My Thoughts on ASMR

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It's pretty weird.

This is the longest video I've ever made (so far) I worked really hard on it, I hope you like it! If any of the ASMR channels are watching, thanks for making content for me to talk about! 

No, but seriously we should collab sometimes I have the equipment I'm ready to make ASMR videos (except I'm not homosexual the Wikipedia page said that would be a problem...) 

Here's a link to the ASMR 'song' So you can all go like JackMcMuscles comment➤

What's weird/cool is that while I was making this video, more undertale ASMR was created.

Here's a link to that undertale ASMR that I liked➤

Website ➤

Tumblr ➤

Facebook ➤

Twitter ➤

Tapastic ➤

Kayla Jessup
I use ASMR to put me to sleep and relax, there are a lot of funny/interesting ASMRtists out there (avoid the sexual ones it's just too cringey) but however innocent it may be I will forever be embarrassed if anyone catches me watching it lol.
Morgan Harris
Oh my god the end when he called his dad 💀💀
gasp U DONT ROLEPLAY?!?!?!?
U never asked about asmr
Gorjan Dragicevic
norberto jaramillo
its fucking. annoying that smaking lip sound. its like. when a chalk makes that scratch sound its pain in my ears .
DatJockeyFullA JOY
Lmao you were complaining they get loads of views I just scrolled threw that tab on th right and all your videos say 4.2M 6M 2.3M
Animation Attack
omfg 2:52
sm asome
what the fart
sm asome
what the fart
Maersya Mustafa
I dont know why it make me furious when then the lip smacking girl smack her lip. I JUST HATE IT. I dont care if you random readers think im wrong. Cause i really hate it
firefox gaming
I was born on 2008
Charlie Dick
I was watching bob ross with this in the background
Henrik Sunqvist
I'm done whit my life...
Blix Gaming
Whi IT'S NOT TINGLING ohmygod it's freaky
ali selmen
I'm extremely uncomfortable
This video auto-played when I was driving (Don't worry, it was just audio) and I found it so funny I started to cry I had to stop and laugh.Anyways, what I mean is Good Job!
RaichewAble !
They disabled the comments on the Lovely day video
Frisk Dreemurr
I know how to prevent lip smacking
happy hat gaming
asmr haha not funny but meh you are the best i sub and like
I like ASMR but not talking. There's a ton where they just tap on things or crinkle plastic and they help me relax
I love ASMR, but I HAAAATE ASMR where they're talking. THAT part of it makes me uncomfortable. But I like the tingles, man
Supersis 123
I came from asmr
Learn something new every day.. could have lived without knowing this, though XD
zaria 20
the ones your showing creep me out but I watch asmr darling she's awsome
Lindsey Justice
Ún pug kawaii
Anyone else realized he placed cups and containers on the table to shove them off the table? (^u^)/
Bryce Edwards
Yo did you imply you're gay and since you wont answer please somebody else tell me if he's gay
Jake Glez
For the entire video, I did not realize the speed was 1.25. What or who was watching before me a video that required the velocity to be 1.25?
6,666,,000 view.
Kelp Watson
FIRST, for sure this time
Urban Stuff
I knew what it was. It scared me though because sometimes people in the comment section of ASMR vids said it was Satan trying to eat your soul or something.
Lilly Johnson
Lilly Johnson
tea helps BTW
Gaming Geek
if your listening with headphones he puts the sound of "Its extra creepy" in your right ear instead of left
james, you need chapstick, wait 10 minutes, drink some water and stick your tounge out for a few minutes. it works for me. trust
Ryan Taylor
0:56 That could pass as a very corny Waterboy reference
Sexy time
0:55 I think its called drowning.
Wilson Dejesus
i know how u can stop lip smacking ( not really stop just they wont hear it) you just speak loud but farther away then do the audio edits and they wont hear the lip smacking cause its not loud like ur voice try it
Ruby Courage
Screaming_ SealXD
if u wanna prevent lip smacking, then wear chapstick.
hayden tech and vlogs
Jay Lynn4022
bruh the girl made me cringe
SpoookyFTW Minecraft
When you pause at the right moment at 0:26... wtf is that background
Meme Achu
I'm extremely uncomfortable
Olivia jonson
plasma llama
Natalidecuba11111 l
man this video was 9 miniuts and 38 seconds long :/
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