Emma Roberts Teaches Jimmy How to Perfect a Bitch Face

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Emma Roberts teaches a master class in the art of "the bitch face" and shows Jimmy how to holler like her Scream Queens character.

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Emma Roberts Teaches Jimmy How to Perfect a Bitch Face

shit she pale
Richard Hirviniemi
i'm dreaming of that mouth
Q Bion
You know an actor is really good when people hates the character they're playing
Mila Toh
I still hate you Madison. You could've saved zoe.
Mermaid Dreams
Unfabulous : Addie!!! Whatcha doing here??!!!
Eleonora D'Ascanio
Jimmy looks like Donald Trump.
Trinity Brooks
really bitch
Edmundo Del Rey
I love her! She's so cute and an amazing actress
Iamdonricky15Gaming /TV
I loved when jimmy said just when we thought you were done you came back with your bitch face
Myriam _
I always look like a bitch
Sofiya Korg
Ryan Dsa
time to watch scream queens
Hey Luiz
Emma 😍😍😍😍
Didn't she get arrested for domestic violence?
Laura Bowden
I still see Nancy Drew and Poppy Moore...anyone else? πŸ˜‚
Kyla Keh
Chanel #1
The Great Guy
I think I have a crush on her πŸ˜‚
Casandra Viluan
'Just when you thought I was done'
the Dark Bright
her cuteness is unlimited ooooh
Anyone else think she resembles Eva Green when she does "bitch face"?
mike smith
She`s hot..you know what I saying !!!!!!
jimmy's fake scream was hilarious ahaha
the steven fernandes
my bitch face is my resting faceπŸ˜“πŸ˜“
Lembrando Cenas
See here on my channel all the films she has already participated in
Abbas Ali
sweet! love the bitch face \m/
Kelly b.123
i already have resting bitch face lol
Kylah Nastasi
It's so refreshing to see a pale celebrity
Kara W
She looks like Eva green here. Especially when she smiles
Alison Win
Just three words: she is perfect.
Uncreative Name42
I'm good at the 'bitch please' face, which is different from the bitch face.
cherrylipz S
My bitch face is when someone wakes me up early on a Saturday morning.
sarosh nadeem
name it the TRUMP FACE
Aria Glamour
thats not bitch face ...

thats the face jimmy does when he is doin his Donald trump impression

Mirfanda Lover
Her laugh is soo adorable
Sophia Facciolo
lol I got mad at my friend one time and she was like don't give me the bitch face girl I hate wen u do that so I was good some thing to annoy u with XD
Ewelina Madejska
Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande and Lea Michele are the best womans in the world.
Alice 4L
Her laugh at 1:47 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
i make no friends bc of my damn face lmao, i try to smile now
Slave to love
What a weird bitch. I think she is a beast in bed.
Dyani van Loenhout
Okay Emma is so pretty omg😍
Ahgase 77
Did you notice jimmy's fingers are always almost bandagedπŸ˜‚
Abdulrahman Alulaimi
If somebody asked me what love means I'll reply with 2 wordsπŸ’”

Emma Roberts
Sadly I can't even dream about her😭
Charlotte Nettle
I hate you Emma how could you do that to Evan??
I want Emma to give me a bitch face as I shoot my load in her open mouth!
alia sofia
I have the resting bitch face syndrome
Δ°dil Iris Potter
umm its mine homework reaction.
Ilya Terentyev
surprise bitch
bet you thought you've seen the last of me
Madux Vevo
They just give me spoilers from freak show
Caroline Peng
Jimmy is kind of famous for his imitation? haha funny
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