“Slap her": children's reactions

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What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to slap her? Here is how children react to the subject of violence against women.
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Darth Vincent
Try with fat and ugly girl she would be dead
Ash Fernandes
Stupid video.
chris s
My faith in humanity is Restored..🙏
"Because I'm a man"

Fuck off with that mindset.
Danna Morgan
Imagine if they did LMAO
Arm เด๋อจั๋งกิ๋ม ตาลบัตรตบหน้า
Do you have facebook from girl?
John Doe
Makes me think how unfair politeness is. If a boy can't slap a girl, a girl shouldn't be allowed to slap a girl
Idc Idc
Cringe wth is this video
Silver Savior
They wouldn't even hestitate in India.
Silver Savior
She's fuckable.
Polish Mountain Hiker
dont be against hitting girls. be against violence. thats more peaceful.
They should make a slap him and see what happens
Jonathan Aastrup
why couldnt i be in the vid, would smack the girl outta this world...
Elliot Holdsworth
Why the hell does the little kid look at directly at the camera does he think he will be shot?
2:13 you know its gonna be a hard one
No Name
I love Sweden
This is beautiful
Dasmithnoise S
At 1:21 felt her face what in the world😭😭😭😭😅😅😁😀
Jasmine Thai
You can't slap me because I'm a girl? How about I be a man like Mulan and slap you on the a**
Hitler is Love
If they try try this in America there would be no more girl
LPS - Hevostyttö
Wtf i just watched?
Alexandru Jugureanu
Yea well that's fucking sexist

It should ve said "slap her ass"
Unix music
"Slap her...Slap her hard." 😂😂😂
Mr. Brovo
Che schemo. Sei stronzi. Tutti.
Алихан Калыкбаев
She is so beautiful girl:)
Whats wrong with modern day feminism.
HAZ 0110
I'm 16..Sometimes I felt sad for my generation. The previous generation keep pointing their hand toward us because we did something bad or some criminal...but they don't realize the reason we did that because of the negatives environment we use lives and the way you taught us not to do bad thing and just be kind but why you go out and do the things that you told us not to do? Please make your words reflecting what you teach us in school! STOP BLAMING MY GENERATION!
Lheidy In Pink 27
, I've watched it many times and still... it makes me cry as always ❤
EGcrazyhair Gonzalez
If u pause at 2:17 in my opinion that kinda looks like a face Andrew Garfield does
what language is this?
Next time have the girl actor hit the boy in his natural environment and see what happens. A woman hits a man and she better be ready to get smashed
Women can hit man. Why? YES THEY CAN. Because most women arent strong enough to really hurt a man (a real man) let the girl hit you without doing anything/responding. Worse case scenario she will leave her hand mark on your skin. And if that men "is" hurt, he is such a pussy!!! And needs to stop being a coward. Man have testicles for a reason. women dont. In nature whoever has the testicles is the one that is strong enough to go hunt for his family. And not a fucking GAY!!!
She had beautiful everything man, i wouldn't hit her, girls with braces n eyes with hair like that man..
What did I just watch?!
Cristian-As-Roma 06
Tutti inglesi?
The 4th boy are cute for me
Orginal Kaiya Aikens
The boy at 2:15 is soo cute❤❤
Arya Saei
I'd Liu Kang bicylce kick that bitch for 15 dollars and a pack of gum.
WSG Wolfie
2:03 you tryna get beat boi coz im gonna beat you in a minute
0:48 hes was thinking :what the fuck (nothing against the kids it just looked funny)
Ren Kyzogira
wow girls can't be hit by guys,I wanna be a girl too
Box :D
I'd slap her

Øfficial Hanpan444
The guy at 0:31 has nice teeth hair and eyelashes
glad gldys
My God this is makes me cry
Tia Foodie
Tia Foodie
Amoreeee❤️ tutti bello 💖
Caitlin J
um, is it bad that i'd slap her?
Arexx Bid
ander hererra !!!
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