Ryan Gosling Wins Best Actor in a Musical at the 2017 Golden Globes

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Ryan Gosling accepts the award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
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Jimmy Fallon hosts the 2017 Golden Globe Awards. Celebrating the very best in television and film, the popular, star-studded event held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills is one of Hollywood’s biggest nights, honoring both television and motion picture achievements.

Ryan Gosling Wins Best Actor in a Musical at the 2017 Golden Globes

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mehak guha
We all know who disliked this video 41 times using 41 different accounts....
Katiuska Ruiz
but she also had time to cheat on him..............................
victoria contreras
Unwichtig siehe Vorname
Max Warrior
1:07 name please
Katarina Perkovic
Beautiful person, what a speech.
Charlene Lin
So many comments are about how sweet he is. I mean he is sweet. I love him. But I think also he's a lucky man. Eva takes on so much really.
Jimmy McCallum
That's how you give an acceptance speech. Don't use the platform being given to you to sprout your irrelevant political beliefs. Just be humble. Be grateful for the award you are receiving, and get off stage. So sick of these self-entitled celebrities always using this spotlight to talk about everything other than the award in which they are receiving.
A freaking prophet.
"My lady" <3 <3 <3
Jenny Amanda
i absolutely refuse to believe this man is alive as it is impossible to be this perfect
Fernanda Dewan Tatum
Eva Mendez is the luckiest woman in hollywood
Random Gamer
It's Rafe from Uncharted 4.
every time he opens his mouth he only gets hotter
Dustin Morrison
This is old school Hollywood class. Excellent leading man for these times.
He is meant to be with Rachel McAdams... sad.
araceli condori
I want someone like ryan in my life 😭😭😭❤❤❤❤
Marlon Mendez
I can't think if any better way to accept an award.
I don't consider a feminist speech he just thanks his wife for something anybody would do.
annie blancas
what an Amazing selfless caring man husband father.so Real. i wish there were more of you out there
Kajal Singh
Handsome hunk always mr. Gosling
I didn't think I could crush on Ryan Gosling any more, then this movie came along.
Megan Nelson
seriously a great person.
Anastasia from Kazakhstan
I still think he doesn't deserve it. For THIS role in particular
Nini Noh
Ryan , why didn't you bring you lady to this event? Are you embarrass having her as your lady? If you are proud of her as your lady then you should bring her to the event like this. This is like Chris Martin and his ex wife. Eventually your lady will get fade up of hiding.
Btw, your lady is one of the most gorgeous actresses in Hollywood.
angel omar soto
Spiderman comforted Deadpool.
Irma Maulida
Ryan is so sweet!!! Eva is so lucky!
sandra reyna
que hermoso discurso ...que hombre para maravilloso
Rip Lara
All those idiots calling him sexist on other social media apps should kill themselves. Chug a gallon of bleach and be raped and stabbed and have their heads ripped off. I wish they were victims of 9/11 and burned to death or fell to their death.
Alexandre Lopes - Movement Elements
Whos the ginger at 1:47?
cant stand this guy. so fake.
Dindu Nuffin
He honestly seems like on of the only actors in Hollywood who is actually a pleasant and down to earth guy.
Florence Cotto
cutest and sweetess speech
He already have 2 daughters?
Kyle Campbell
Deadpool didn't stood a chance
Rodrigo de A. Soberanis Prado
He is so nice in person ! he deserves this
He is such a wonderful person
hey its true story
That's my boi, slick and humble af
Tirsa Puga
he wanted to cry!!!!! he is a special guy
mira benton
He 's so lovely
such a classy man
Niyas Kappumpuram
my man
Brittany Mayer
Such a beautiful and caring Canadian Man! Cuban Queen Eva is so lucky to have him as a partner<3 American men could never!
t d
him and donald glover are the best men in entertainment
Michael B
what a stand up dood
So even Ryan Gosling acknowledged that that award belonged to Ryan Reynolds.... Interestingggggggg
Jackson Lasley
And that, my friends, is the sound of all the panties dropping
Erin B
On his way up to the stage Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield made out.https://twitter.com/alexvxn/status/818280254858928128/video/1

In all seriousness this guy is awesome.
Maria Sharp
Fantastic speech.
Ally Kae
Who would dislike this??????
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