Pineapple 229
am i the only one double tapping the video cause you're addiccted to ig
Nej Tak
Hey it's Kelly,...
Kelly baker
Kaiya Jones
I'm surprised the girl who gets her brows threaded seemed to be in the most pain. I thought threading was toward the top of the list for painful brow methods.
Riley Nieschwitz
Isn't it not good to put makeup on after waxing??
They look so nice because they are fake because she filled then in
Araceli Harris
shoulden't apply makeup right after a wax, could cause infections and blocked pores...
Julia Dia
Please do an eyebrow threading vid
Skittle Trash
Seinaru Chan
Haha leave trimming to a pro, even tho I've done it on me and my friends, so am I a pro? I should charge people because I do people's brows a lot.
"Trimming is something that should be left to the professionals"

Bree Jean
I actually think the brows look really good! Yes they are somewhat blocky and 'instagram-y' but I think they just look out of place because the girls aren't really wearing any make-up. A simple brow gel would have been more appropriate for an everyday look but that in no way means their eyebrows looked bad! They would have looked great had they gone for a full face of makeup,
"Trimming should be left to a professional. Trimming is hard to do on yourself"...I think some of you professionals have let your qualifications get to your heads 🤣
Milly Gomez
I'm obsessed with Kelley !!
I don't have enough eyebrows for this.
Lupita Wolf
The makeup made their brows look too close together lmao
phebe palmer
But why is she putting makeup on freshly waxed skin? That's a recipe for a break out
Huilan Huang
Is waxing better than threading?
Eunbi Hwang
this kelly baker girl looks like sasha pieterse
Jada Alston
Why is everyone complaining in the comments? If the girls like it then who cares if you don't.
1:17 The correct term is conducts.
Mia Flynn
I got me eyebrows waxed and I'm only 12😂
Lietuva Talinn
Francesca is so pretty
Vienna Blanche
I'm thinking of getting my eyebrows waxed. For real, my eyebrows are slugs with bald patches.
Vienna Blanche
I'm thinking of getting my eyebrows waxed. For real, my eyebrows are slugs with bald patches.
Rockin Robyn
Yeesh..that concealer needs some blending..
Tayyaba Rajgarah
They look so great! But they are kinda filled in.

All and all, perfect.
Emily West
Why would she put makeup on after waxing..? She rips the hairs out of the pores so the pores were exposed and then filling them with makeup...
Your Babe
Sorry for your loss kelly BAKER😭❤️
beatrice lim
why did buzz feed change their Channel names?
Paul plays_101
How are you related to hannah baker
Anime Trash
"It's really hard to do by yourself" yah then why can I, someone who is horrible at brows, do it?
Deepika S.
why is it called boldly
Iss Y
Shay Mitchell is also my fav
Maycie seems kind of annoyed
Twenty Øne Jøsh Duns
I'm 13 and just got mine done it's not that bad just makes u look like a wimp because ur eyes watered
Emily Holland
Did anyone find this low key satisfying?
Anika_ Lea
I'm 11 and get my brows done
Jay Vin99
am I the only one who thought the eyebrows looked kinda fake afterwards?
bitemyheadoff 07
What matters is that they loved what was done to their brows. Thats it. :D
Siva Nova
Macy sounds like Nina Dobrev
Tayte Herschfield
That Asian girl is so stuck up
Korin Alex
People in the comments need to stop acting like they're professionals, the eyebrows obviously look better than before so stop being such jealous fatties.
Nina Ruffing
She mentioned Pretty little liars omgjcbhdvhgfbh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
The music sounds like it was made with garage band loops
Sabrina X
Brov u can totally fill ppls eyebrows can't u??
tea tomm1910
the asian girl is soooo pretty
For some reason I can't stand the square box at the beginning of the eyebrows. It drives me crazy mad, it looks ridiculous and unnatural.
Lacey Fuller
Alison's eyebrows r already fleeky lol
Queen_KayKay -_-
The girl with the freckles was more grateful the others where a lil.....vague and not that surprised Just saying it's my opinion like if you agree
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