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THANK YOU for so much support! 
Yesterdays Vlog - https://youtu.be/r8PNjFndQ3I

It is official guys! we are having a baby! Although we are very early we thought we'd just tell you instead of hiding it for a while. This way we can be open about Brittney starting to act a little crazy! haha. 

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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. 

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Krissa Clack
How long were you trying for?
Logang Pauler
Julia Hartford
Julia Hartford
Courtney Maranda
I think it will be a girl
makayla boi
makayla boi
Best vlog evet
Santosh Ghale
I find out i'm also going to be a dad and its so much to happiness everyday
Roman Kuzmin
Wait they found out on halloween?
amel silić
are brittnys parents divorced
Kaitlyn Pattison
Caitlyn Ott
The first vlog I saw I love you guys you are my family
This was beautiful ♥️
Who Else Watching In 2017
The Flamable Charizard
She has been borned.
Aimee Zhang
You named it Cora
Landon Nations
It's a girl
DeZty YT
They must of been pretty loud if noah herd from upstairs
Tahir Saeed
Can't believe it's been 9 months!!!! It went by so fast
Samantha Tevlin
Ellie Christian
Baby girl
Keira Boxall
Animal Rachel
Who els is watching this after Cora was born
kittycool 175
Me i did
Jerardo Rodriguez
Musaddiq Anwary
Girl 😂
Chips Ahoy
Her name is Cora
Faze jaimas
it's name should be cora
Calyssa Southern
I like how this video was posted the day before my birthday! I was born November 2nd! ❤
Sinead Casey
Who's watching this and the baby Cora is already born
MR. Tailor
bossy girl
he got big
Sumaiya Sheikh
"There's a bun in my oven"
Owen P
Who is watching this when Cora was brought to this earth
Yanairis Carillo
It's going to be a girl
Danny Heneen
I think she's a girl.I also think her name will be Cora
Marilyn Perez
Whos watching this when the baby is already born
Valerie Lanni
definatley a girl
Awww Noah got his sister ❤️
Wild willy Carvalho
She's cute
Aleena Virani
girl and her name is cora
Amy Lenert
Who else is watching when the baby is born???
Kaena Edrei
Kayleigh Hook
TheGameplay Master
Who's watching while the baby is born?
Now here we are so much later with baby Cora.
Hillary Bui
Who watching after Cora is born ?? <3
The SnipingLyfe
I bet u 100 billion dollars the babies name will be Cora
Unknown 9173
who else is watching this after baby cora is born
Jarat Koubaì
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