Stephen Colbert Calls Donald Trump Jr.’s Tweets An “All You Can Prosecute Buffet” - The Ring of Fire

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Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show, skewered Donald Trump Jr.’s decision to leak his own emails showing how he worked with foreign agents to undermine the 2016 election in order to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, saying that the “nothingburger” Republicans have been talking about has now turned into an “all you can prosecute buffet.” Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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On Tuesday evening's episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Stephen Colbert decided he was going to talk about the Donald Trump Jr. scandal and put it in terms that every American citizen can absolutely understand. Take a look at how he approached the issue.

We did not know what these emails are. We did not know these emails were even real. How would we ever see them? For that, Donald Trump Jr. would have to tweet them out this morning at 11 a.m. What? What are you doing? Who told him to do this? Does he even have a lawyer? Because you rarely see a cop show where the lawyer bursts into the interrogation room and shout, "Keep talking. In fact, tweet out everything you know. Come on."

Yesterday, Reince Priebus said this whole story is a nothing burger. Well, these emails have turned it into an all-you-can-prosecute buffet.

What's brilliant about what Stephen Colbert did was that he used the typical Republican talking point at this point, which is that this whole thing is a nothing burger, and turned it into an all-you-can-prosecute buffet because that is basically what we've learned from Donald Trump Jr.'s emails.

Further down in that monologue he explained even more, admitted that this absolutely was a smoking gun, but he did it in simple enough terms. He explained the issue very clearly, something that the corporate media is not doing, and laid it out for everybody in a humorous way, but in a serious way at the same time. To be honest, that's one of the things that gives these late night comedians that have been absolutely skewering Republicans and the Trump administration, that's what gives them an edge over the corporate controlled media. Because, yeah, they're having fun with it and people are laughing along with them, and whether the audience realizes it or not, they're learning about what's actually happening in this country in very simple terms. That's where they have the edge on this issue.

To be honest, this whole thing with Donald Trump Jr.'s emails, it's not a nothing burger, as Republicans tell us. It is absolutely something. He admits in these emails, if you go through the entire chain, as Colbert explained, that he met with a foreign official, who does have ties to the Russian government and Russian spy agencies, he met with her with the sole intent, and that word is key, of getting information on Hillary Clinton and the DNC. He admitted it. He, like a bonehead, decides to tweet out those emails as if that's going to help him. That is one of the things that people are having trouble grasping and, to be honest, I am too, is why Donald Trump Jr. would even bother putting these emails out there. Was it to scoop The New York Times so that they couldn't report on it?

Well, you punked yourself there, buddy, because these emails are very damaging for your father, for his administration, and for the entire Republican party. You screwed the pooch on this one, buddy. You could have just waited for The New York Times to come out with their piece and then done what you and your father always do, which is say, "Oh, it's fake news." Your party would have believed you anyway. But now, you confirmed the evidence and the evidence shows that you attempted to collude with a foreign agent, basically with the foreign government, and that is the last little connection that needs to be made before we have a foolproof case of collusion at this point.

Contrary to what Republicans tell us, yes, collusion is in fact a crime. Working with an agent of a foreign government in order to subvert American democracy and in an attempt to gain something personally, that is the crime. Very clearly spelled out there, folks.

Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers, Jimmy Kimmel, Samantha Bee, those are the people that are actually doing the best job of telling these stories because they're telling it in plain and simple terms that are very ... it's very much impossible to misunderstand what's happening in the world when you listen to the way that these late night comedians explain it. They're doing a hell of a lot better job than the pundits in the corporate media.

The Hypnotoad
Addicted to Not Smoking
We already have an all you can prosecute buffet. It's called, every single thing Donald Trump Sr has ever done since he became the president!
Notice how he doesn't say Trevor Noah?
Doug Whitney
"Ring of Fire"... sounds like a Gay Bar...
Doug Whitney
4yrs of Tears...
Doug Whitney
destroy your emails with bleach bit and hammers... didn't you learn anything from Hillary...
Doug Whitney
Simple Terms for Libtards
Doug Whitney
Marsha Marsha Marsha...Russia Russia Russia
Rea Ality
Trump Jr. got an email from a British publicist for a Russian singer exaggerating information that did not exist. Jr. was courteous for 15 minutes, after realizing the meeting was nothing. After 9 months, this is all you got???

