My Thoughts on ASMR

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It's pretty weird.

This is the longest video I've ever made (so far) I worked really hard on it, I hope you like it! If any of the ASMR channels are watching, thanks for making content for me to talk about! 

No, but seriously we should collab sometimes I have the equipment I'm ready to make ASMR videos (except I'm not homosexual the Wikipedia page said that would be a problem...) 

Here's a link to the ASMR 'song' So you can all go like JackMcMuscles comment➤

What's weird/cool is that while I was making this video, more undertale ASMR was created.

Here's a link to that undertale ASMR that I liked➤

Website ➤

Tumblr ➤

Facebook ➤

Twitter ➤

Tapastic ➤

That ending tho
Neeltje Schmidt
You can beat me bobby😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
"You can beat me bobby" James 2016
Josie B
Proud of Ephemeral Rift being in here hahahahaahahh
2:48 i thought this wuz paint friendly
jonatan senica
lol i like u haha nice videos man
GalaxyPlays / Gaming and more
If u drink to much water your cells will explode and all of them will die :/ but it has to be in a short amount of time
Caramel Bear
You can beat me bobby 😣
Paula Holman
you can beat me bobby. 😂😫
Mikaela Hager
haha, this is so good, i cant even
Angelique Grote
Lupa Wolfe
ASMR just makes me feel kinda... uncomfortable
Blonde Anime Crybaby
Soooooo, nwo because of you, I have friends who think ASMR simply is just a bunch of idiots who can lip smack a long time, even though they have never watched an asmr video of actual quality. I guess I'm kind of angry now...
Violet Niccals
Race Ornstein
James, there is weirder shit on youtuber. Like, far weirder. Like, OMG I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT WTF I JUST SAW 2 WEEKS AGO, kind of weird. The same shit that makes me think, HOW THE FUCK DID I GO FROM BLITZ SLIME RANCHER TO insert super inappropriate thing I instantly clicked off of here . That kind of stuff.
By Brynna
Asmr is weird but it's also magical and super relaxing :D
Swaggeh Legend
When I watched this video I was experiencing pain because the noise of the asmr example also you got my recommendation page filled with asmr lol
The most normal ones I've come across involve cooking or crafting (doing it in silence without whispering)....otherwise it's uncomfortable for me because it kinda irks me when people talk all up on my shit
Shiny Sylveon Girl Pirate
OHHHH so that's why in the first vid that i saw was asmr lol
asmr is fucking retarded
Faceless Keeper
Mmm Thmack thothe Lipth. 💏
wolf3443007_ gaming
you can beat me bobby
Freddie O'Hara
The sexiest gamer girls is recommended for him as seen at 1:36
Just stop Just stop
Ben Smith's Brookfield Work Account
Prevent lip smacking. Don't smack your lips but hey your adding a head orgasm to your video XD
Emma Sanders
use poweraid
Jeri L.
you got that video removed from youtube... she was 18, and not to mention that video wasn't harmful at all. and seriously it's not sexual at all. don't assume something because you don't understand it. asmr helps me sleep. sad day. :(
April Bell
I'm mildly misophonic and this really irritated me but I love your vids
Julian Meyer
PAIN IN MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Logan Kid Th
asmr is stupid and anoying
Logan Kid Th
ya that is anoying I have noticed that
Mayo Naise
8:08 just like porn lol
Epic Da Foox
Al troooooooooo stic •—–—•
Don Korb
Coming from someone who actually enjoys ASMR a great deal, this video was on point. It is really, REALLY weird, and to be honest, when I first found out about it, I thought "Wait, this is WHAT now?". And I was genuinely confused as to why I enjoyed it so much. Because it certainly isn't the "erotic" part of it - whenever I see a "girlfriend roleplay", or videos where you see a girl from the boobs down, I cringe really hard. And recently, I actually mainly listen to male ASMRtists. So yeah, there really is something to it.

I get that people find it weird, because honestly, I STILL find it weird. But if you can get past that, and just give in to the sensation, it actually is deeply satisfying. There is a trigger for everyone.

... Fuck lip smacking though. Fix that shit ASAP!
William Reynolds
Okay, ASMR is the sensation SOME people feel. It's more of a feeling like goosebumps running on or in your skin, at least what I feel. The videos are meant to induce this feeling which is sort of relaxing. And FYI, I have no idea where this idea it was "sexual" came from. It's not. If anything I think it's spiritual, like if you hear or feel something that you connect with on a deep level. Sorry, lengthy explanation, but I wanted to say all I could
I like ASMR very much, but I just cant listen to a roleplay video. It creeps me out
Carmina Mena
it,s because it is relaxing
Sapphire Serit
Dude, just lip balm or lip smack your lips. I'd recommend Vaseline...
Ironed Sandwich
ASMR isn't sexual
- olekG -
philipp wilkendorf
I hear it all time
JL Dimayuga
i watch ASMR vids if my insomnia occurs... it works
shout out to ASMR DARLING...
Matthias Ytp
me i like the ones where they're just whispering. its kinda relaxing
Spider Sonic238
how are you're and jaiden's videos so awesome ☺☺☺☺😆
Emperour Penguin
asmr is OK thing. I watch it often at night.
im to T H I C C
wait hold on I thought the age of consent was 12 in the U.S.A.........oh my God HONEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!
[GD] Jorky
7:20 best asmr ever
The FNAF Chanel
I love your vids! ❤️
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