Vince Gougeon
don't waste my time with crap like that.
Ayden Schuhler
Number10 I could have Done that and I'm a kid
Wow. That was a great shot by all billiard players.
Rodrick Heffley
"These are normal shots" Its all about the positional play, Not just making the shot sometimes
Daily Dose
teams are not accurately represented...lots of discrepancies!
Could anyone tell me the name of both these commentators?
if I would look just at these shots, I would say I can do them and have done 90% of them couple of times. So i must be a pro. :D
But to do these consistently and when its all up for grabs/ shits hitting the fan or whatever is the correct english saying: this is skill I wont get. :D
Seif Fadly
Wtf very easy shots
Eric Savage
Defiantly going to try these moves on 8 ball pool
Owen Lai
6:18 "must be trying to make it" no shit
Lamia Mahpara
Some of these shots would look really simple on the 8 Ball Pool app because there are guidelines and spin on the app. ‎
Mary Sunshine Tagudin
Actually some are just normal shots im a player lol but unlucky didnt won..hays
Bird Person
sempre que comento você esta vendo
Yakuza Boss
Epic FAIL!!!!!!!!!
Real Talk
Ian Huang
Taiwan #1~~~~~
brother venom trick shot dekhe gaa na pagal ho ja aga
akshay mulani
8 ball pool
(payment सिफ paytm se)
1)5 lac coins@Rs.25/-
2)1 m coins@Rs.40/-
3)5 m coins@Rs.180/-
4)50m coins@Rs.600/-
5)1 B coin@Rs.3000/-
jorge el curioso
16 was finland vs singapore
22 is greece vs singapore idiot :'D
Francis Libron
philippines are also part of the great billiard player!
Elvis Pali
katboo301 Gaming
Can we just take a moment to think how long it may have taken to get these clips. I mean, there are so many hours of pool online.
Rodolfo Gonzalez Rivera
I've seen drunk people make this shots lol
Viirus !!
Lol the 3rd one
I've been playing it for 4 months only, and i have not been impressed by most of them.
5:44 Look at that shot, that I just watched
Thomas 8ballpool
Most of the shots Are not special.
Ryan Duthie
When you're too retarded to play snooker...
XxtreMmE wiZarD
This isn't pool, why are there only 9 balls?
Richard turner
that. is. not. that. cool. because. pool. is. not. fun
krisna harviyana
Great shots 🇮🇩
Greece Minez
Ricky Sulivan
2 👍
Im Cold
Vanessa Pechay
Philippines to go!!!!!
achraf bouaddi
7:28 what is that music plz
1:49 Greece, not Finland.
Lang Thang Việt Nam
That time when you accidentally got a ball in that you weren't even aiming for (this video)
Tyrese battlefield gamer
wtf stupid ass video these are not top shots u fuckhead normal shit
no me considero buen jugador pero todo lo que hicieron hay en los 25 shots lo e echo y no me parece nada impresionante
Dave Bolam-Edwards
Seriously. There are no 50p's on the side and does winner stay on????
hey world, can we finally call it what it is? It's Taiwan. Chinese Taipei is borderline derogatory. Stop being babies, China.
zapp montenegro
i dont see any impossible shots at all
The Buggy Bit
Can someone explain me.. How to use the Spin???
5:25 why is this a top shot that's totally standard isn't it ?
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