10 Things you Didn’t Know About Emma Watson

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Wands at the ready, you guys, because we solemnly swear we are up to nooooo good right now! Harry Potter princess Emma Watson has come so far since her role as Hermoine Granger in the successful wizardry series, so right now, we’re about to bring you 10 things you didn’t know about the British actress. So let’s get started… Wingardium Leviosaaaaa!

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Krisha King
I hate you guys
Roman Darius
Boycott the anti-white male feminist!
Lupita Rocks
FACT: She's an amazing human being ❤
The Cristina Show
She is pretty cute
Da.Nobody Nameless
throw a party and no one knows that's whats up
Thary Cheng
i cringe so SOOOOOOOO badly when she said wingwardium leviosa
Popping Banana3232
she's also belle in the new beauty and the beast
Philippine Girl
at least don't talk when your mouth is full ron
Philippine Girl
I want to kill myself that girl narrating is going to kill me
Irene Guardans
I love Emma !!!!!!she's my idol
Syrus Angi
My only prayer for Hermione is for her to change who she is n give n in to the crazy showbiz.
Syrus Angi
Who said LeviOsa with Hermoine?
Georgia Jomy
it is harry potter and the philosopher's stone not sources stone.
Cristina Popescu
this are not rare facts about emma!
Tom Felton on The Flash looks like an annoying guy
Azfar Abidi
I only like Emma from Harry Potter and Beaty and the beast
Azfar Abidi
See how she she's showing her open back which doesn't look nice at all
Eathan BlackHope
Harry Potter
The most surprising one was Emma had a crush on Tom Felton.......... didn't see that coming!
Teri Lovelock
Emma Tracey
she is French
Anthony Zhang
It's philosopher stone to sorcerer stone
Carin Chow
Honestly has she ever got a pimple?
Esmadi Abu Seman
I love you Ms Emma Watson 😊
Berenice Felix
she went to brown?
crybaby Leigh M.
the real question is, who didnt have a crush on Malfoy?
Erica Louise Miranda
i want to see emma watson
Thao Dieu
Love u so much !!!
i wish she never growl i love hermione so much
alanna borden
emma is so pretty
SpiderGhosts1307 Ghosts
I m Crazy about her😻
Alex Rozario
she's soooo Quite girl😍😍😍
Lisa Lemaire
She went to a University ??
Younus Malik
aaaa my first love,crush and first ex
Prathicksha Venkatesan
My dream one day is to meet Emma Watson, even if she is across the planet to me !
alley bords
She was also belle in beauty and the beast
Monika Seric
I'm watching in 2017 and I saw Beauty and the Beast. She was such a good actress :)
Jennie Canela
I genuinely love her
Lololol HOHOHO
Shes not British
Sophia Tada
Is just me but i just always remember her with her wrinkles with her her smile i just love it XD i think i'm weird lol.
Pretty much every video I watch makes me think... "Why wasn't I born British?"
Harry Potter Princess, bitch shes a Witch!?
Julia Cutest kitten
I saw a video that she had sex and did it inpublic
rageebul qamar
So. beauty
sketch lover
e is for excellent
m is for marvelous
m is for magical
a is for anyone can be enything
Lily Emma Lindsay
Emma is taller than Daniel Radcliffe. Now Emma is in Beauty and the Beast
Bethany Hemstritch
Did you know she was in monsters inc
Jimmy Kray
Tyler Perez
She also played the role as Belle in Beauty and the Beast
Jennifer Arnold
Am I the only one who's really hyped because Ewan McGregor is singing again in this movie?
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