Stainless Steel Mesh Knife Cut Resistant ChainMail Protective Glove

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Are your hands exposed to highly risky works facing the danger of cutting, chopping, scratching, etc. ? Or are you just afraid of cutting your fingers carelessly when cutting food materials? This functional high-grade cut-resistant glove with wide usages can protect your hands from hurting no matter your are cutting or doing some highly risky works. 

Made of 304L stainless steel, tough and durable, high-grade cut-resistance.
Soft and comfortable to wear, not cumbersome but supple.
It can protect your hands from sharp knives, glass, tools etc.
Perfect for metal glass incision, knife polishing, meat processing, rescue, security, kitchen cutting/slicing etc.

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Customer Service

I seriously need this for when I'm cutting meat for diner, the bible says don't drink blood but I just hope he's not talking about my own... Lol
Jose De Jesus
Nice demo, but use a sharper and a knife some would use in the kitchen.
Future Spices
Imagine stroking yourself with that on...
0:43 "I can still fist"
same i have it in my video!
Art Heen
First of all, this appears to be the same glove they sell at Lee Valley & Veritas for twice as much.
Then to the caveats: This is a meat processing glove - it was not made for wood working. Butchers typically wear another glove under the chain mail glove, so these ones have a very wide palm and fingers. Unless you have fat hands with stubbly fingers, it will rattle around on your hands. If you pick a smaller size, the fingers won't be long enough.
And that leads to the second flaw: If you have narrow wrist, the wrist band can't be snug on the left hand even adjusted all the way. It can on the right hand (the fasteners are offset), so if you're a leftie, you'll be fine.
Third flaw: The mesh is not fine enough, as it is made to meat processing certifications where a particular mesh size has to be used. This means it will mar woods if held firmly.
The mesh size also leads to the biggest problem: It does not protect against knife tip nicks. The mesh is not fine enough. A pointy knife tip goes through with NO resistance and penetrates the skin deep enough to bleed. Which is the only reason why I bought the glove in the first place - I was tired of all the tiny nicks on my left index finger I got from whittling. With this glove, I still get them.
If worn with another glove beneath, I'm sure both the wideness and puncture protection increases, but then you trade off control.

All in all, I cannot recommend these for wood working.
Søren Kaas
There is a lot of people that says "let me stab it" there wouldn't be any blood because of the way the mail is made(the mail didn't break)
Søren Kaas
"It's look love armor from the medieval........................ but it's light and collapseble........." off course it looks like "medieval" or as the right way to say it is mail/chain mail and off course its collapsed ITS MADE OUT OF RINGS and it would suprise me if it was heavy
Adrià B i E
With that chinese blade you can't cut your hand even you don't have the glove... take a Morakniv for the test, and do it aggain ;)
Jayziah Villa
this guy really uses a cheap ass blade no wonder the gloves work 😂🔪
Jayziah Villa
OMG let me stab the thing
From 'mid evil' age. LOL
Sarcastamus Raconteur
you have a clever youtube name.when you go out guys don't have to ask you,'top or bottom'?
danku ninju
try stabbing.
Fr4mbo ground breaking stuff a chain mail glove.
Alan Santiago
OMG !!! <3
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