Emma Roberts Teaches Jimmy How to Perfect a Bitch Face

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Emma Roberts teaches a master class in the art of "the bitch face" and shows Jimmy how to holler like her Scream Queens character.

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Emma Roberts Teaches Jimmy How to Perfect a Bitch Face

kiran GJ
Love u Emma roberts
Ct House Ninja
Well done my friend
hien vu
My bface is much bitchier
Hajra 5199
I don't even have to try to do this.
She seems insanely full of herself. Plus "perfecting the bitchface"? Wow... U could tell ppl werent laughing because shes funny, they were laughing at how unbelievably moronic her whole concept is. Ugh. Bye felica.
She's SO annoying
kylee Meow meow
I want a resting bitch face
Ree Solis
Emma is the sweetest girl ever,Chanel is like her evil tween😂
Isabella Ozaki
I love her laugh
The Evls
Perfect bitch face
anyone remember aquamarine?
Celebrity crush 😍😍
Nancy Grindstone
Jimmy looked gay.
Donna and Harvey Edits
Anna Kendrick and Emma should do a resting bitch face off it would be the funniest thing ever 😂
Gabe Waldron
Emma is THE BEST!!!
Rohith A N
Jimmy is a bitch every night.
1:03 😂
Luisa Spam
He looked like a lizzard
Zahra Norouzi
Donald trump
Is bitchface equal to female-dogface? Cause they certainly don't look like dogs.
Coco 6578
He bitckbacked
Norma Lilia
She's basically Chanel Oberlin in real life
Margot Robbie and Emma Roberts - i love these women! :P
I am your mom official
i miss scream queens :(
Gerardo Cervantes
I am a fan of Emma and nerve was the bomb I love you emma
I miss scream queens :(
Outhmane Rassili
Each episode somebody dies? Cute... - George RR Martin
Someone do a tutorial of her hair. Lol
María Compañ Diaz
I can't believe it's been two years!!!!!
Women are like hand grenades, You pull the ring off and Poof your house is gone!!
Yoga 2 S3xy
amazing emma...
izabela Sidd
Omggg besttt ♥♥♥♥♥
Her hair looks so soft (;
Hazel T
I don't even have to try
Valeria Guadamuz
He's so adorable
Sam Winchester's bitchface is waay better 😂
Jenifer Delgado
How to make?? That's cute.... I was born with it.
steve jobs is syrian
emma roberts is so cute even with bitchface
Waait was she throwing some shade at Evan??? Oooooo
xoxo56yuup _
omg i actually love her 😂💓💓
EasyA 333
She's a 10
Franco Jesús
I need her in scream queens season 3 and american horror story!
Emin Kaya
Perfect shows. I can understand
Huai Yu
God I hate that hair DP
Car Nine
Wild child anyone? Poppy moore.
Emily Antus
Her body language is like that of a priss, but her personality is so sweet. Like the way she holds her hands and shakes her shoulders is so prissy and posh, but she seems so nice. I'm conflicted. 😂
Chris - X- Cross
1:05 "Look At me b*tch" 😂😅
Karina Toyarova
Art Tem
поставил лайк за Крик)
jordy vero
Bitch face... what are doing... get out. Got it!
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