The Oscar for Best Romance | Lele Pons

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Keish Marie
That girl did a good Job acting like bella
mukasa jane
romeo and Juliet killed it
puppy lover 101
Oh here use my extenions 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Ashley Rodriguez
It was so funny even my sister laughed 😂🤣
Que gracioso 😅😆
Neilasia Wilson
I like Romeo and Juliet I died from that part
Giana Pina
Give me a shout out pls
Aaliyah Chacon
Aaliyah Chacon
mohammed gad
Rudy Rudy Rudy Rudy ❤❤
Mimi R.M.
You got to see bts lucky you
Rak City
Before the notebook is the best
Emily su
Stephanie Creatives
My favorite one was Romeo and Juliet
Manuel Hernandez
I liked romeo and juliet
Ngoza Mvula
Sore winners😂😂
rosey rasmussen
I love it when she said are you a little to old to be a student
Bri Love
I died at Romeo and Juliet
Karlee Anderson
Grease won not toilet
vanessa birrell
The twilight looks so real
Emily Hosseini
Late squad where you at
Paola Deleon Diaz
Twilight was the best
Tati -chan
The notebook rain scene killed me 😂😂😂😂😂
That one crazy crybaby mixer
Romeo and Juliet was life
SkyFox YT
Aiesha Jhune Morales
twilight is better!
Eliana Santiago
My dads old high school is the old film set for grease and I also love the real movie twilight
I want a puppy like that
Rachel Lps
I love it I see how much people helped and I like the effort you put into this it's was SO good! You can be a actor one day Lele!
Annie Lol
I texted you every day for one day hahaha
survivel world
The forst van dec
Lizzy Smith
RUDY 😂😂😂
xspritzx msp
I like Romeo and Juliet 😂
Thao Linda
Woah lele pons
Bri Lynch
Angeleen Carlos
is that jack puol
Monica C
They should have actually made the movies like that 😂
Dëvïl Bünny
The Romeo and Juliet one was hilarious.
Titanic as Well
iris Brent
It is ander zom
Veronica Zelaya
Ohh no boy be like
Kate Franco
What up with the person
Hey it's Hannah
I liked this vid until i saw you know who
Kush Singhania
Presly Fdrg
Whos watching this from 2017
Presly Fdrg
This is like the miss universe
Akenya Batie
the steve Harvey twist thou
White Rabbit
Twighlight is the best
Ariana grande FAN
I voted fr the note book and titanic
Kaitlyn Stewart
Whoo ever played Bella looked just like her lol
tiffany Perera
Jacob is cuter in the real movie
Katherine Uribe
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