AMERICAN ASSASSIN Official Trailer (2017) Dylan O'Brien, Michael Keaton Thriller Movie HD

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AMERICAN ASSASSIN Official Trailer (2017) Dylan O'Brien, Michael Keaton Thriller Movie HD

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PLOT: A story centered on counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp.

CAST: Scott Adkins, Taylor Kitsch, Dylan O'Brien, Michael Keaton, Sanaa Lathan

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Great to see Dylan back after his terrible on-set accident a while ago. #AmericanAssassin
Selen KΔ±nay
Dylan so hot 😍 omg
Oldest guy in League
So who's the actress playing Katrina?
It's got Michael Keaton in it so I have to watch it.
Joshua O.
If this movie is anything like the book it will be incredible.
I now see why Vince Flynn was so reluctant to have this turned into a movie, the first trailer and it already looks like the went World War Z on this.
esra nil doğan
King Saitama
Is this a story about the murderer of Seth Rich???
Nathan Kerr
Is that you, Slevin?
Red Mimic
Like for Michael Keaton!
Dylan O'Brien should be the next Paul Walker
Bizillion Atoms
classic american shit. They put american everywhere because the know there's gonna be americans whose choice over whether or not they watch the movie, subconciously or not, is greatly affected by the title having the word american
Team Report
the difference between real life dylan and mitch rapp dylan is bigger that my ego
Bakhtawar Manal
Okay so this is the reason i can't have enough stiles in season 6b btw happy for him
i will surely hella miss you 😭😭😭
All i want from this movie is dylan driving stiles's jeep and i will just explode from different emotionsπŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
this trailer really made me cry. how fucking dare you always cast muslims ESPECIALLY arab muslims in stereotypical roles. you white people ESPECIALLY white americans are the ones people STILL to this day see as a threat, but youre scared of muslims for an attack they were falsely accused of 16 years ago???? why must you always blame a whole religion for an attack???? ive lost all my respect for dylan hes as low as holland now and this movie is so disgusting and you can bet its not getting any of my coins and i cannot believe that no one has pointed this out in the comment section. fuck you guys.
1:02 msbs or fn scar ?
A movie about killing some fucking Muslims? Let's fucking do it
Lucifer's Wolf
I'm so excited oml
Pika Skix
Does someone know the song? D:
Ashley Marsh
Am I the only one who seen the JEEP at 0:57?
the scene showing him on the go, moving towards his target/objective, in a modified C.A.R.S. stance while doing an incredibly fast and precise reload. OH MY DAMN!!!
greggory ulberg
yuki karuso
Is it me or does Dylan look like Sam Winchester in this movie?
I really hope this movie is good. Dylan O'Brian has amazing potential to be one of the best actors in the future and this could be a big break for him.
Scottish Shitizen
Deadpool at the end
Amelia Donovan
God I love Dylan O'brien
Ha it's like a John Wick prequel
Bailey Nelson
In the film Dylan O'Brien's character actually got into college on a LACROSSE scholarship. Reply if you understand (hint: Teen Wolf)
Aakshii Srivastav
his journey from golf bats to real guns.. Dylan is amazing and gifted
eden douglas
hes so sexy in this i wasnt ready oml
Tragic Ending
the book is already better
LeyaSage Chadwick
I love Dylan O' Brien so much Glad he's okay <3
Thought Module
Hope to hell that knife fight scene isn't a replacement for the first fight between Rapp and Hurley. That is the first scene in the book you get a sense of what a bad ass Rapp is.
Avenger Fan
so stiles doesn't need to be void in order to be powerful!!!!!!
Song name??
Carrie Tong
this is the reason why Dylan might leave Teen Wolf ??
I've never wanted a book made into a movie more in my life than this. Then Dylan obrien gets castes. Fml
Rosie E.
Wow....what a change for Keaton. Think I'll like him in this role. Also love Kitsch, hope to see him in more movie roles.
I believe this is the first time I've ever seen Dylan O'Brien shirtless...
Karalyn Willford
Rian Graves
What song is this
I can't shake the feeling that they are about to fuck up a freaking awesome book. For starters, Mitch's fiance died in a Pan Am flight bombing, not a beach shootout. This is just sad.
Akakij Gennadjev
Got interested because every movie that uses Unkle songs is amazing.If someone needs it - the song is "The Answer" by Unkle.
Axk K
I can't wait to watch this
Deadly Mesh Designer
The Real Gambit is in this Movie, I will Watch it....#KitschisBack
Giovanni Masi
Hmmmm... do I smell a Jason Bourne here?
Iesha Cooper
What glasses on the hero???? Time 1:01 - 1:06
Anonymous Victim
the endingπŸ˜‚
Neha Kasera
So this is what Stiles is doing after leaving Beacon HillsπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
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