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Great to see Dylan back after his terrible on-set accident a while ago. #AmericanAssassin
Identity Secret
Lmao Deadpool
Fridis & Moset
Well I guess Stiles really went all in on FBI.
Respond From Bond
I just watched that shit! Kinda fuckin stupid movie with no sence.
When I first saw this trailer in cinema, I thought it would be shit.. Watched it yesterday with friend, I tell you.. This movie is fucking crazy, it keeps you on edge all the time.. And the actor. I mean, he is so fucking cute (i'm no gay btw) but you can't hate him.. Definitely worth 3$ ticket (student's wednesday) xD
This is really sad. I am SO disappointed by this cast, like they are not bad actors but they do not fit the roles at all. And the worst part is no one will ever do this movie again with a better fitting crew. Also not doing Pan Am 103 but this beach crap, WHAT????
jack burn
stiles got sick of being the sidekick and i was really hoping he would use his bat
Dr. Edwconr
5 stars....worth the price of admission..
Jess Lester
But he was better in maze runner
Jess Lester
I love Dillin O'Brian he's so hot
Hollow Point
All I can say is, "I hope he's good Mitch Rapp."
This movie was a disappointment. I couldn’t take Dylan seriously in this role
i just saw the whole freakin movie in this trailer
Lol that ending “you’re still here. Go home” 🤣
Arpita Lalwani
I 😍 dylan
hami habibi
4 out of 10. waste of time. such a booring movie -_-
Pineapple_ Lover :D
Did anyone else notice this was Stiles from Teen Wolf
Amanda Quaren
AMAZING movie. I was speechless after literally 3 minutes into the film, and at the edge of my seat for the 2 hrs. Huge round of applause for Keaton, and Dylan O'Brien, their acting was more than A+
Multi Fandoms
Im only watching for Dylan cause he bae
LP blu
Good job Dylan! The fighting scenes are awesome!
Lucille Stevenson
American Assassin (2017) Movie [HD] 1080p Available
==== 𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐍𝐨𝐰' ➤
Sudhir Chowta
awesome movie😀
stepen jack
Watching American Assassin HD
Danistar 16
This is why Scot dont want to call Stiles cause he know that he will fuck those hunters up in a second
Sinali Lee Ranwala
Taylor Kitsch!!
I'm the fking sun from the Teletubbies
"You gave up everything after that.Didn't you bitch"
I swear to god that s what i heard
Monique D. Fuller
AMERICAN ASSASSIN [Full Movie] I got a chance recently to watch this movie. Find the download link here:
nobody believed in me when I claimed that this guy will turn out to be a hottie one day. well, there he goes.
I think what could have elevated this movie to the next level is if they at least brought in Michael Dudikoff as the program's hand to hand combat instructor, specializing in ninjutsu. Maybe, even have Jason Biggs do a small cameo as the program's main chef, who owns a bakery.
it sucks
LOL, idiots use hashtags in the comments even though they dont do anything.
prashant bisht
anyone else came here for jeff seid and got dissapointed
I still miss teenwolf
American bs mentality. That Fucking retarded nutjob is coming for you... That's why he's banging out missile you arrogant cunts. Trump your president lmfao.Goodbye...idiots
dija suhada
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Merrin Guthrie
Love Deadpool doing Ferris Bueller at the end 😆
Lisa Loon
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Feight _
I bet Michael Keaton will be the bad guy in the end
Amna Khan
I dont care how the movie will b m. I just want to see dylan .. so long havent seen him
Get Off The X
If anyone loves to read and hasn't heard of this series... check out VINCE FLYNN/MITCH RAPP series.


This is loosely based on book one. One of 13. All exceptional.
Mom of a Kpop fan kpop is life lol
Hero.. LMAO it's fake.
Jessica Johnston
Ahhhh I love Dylan O'Brien
Türkiyede latin alfabesi var amk çocukları o arapça ne öyle
Nattie Dragonige
Where's his bat?!
My Name Is Milkshake
Can you imagine Lydia from their freshman year seeing Stiles like this. Because I can
Trollol Police
Hope this is good like john wick.
Stephanie Fahey
Michael Keaton who is almost 66 years old seems ageless!!! <3 Michael Keaton <3 this movie looks awesome!
Kötü Çocuk
Babasının oğlu Stiles şimdi Sert çocuk 😎
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