Franco Jesús
I need her in scream queens season 3 and american horror story!
Wood Wood
Perfect shows. I can understand
m x
God I hate that hair DP
Car Nine
Wild child anyone? Poppy moore.
Emily Antus
Her body language is like that of a priss, but her personality is so sweet. Like the way she holds her hands and shakes her shoulders is so prissy and posh, but she seems so nice. I'm conflicted. 😂
Chris - X- Cross
1:05 "Look At me b*tch" 😂😅
Karina Toyarova
Art Tem
поставил лайк за Крик)
jordy vero
Bitch face... what are doing... get out. Got it!
Annie K
Skyler gamer321and potato llama and unicorns
Yay Clare = Emma Roberts
Empress Fogle
Well she really is a bitch, i met her
Gabriel Nascimento
I love Emma Roberts
Matthias L
Good Lord, she is such a beauty
Shubham Namdev
Jimmy : look at me bitch.
Lol jimmys scream face
Lázaro Murad
I found her to be more than beautiful...very very sexy (yes, there is a huge difference)
Love chanel😂❤️ she's my
Spirit animal
I love emma roberts
Emma is my mom
Amy Collins
New Donald Trump
whoop whoop
I fucking love her
1:19 zoolander
Tomas Echenique
1:52 surprise bitch...
Sally Zo
Emma: Does it perfectly
Me: Ends up looking like a monkey having a seizure
unibrow bear
She's really pretty.
Silvana Kola
her laugh at 1:47 😍
She's so pretty I want to be like her
Love Emma she is so cute 😍
¿Por qué no cantó? ella igual canta.
Stefan de Jong
Wander automatically meaning rise experimental pray stare attention productive.
Leonardo Villa
She is how an angel must look like ❤
Haruhi Fujioka
Anna's is better
Amanda The Pickle
Flo Frank
The worst actors of all time (in my opinion) : Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Heath Ledger and of course Eddie Murphy
Jack Sprat
She's a real life bitch from what I've heard.
Underscore Zero

COMEDY ! !! ! ! QUALITY COMEDY GOLD!! 11!!one!!!

Trongwit Inthasri
Isabel Colon
"look at me bitch"
BlurryJay l-/
poppy moore <3
I love Emma!!!!!!
Deep Xmx
I love her so much omg
kevin garner
why does she work she does not need the money lol just wake up and spend lady your acting is shit
G amerGirl
Are you from my favourite show called "Unfabulous"
lesther deleon
I love Emma so much!
Larissa Andrade
AsianFilmFan 66
We don't want any trouble as a result from these influential examples
Salman Turquotte Ijaz
why is jimmy's finger always broken?
Thiago Senna
emma gostosa
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