By contrast, a democrat national committee member flew to Ukraine, and working with the Ukrainians seeking information to use against Trump. This is ignored? How about 33,000 emails destroyed by Hillary Clinton? Ignored? How about Director Comey leaking information against FBI rules? What about Bill Clinton getting $500,000 from a Moscow bank? Not considered? What about the Chairman of the Hillary campaign’s brother, who is a registered agent of a Russian bank? And what about the million$ going to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary, as the Secretary of State, approves uranium being sold to Russia???? History will look back at 2017 the same way we today look at the Salem Witch Trials. The ‘destroy Trump’ crown is pathetic!
4:15 dont forget Bill Maher
btw what if the NYT had proof that the mails were authentic?
Me Davis
Maybe he put these emails out to cover up something worse to distract us
Troy Moore
maybe loreeta lynch could explain it better oh wait she never answers questions. you realize. these people are paid entertainers. dont you
Carole Anne H
Even if this is collusion, that would only prove people in Trump Sr's campaign colluded.

He can't be kicked out of office unless he also participated in some way (even just acknowledging he was aware of it).

But hey, they might find more. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if Trump Sr. tweets that he was aware of this. It would be just like him to incriminate himself.
Marie Jane
Colbert news is always good news :)
Here is the breakdown,
Colbert likes in the rear and is secretly in love with Trump.
mary saw
Never has a Party been so ugly as the democrats. I don't care what and who you have on TV they are a disgusting representation of an ugly party that will bring ruin to our country. I hope you all die of shame.
Kaikaier Meta
Trump is shit. Fire hulu wa
bob holliday
An all you can prosecute buffet. Listen:
Novel Truth
Scumbag Colbert calls Donald trump jr "dad all you can eat my mother " lols
Stephen Bray
The only news republicans trust come from channels that use robot voices.
Stephen Bray
The only news republicans trust come from channels that use robot voices.
Tucker Gary
jr's tweets are enough to send both him and his despicable father to prison for treason.
Lesley Allinson
Stephen is brilliant gettingthe truth that people understand
Denna Thurmond
Apple didn't fall far from the tree!!!!!
Trump Jr.'s tweets show two things - how clueless and arrogant the entire Trump family is, and how above-it-all & untouchable they think they are.
Something tells me they're in for a huge disappointment.
Stout Shako
4:15 Shoutout to John Oliver (even though he's on break) and Trevor Noah, as well.
So because the average Americans can only understand what's going on in this country because they have late night "comedians" talk to them like children on a sixth grade level. This is one of many reasons Americans are not respected around the world. Look at who you are so proudly stating gives you your information about how the country is run. Millionaire celebrities that don't care about "U.S."
Trump is the god of the right-wing. The son Donald Trump Jr, is the sacrificial lamb. There is no way that their god did not know of the meeting but the Republicans will try and convince the populace otherwise. They are likely to succeed in holding on to power in 2018 and 2020 due to the gullibility of the left like Jimmy Dore and Fox/Breitbert etc on the right.
Don Jr. is the abortion that got away
Douglas Newberry
Stephen Colbert speaks to the mindless idiots of America.
Garlic Breath
For fucks sake people, stay on track. Farron is right here about Colbert etc but what do you do ? You just take the piss out of Trump supporters with sad attempts at comical criticism. Use your energy to persuade Trump supporters by telling them the FACTS. They have been outwitted by the Orange Monster, that its` not their fault that they can`t see further than the end of gun barrel. SANDERS OR TURNER FOR PRESIDENT , UP THE REVOLUTION.
rock star
phoebephoebo .sydney
Trump Jr tweeted the emails out because he had no other option by then- Kushner's team threw him under the bus by leaking the emails that the NY post were about to publish. Kushner's desperately trying to get the story out of him lying to security clearance about meetings with Russians before Mueller tells all in court. This whole thing is a smokescreen in order for Kushner to avoid far worse further down the line than the public humiliation Trump Jr's currently getting.
It will be fun to watch when the trump family motto of "I'm rich and Rlaws do not apply to ME" runs into the Courts they have spat on so regularly. Or, did Donnie Jr. do this on purpose to get rid of Jared Kushner? Just asking.
Noble D.
Trump is as fake as it can be!...From the moment he assumed the office, President Donald Trump has been in direct violation of the US Constitution. The President is not above the law.
Trump's "America First" in his mind..."Russia FIRST! Impeach Trump (the biggest joke of the world) Now!
the last wild one
The NYT said told skump jr. they were going to release his e-mails so he did it himself.
Tony Ciano
Questions within
the Media are never answered. She stings with the reassurance that all is not
right, and so she uses gossip, hopeless misdemeanors and stories of rank
understanding unworthy of judgement. In this way, this royal wench, forces you to
be hopelessly rooted to the past, and have no inkling of what to do for the
future. Sitting stalemate with her traitorous compatriots or confused enemies,
political and social adjustments become ever so slight, and so any responses
are unlikely to bring about positive social changes.

