Cyem Luke Valente
This is the things that you watch when there is nothing else to watch. It just appears in your recommended list.
sylvain brethes
thanks for that video , just all in all... not sure why number 2 is ... number 2..
I don't understand pool. Can someone explain why the shots that don't go in are so good?
Hector Duran
Team New Zealand has a Filipino player 😊😊😊
I wanna see these dudes play some 8 ball pool on iMessage then we talking 😂😂
x mic
The magician can do better
Sky D
Trash shots. U call that top 25. U need to rethink the irders and plus ive seem better. Newbie4lyfe
Gilian Kempers
wat een graf accent
Kasper Vestergaard
Damn one of the commenter has an annoying voice.
Pavan Kumar
This looks like WCP 11 and not 2017
Max Maximus
Jza Crayzschy Dutch
lee zheng han
What are the rules...
Marcos Reyes
Skylar Woodward is a monster
It's hard to get good if you're not playing pretty much on a professional and 100% leveled table which most places don't care about. I've missed very easy shots playing at bars or any place other than my table because peeople sitting on the tables and the tables just being old can make them become out of balance. Even the tiniest bit will affect your game.
Really? The top 25?
this commentator with the dutch accent is so fucking anoying
These shots made my day.. its good to have timer cuz it adds intensity
Angel Villicana
Them Chinese niggas are good
Alex Spuggie
Most of these aren't that special. Only really the 3rd last one is special.
asif mallick
This game is a joke such a a easy game if u play snooker
Jakob Pickens
These aren't that good some🤷🏻‍♂️
Dùbhghlas Gaius
8:36 "this yummy man is pretty good"
Richard Reuben
Cut Karner...
so snooker referees are also refereeing pool as well...
likcom poop
check out this channel :
Henry H.
Funny thing: the commentators actually sound half-decent in this vid. But if you watch the whole tournament, you know that isn't true.
Boris Martin
Some wonderful shots! Thank you for the effort and upload @genipool14
spec dot
what is the music / song called played at the end ?
דן אפריאט
amazing genipool14!
Bruno Bernardo
6:15, best shot for me. Simply amazing and perfect.
Ian M Cage
lol, a few thumbs down! haha, what's not to like y'all?!! dang...maybe they were expecting batminton
Kenneth Regalado
thank you genipool
Hamzah - Ksa
Number 1 is a fluke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grace DeDiosa11
Philippines and Taipei😍,
What song was used for the outro?
CreeDo Lala
hardest working guy in pool videos, keep up the great work
Halo Halo
oh man, number 4 is a very unpredictable shot
Cao Hai Thanh
The shot by Skylar Woodward is really awesome !!
The cue ball was close to another ball + long shot + combination shot on the 9 = perfect shot of the season
Anıl ww
Who was here before 10k?
Turner 轉圈圈
Again , Thx for upload GP14 !!
Sorry for reupload guys, found couple blots in editing
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