XoBaH Gt
пиздец у неё ляхи огромные
Charlie-jo Houghton
did have a boyfriend on thersday so this is now my favourite soung 😆
Enes Life
4 ever Didi
I love tis song from best Yes you wil det perfect
Finn Games
Finn Games
Haya Simal
one word for perrie
from u now...?
John Castor Troy Cruz
hope she ain't faking like hadid
Caylee Massey
My cousin loves it he's singing it
Gerard Jones
Wth is Zayn?
Carys Flynn
my name is calm I'm 18
Rachida Hajoubi
love you sont
Lee Stones
I love your songs they are 😊 my facet is got a not👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🌸🌺🌼🌻🌹🌷🌸🌺☀️💫🌞
Becky Coleman
i love this little mix song as its bout shouting out to ur ex boyfriends i had a ex in the past and it didnt really work out
AWsomeness Buddy
"hope she ain't fakin'it like HADID"
I thought this song was cheesy but after I broke up with my ex it became my anthem 😹🤣😂
Daine S.
A love dis song
khiko lloren
you're pretty jade🇺🇸❤
Christina Smith
i i thank there good
Jade Thirlwall daayyumm girl you so fit :)
Allison Acosta
I love perries part
Jessica Smart
i love this song 😀😀😀
Dank Memes
Sophia Perez
Adriana Arias
Heidi Hallaran
little do you know....................
LaMauria Page
Yall guys are QUEENS
Denescartes Amony
July 2017 anyone?
Eduarda Miranda
Essas meninas marcando minha amizades eu tenho 3 amigas e nós somos inseparáveis
Nachaly Vergez
This song is sooo catchy it's my favorite song
ale gardi
I think so that's for zayn 😂💔
Dominique Kelly
I love this song
s k
good girls ok
Lee Stones
Little mix I love youxxx😻👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🌺👍💍💄😁😗
Leigh Anne is Ceain fairclough
Jasmin Gonzalez
LOVE THE OUTFITS IN THIS VIDEO. (I paused the video just to see what my girls were wearing.😁)
Ridhima Joshi
I don't have an ex .BUT SHOUT-OUT TO MY EX CRUSH
Najia Mahou
Zayn and perrie are the bestt coupels gigi hadid 💩💩
Shut the fuckin hell up if he broke your heart then why do u sing about him wee bitch
Nayeli Medrano
"this is a shout out to my ex...heard he in love with some other chick..yeah yeah that hurt me i'll admit..forget that boy i'm over it" yeas
Nick Kapanadze
Leigh anne's body is goals
ellis Daffey
I am in love with you girls expecially jesy yea lol
Reolebogile Sarah Baipaakanyi
Guess I should have said thank u for the hate yus &the tattoos oooh baby I'm cool by the way 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Judith Wadsworth
This is one of my favourite little mix songs and you were brilliant at Wembley because I was they x
Katie Scull
Shout out to me ex boyfriend Jacob
Zoe Abby
Wow this is a good song for your ex
Rema Alomar
There twins
Mikołaj Makowski
Lttt mix
Andera Kawrhar
l love of you
shehniza quindeel chaudhry
When u r both directioner and mixer
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