“Slap her": children's reactions

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What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to slap her? Here is how children react to the subject of violence against women.
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Yo, how about we don't just slap strangers, regardless of their gender?
jude redmond
Pizzamaker because I wanna be fat bitch
Should tell her to blow them if they smack her.
Jenita Saira
Those kids shouldn't have bet her because she is a girl, they shouldn't beat her because she is a human and he is a human too.
Do not teach boys that violence against girls are bad , instead teach them violence against anyone is bad.Same goes with girls.
MoonFire Arc
'can I kiss her on the mouth or cheek?' uhhhh... what? say again?
Does anyone know that girl Facebook or Instagram or name?
Romina Brasacchio
Sheena Francel Romero
All people are born with heart..........
Football Nation
It's not okay to slap anyone why only girls
[AR] Ushanka Squad
1:01 u can't see her damn hands
Danica Lee
bet some of them deffo hit their girls anyway when they grow old
Le T-rex Dissident
John cena !!
border collie Sem
These boys are going to be hella hot
"What do you like about her?"
"Her shoes, her hands.."
girls hands are in pockets the whole time
Lou Always
what his name of girl??
Wolf Hoodie
Nazri Bakar
Last part,KISS HER
Schismatic Sci
The boy who said "because I'm a man" understands the true meaning of being a man unlike some men. Notice how gentleman has the word GENTLE in it.
Kristian Dagdag
mod: slap her!
me: .slaps her.
mod: and now kill her
me:yesssssssssssss >killllllllllllsss
You're sexist if you don't hit women :D
cringe 😂😂😂
Coconut Hossen
0.1 boy or I guess dominico looks like girl. Am I wrong? Cause I saw some boys (pretty rare) got that girl look. Is it for the eyes or what!
yaboifelix ツ
I would've knocked her ass out
Wet Shot
I bet they cut out the kids who actually slapped her
Alexa AIP
So if it was a boy and not a girl, they'll slap the shit out of him?! There should be no violence towards anyone, women or man.
funny doge memes
Why is that dude named "Sunday"
Duckling lost in the ocean of comments
Narrator: slap your sis
My bro: YASSSS OMG YASSSS ! slaps

Me: well Im happy for his extincense.
tszchung tang
what is your Facebook name?
I'd Slap the guy who said slap her
lah ju
They r all so cute!
This is Italy at its best.
Viki Paid
this is how you respect wamen
Annie Bretz
"why? because Im a man"
Kayra BlacKBuRNeR
what is her real name after all these years
MrDoggis 22
Dio ti maledica ti spetta uno schiafon che ti impitturo sul pal del muro ti è tu mare cit.vecchietto del 15 e 18😂😂😂
Milvince Lopez
what's the girl's name?
Teddy the Northern Bear
why aren't the kids white?
Selen Kuru
Now, caress her!

Boy: dafuq u sm0kin boi
-slap her !
- no !
- why ?
-beacuse i'm man .
i loved that kid 💕💕
Symmetrix Anime
Slap her!
Kid: Respect Women
Now reverse the genders and see what happens
I woulda slapped dat bitch
Robert Davila
So if the girl was ugly to them, would they slap her then?
Samantha Arce
She is pretty
Chloe megel
I remember when this was on the trending page and it's so fricken cute god bless these kids
Hello World
I'll slap you into tomorrow
Trash can
Why? Cause imma man!
Why would the little boy slap her if she didn't yet marry him, have kids with him, fuck his friend and then claim custody and alimony after the divorce, while lying to everyone he knew about how it all went down. Once she does that, watch how them smacks fly!
john sissyboy
where is it written that it is okay to hit boys?
Ravi reddy
what is the language
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