Emma Roberts Teaches Jimmy How to Perfect a Bitch Face

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Emma Roberts teaches a master class in the art of "the bitch face" and shows Jimmy how to holler like her Scream Queens character.

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Emma Roberts Teaches Jimmy How to Perfect a Bitch Face

I love Emma!!!!!!
Deep Xmx
I love her so much omg
kevin garner
why does she work she does not need the money lol just wake up and spend lady your acting is shit
Zequlx 123
Are you from my favourite show called "Unfabulous"
lesther deleon
I love Emma so much!
Larissa Andrade
AsianFilmFan 66
We don't want any trouble as a result from these influential examples
Salman Turquotte Ijaz
why is jimmy's finger always broken?
Thiago Senna
emma gostosa
Karina Bogatyrenko
Что за американский урган
Engelberth Blanco
Bitchface is like a Justin Bieber (2014) and Donald Trump face
Danissa Prism
Emma is bitch but much cute
is Emma Roberts Tawam with brit marling I almost do not see the difference between them
Аня По
Я походу единственая русская
Christian Egel
omg she is so hot 😍😍😍
greg morge
thats one hell of a skill. i tried doing it and i just wont get it right
Marie M
If there's a bitch face,is there an ass face?!😂
Im here because of nerve
Łukasz Zaręba
United states is a strange country.
smosh/ smosh games lover
she doesn't have a resting bitch face she is a bitch
My god she is not attractive.
Julie T
Alex WAllar
Emma is really nice in real life while her Scream Queens character is so mean
Serena sneijder
all this girls they say they hate her cause she hit evan but you all seem to forget that evan beat her too you know and also that shit happend 4 years ago or at least 3 years idk they both forgave eachother and they are bacm together again so i think to the all the jealous girls out there they love eachother GET THE FUCK OVER IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!
Sahil Gupta
i have a natural resting bitch face and i get told that by almost every other person....😔
VanishedFriend Gaming
1:07 he looks more like donald trump
ahmad said
She is in American horror story
ahmad said
I love Emma Robert she is so hot
btw its the only video that emma is in it and i dont come for emma in it
Noel Iksvelat
Her hands are so creepy 😟
Heather Garcia
She is such a great actor,
I love her in, unfabulous and nerve
jimmy looks like trump
Phallon Collander
Omg it's channelle number 1 from scream queens
Solomon Bainivalu
Melania Trump...
she's beautiful
her bitch face is a little bit weaker than mine, but she's okay.
Stalker Sisters
you guys look more like Melania Trump than anything honestly 😂😂
Alice Freschi
She's the queen👑
Carlos Benirschke
Reminds me to Donald Trumps Face... 😳
Apis Halim
why do jimmy always hurt his fingers
Naima Nagaria
How many of you'll tried it while she was explaining
shit she pale
Richard Hirviniemi
i'm dreaming of that mouth
Q Bion
You know an actor is really good when people hates the character they're playing
Mila Toh
I still hate you Madison. You could've saved zoe.
Maaria Ghuffar
Unfabulous : Addie!!! Whatcha doing here??!!!
Eleonora D'Ascanio
Jimmy looks like Donald Trump.
Trinity Brooks
really bitch
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