litost -
if... you don't like kim kardashian ... why are you watching a video .... about ... wait for it. kim... kardashian...
sara_ suzy___
blood sweat and tears
Marie Camacho
Any ARMYS start singing "Blood, Sweat, and Tears"?
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