Game Theory: Can Chicken Nuggets SAVE YOUR LIFE?! | Kindergarten

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KINDERGARTEN - a game filled with the nostalgia of youth. Who doesn’t love reminiscing about buying cigarettes on the playground or convincing the janitor to murder your classmates? No? That's not normal? I must have had a odd childhood... Anyway, Kindergarten is full of countless ways to die, one of which is falling into the Nugget Cave. Your only solution to avoid this horrible fate? Obviously a pile of chicken nuggets with all their cushiony goodness. But would this actually work? Well, Loyal Theorists, after hours of research and countless nugget taste... I mean field tests, I have the answer!

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Liam Werner
can you do a theory for Viva Pinata. Specifically fun the heck is going on with Dastardos.
Kevin Fei
im 5th grade
and 0:46 right there is the quadratic formula used to solve ax2 + bx + c
Alexei Fiore
I wonder if halfway through writing and recording this Mat and Steph both just stopped and wondered if this was really what they were doing? Mat, saying the word nugget about 300 times within one video and Steph I imagine hunched over a mic speaking like a lisped villian.
Ashley Wright 10 Wright
How does that kids didg a hole that big
About 30 mil
I need nugget!
Syrus Saldana
nugget needs to be a meme
Vanilla Oats
$51 million chicken nuggets my nugget friend
Philip Koger
Me:dang it I thought I was funny but compared to that I'm nothing😐
UberhaxorNova Channel
100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 nuggets
Kian B
$46 million of nugs to stop the fall speedup
Ran Zivkovic
@ketochan same bro
nvermaaten 20
5:27 .... CRINGE!
DreamurrKat AJ
Stephanie does literally the best voice for Nugget Lmao XD
Splatoonkid 51
U need 5 trillion nuggets
Koharu Chan
Nugget kinda sounds like Jimmy from South Park XDD
Aaron Bradley
i need nuggets
Bettencourt Mansfield
ME: uhhh.....
Harmonical Vengeance
can someone PLEASE tell me the name of his intro song?!
Hailey Williams
USE 2930023424803489039408503590340384503583058522918319249 nuggets -._-. that should work :3
Boots Mecat
I need nuggets
aysar alsaadi
ah science
RugRambo -
Did aphmaul do the voice for nugget in the starting card?
Rhealynn Avery
Nugget is my favorite character in kindergarten. AND NOW I WANT CHIKY CHIKY NUG NUGS DANG IT! I CAN ONLY KEEP DOWN WATER RIGHT NOW! Why am I watching this while I'm sick?
Bucket Y
I neef nugget
Receptive Theories
WAIT! Does MatPat Actually Use High School Math?
sherrill boyce
I need nuggets!
Berleezy's Confused Face
Geometry Dash BloodLine
I want nuggets
Manu Feldenkrais
Flapjack. Wait wrong vid... I need nugget. Did I do it?
Laila Loplez
LoL does his parents work at wendies
Laila Loplez
LOL I did not know mc Donalds can save your life
Hey_ItsAlpha 2

Nuggets are life…YEAH
Caylee Cable
I subscribed
Ruby Star 1814
I need nugget
Cherry Bloosom Production
josiah00 Memes
this is a really stupid thing... BUT HEY! ITS ENTERTAINING!
Chicken Attack BlueMakesPurple
I want nuggets but I'm in a dormed school
kadyn goodson
2000 nugetts
Pokemon Girl
Vuk Stojanovic
Immguesing 1000000000000 chicken nuggets
Keith Tedder
51 million
Tommy Edmonds
9:09 It's not good, it's Blonic !
Peter Nghiem
The Punching Bag Nick
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