The media is
always the fork in the road. Either you go left or you go right, but, in the
end, there is only a limited number of ways to go to solve humanity’s issues;
One: Mind your own business. Two: before you claim judgement on another, take a
good hard look at who you are yourself. Third: If there are major conflicts to
solve, control and maintain, believe in the moment and, if you are able,
capable and willing, be active and do what you can.

The media is the
hugest failure of any kind due to her greedy need to corner and capture the
souls of her sponsors, the global public and, in terms of knowledge and true
wisdom, her own people who, to make a dollar and protect the harlot’s own
personal security, will lie to the heavens until her body become sickly, turns
to grey and disappears from any form of humane humility.

Vanity is the
main weapon of the media. Name brands are the ammunition. Your attention is the
victim. Your innocent wish to criticize others to comfort your uncertainty is
also wishy-washy and you end up just spending too much time or more money, (hard
earned money), that should make you happy. Instead, however you continue living
into the future carrying on believing consumerism, excessive polluting from way
too many cars and forcing others to work slave hours in third world poverty
stricken nations will produce enough goods to keep you going until the end of

Time is now.
This second and every other moment that follows to exist is what life is
absolutely for. Pretend that you know more about life from watching and
listening to some reporter, some main stream movie stars, some overpaid teacher
or engineered protesters, singers or athletes, and all you end up with is the
understanding ( and belief ) that they are better than you are. So, truthfully,
when the media have questions for you to consider, the way to really answer the
question is to use your own intuition, your own personal thoughtful beliefs of
what is the best resolution to make everything work out all right.

Public scrutiny and Personal Insecurity

The Networks, the glossy magazines,

The newscasters with hearts of sand

The movie stars and singers with pride and artificial beauty

Put you in place like a rabbit in a cage while promising you

They know the best to everything.

Your hearts
belong to you.

Your souls belong to God so

This way you will never lose the urge

To keep your mind clear without being vain

And remember that whatever day it is

Keep it that way so that you

Will still be there tomorrow.

News has just become

Movies and television are purely fictitious and

magazine lifestyles
are useless and impractical.

The only way to control the media is to consider

Her lack of integrity, and that her only goals

Are to take away your sincerity to understand that

You are okay, and no one has the moral right

To say anything otherwise.

Read between the lines.

Questions in the media are always unanswered.

Forcing you to believe whatever any speaker claims

Is foolhardy and, as well, recognize how the media is often

Subjected to you by people who have no choice but to

Protect her false crown of make believe and unaccounted for

human reason.

@Antonknebenson ( FB ) Antonio Ciano

Hi,Bring Peace to The WORLD:The Urantia Book,REV:2:17; Our
only TRUE Holy Grail about God and Jesus from The HOLY GHOST:Love, Share, AMEN
Andrew Flowers
I'll tell why Donny did it: The Russians activated the microchip in his head, to self destruct. Since, Donny's head was already empty from snorting a pound of cocaine every morning, he didn't feel a thing!
"You screwed the pooch on this one buddy"! ROTFL!!!! Great Vid!
Lex Nel
If his father thought that James Comey's testimony vindicated him..............the apple doesn't even fall off the tree in this case. Somebody call DJ Khalid, just so he can say " played yourself!"
Great, but the dismissal of the MSM is a bit phony. Ring of Fire is a (hopefully) up-and-coming news channel but this hate on the MSM is reminiscent of Infowars, Fox News and Trump himself.
I think that the MSM in America is something to be proud of. The Free Press have done a great and vital job in bringing and keeping these Trump stores alive. Yes, even Joe and Mika
Ok the MSM have their advertiser's and commercial interests but guess what? So does Ring of Fire.
Bill Grandone
Trump takes his nothing burger with jalapenos---lots of heat.
R Tussenio
This is TROF admitting that it takes them five minutes to repeat what took Stephen Colbert just one minute.
Trevor Noah, he's in there too
All the idiotic Trumps are weak links in the GOP chain, but Donald Jr. is the weakest one.
Lightning 227
The Trump's have to be the dumbest family on the planet.
Johnny Murgatroyd
The penalty for treason in the United States is still death. Just saying.
Perhaps Trump Jr has a plan.... watch this space.
Richard Jones
Steven Bee
I'm waiting for this tweet tomorrow morning:

"Failing Eric Trump is FAKE NEWS. Sad. Believe me. Tremendous."
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