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10 useful and cool life hacks with WD-40
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it is the only thing that kills borer bees
From the official website wd40.com:

Myth: WD-40ยฎ contains fish oil.

Fact: WD-40ยฎ contains petroleum distillates and should be handled with the same precautions for any product containing this type of material.
Israr Hussain
Do you know how expensive WD40 is. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
*G# *J#
I saw a WD40 bottle in the cupboard of mister bean......
David Spin
Yeah, but can you lube a lock?
Rajendra Jadhav
Steve Obee
Its good to get spray paint off cars and trucks won't harm the clear coat or car paint i found this out when some kids spray painted my wifes car and my truck it came off easy spray on and wipe off
German Alvarez
Rick Williams
Great for removing roofing tar from hands
Bob Brueckner
It's also THE ONLY thing that will liquefy roofing tar and make it run right off of your hands when nothing else will even touch it.
When trying to remove a stain from carpet. You shouls "Dab" not "Rub"
bhupendrap Desai
any boule burn during tee or milk making can we clean with wd 40 please reply
You can use paraffin and the like for all of those jobs, at a fraction of the price of WD40!
Dan King
You y
Glyn Stein
Can it remove the smell of WD40?
be careful when cleaning your shoes with it as it neutralizes glue (some old shoes have "glued on" soles)
Peter Randall
Mark Brad
Hey,will it make a good lubricant for having sex when that hole it too tight?????Or you are to big to get into the hole????
Emily Christensen
might as well just use gas lol
Never ever use this shit inside your house.
Unless you want it to smell like a machine shop
I Created An Account For This
I don't understand why you would put glue on a watch face, step on gum on a carpet, or pour ketchup onto the carpet. Also who goes cross-country skiing on their carpet? This makes no sense.
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Gabe s
cleans your cars foggu headlights. I use it all the time
John Doe
I still think we can fix north korea with WD-40. Like if we made a giant bottle of if and sprayed North Korea, there wouldn't be a problem.
Dรกniel Schnรถrch
It also helps to remove scratchmarks from your car (caused by another car).
Jotorobo Gaming
Kills all insects, wasps and spiders. Penetrates and dissolves the organic matter.
so the lawyer will demand that she gets half your money the car the house, and a can of wd40 to GET THAT FUCKING RING OFF!!!!
It's my
Hmmm try the glue on a Rolex then I will be impressed
AIaa AIoo
Key dox
This is the new ducktape
Works great on dry eyes too..the sting lasts for hours...and gay men too, not that theres anything wrong with that
Shashank Bagal
1:17 try again ....pull hard
Shashank Bagal
2:35 candle can be rubed on zip
Shashank Bagal
1:27 you can use water instead
Steve A.
Knew them except shoes thanks,why does everyone have to be sarcastic if you don't want to learn don't watch.
Jake Herd
If your expensive leather handbags zip doesn't work just spray some wd40 on it and ruin the leather but many fix the zip
Tom Bombadil
Don't spray that stuff on your skin. It soaks right through and can cause kidney damage.
Gum and ketchup out of a light carpet without staining.....Yer right.
The Lost
IS TOXIC..., not for kids and animals
alex Bonivart
wow mr.hacker
Taku Ball
One of few hack videos that are actually useful on Youtube unlike most of the other shit ones
Mick Atkinson
Wife is knocking on a bit and gets a bit dry wd works wonders
Vaibhav Satish
what a boon we got as a wd-40 ................right
Mike Martin
WD-40 is like duct-tape. It's necessary for life.
temon birowo
cant you hack my computer myfreind
Rain Pony520
who needs polishers and carpet stain remover when you got WD 40
La Lorraine
But the stuff STINKS SO BAD! Why would you use it all over the house? Surely there are easier ways to clean stuff!
Luan Rodrigo
use wd-40 as syrup on your pancakes~!!! AND EAT --------SHUT UP CHUMP
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