Omar Abubaha
Dwarf Malone
Juliet Sinklier
Can i live with you!
noah carroll vlogs
Brandon your dope
Josh Son
I love Evan he is the best the best creamer
Josh Son
Why you not going to answer me already she knows what it is
Ronny Vlogs
Logan my dad is Paul 🤙🏼
Caitlin Williams
Read my comments Lol
Caitlin Williams
David Pasillas
That dump dwarf is a fucking gold digger
i wana bead mamba in an arm wrestle
You could have claimed somewhere high to get away but no
Devo Vlogs
logan please get rid of them
Level Up
Play frisbee with a plate and whoever breaks it loses
Fozia Ajaz
aka paul!!!!!!!
Ava Fordham
They looks like the jokers teeth 😮😮😮
Julia Maier
Brendan works so hard, you should give him stuff besides holding a camera. You should give him something nice
Danyalis Bracero
I know
Minigod Fan
I'm getting some grillz
Nathaniel Glispie
Where did you get them
cat Vlogs
Buy some dimend yezzeys
The Mr. Man
white people trying to be black
bruce miell
come live with us.
emma riley
That was a great speech at the end, I love this guy he's so humble 😘😘
Aiden Gibson
Evans my boy he's playin Play Station
Ariana pinter
Logan can u do a q and a on YouTube if u do I dare u to give Evan and I ariana a shoutout
yo you look dope with dose bro :D
Magpie the Banana
Nope Yup
Hey Logan is Jake Paul dead???
corinne peters
You should give me a pair grills
Alesha April
Does anyone know where to get colorful lights like the ones in his apartment
cameron Schmitt
king k edits
buy your a assistant something spiecial
Miguel Williams
"20k on the neck 10k on the teeth this jewellery is literally worth more.... than me"😂😂
Jadon Duty
I live right across from him no joke
Best Compilations TV
When I was editing a lyric video for my channel on Outta My Hair, I realised something funny in the annotations
heather witherell
Love the intro with you both walking down the street just straight pimpin!!!!
If I buy ur mercy can I get free Rolex
Bro Tube
Anonymous Gamer
Evan has siege 0.0 on ps4 •.• oml
PathernexdragonXD Stanton
Sorry logan but you look weird sorry i like u and jake ._.
Bro ! Why do you not bleep out the curse words ? I don't mind :p .
Andrea Herrera
OMG this was recorded on my birthday
Robert Stoudt
fucc the low gang
Evan looked so happy c: XD
Lukas Romero
Who else noticed that dwarf Mamba Is playing rainbow six siege
Marissa Wakefield
Why does Logan always give so many expensive things to Logan then he just asks like a dick to Logan and not care. Like give something to Brendon geez....
Alizae Jones
Logan you have all this money you should be thinking about buying a new house
Sophia V
Can you make iPad cases please
dorito love 1 dorito
Get rid of them there ugly as hell
YamiPolarBearz '
Take those things off
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