Peter Wilson
Triumviratemedia tried to find your post here but no success. So if you are not American what nationality are you? Just wondering where you fit in with this bullshit fake Lama? What I have written is based on plenty of evidence it is all out there but unfortunately the internet belongs to the American propaganda masters who run the Dalai Lama. If you really think a so called leader of Buddhism would sell themselves and support their CIA controlled terrorist brother and be what they claim to be then you ought to get go and find the truth because it will set you free and if Tibet wants to be free then promoting lies to further the CIA projects will never make you free.
If you ever get to reading this post Oliver and you want to see some very interesting replies to this post, jump in on a segment about Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia and the future of religious freedom.
zoran susnjar
6:47 - To Bush's credit, that's actually a pretty good study of the cover of "Oh No, It's DEVO!"
satire alone
Meanwhile, douches like Geer continue to flaunt their obscene wealth while people experiencing homelessness are persecuted publicly in yuppie communities like Geer's across this cruel nation. I'm sending "negative vibes" Geer's way right now for being such a greedy POS. Any rich asshole who claims to be searching for "enlightenment" whilst they speed their luxury vehicle past people experiencing homelessness is a disgrace. The Dali Lama is a similar type of hypocrite; who only gained fame by scamming rich idiots wanting to feel better about their greed and narcissism.
Karma Gyurmey
Thank you john Oliver for bringing a light to tibetans situation.
One sided as fuck.
myfirst name
I never met Dalai Lama but he is a very funny person . Gold bless him and Tibet people
'Popesident' sounds something the pope would say when he has an accident "I had a popesident."
nora kim
U too over..
nora kim
U need not say so...No answer
nora kim
Well, I unlove such custom...
..I donate Dalai Lama.
nora kim
Let be Serious,,,
nora kim
Is He Richare Gere?
Orgil Batsaikhan
I'm Mongolian, we still drink lotta vodka.
V Vasquez
Aww he's so thankful for the crappy watch... gotta love him!
INFINITE spirituality
Ry Guy
Why can't more people be like the dalai lama?
Ben Wong
Video gives a false idealized picture of Dalai Lama. Dalai Lama headed a feudal theocracy in Tibet where 95 % of the land was held by 5% od the ruling class. Physical mutilation was used as punishment by the Buddhist Theocracy. The CCP redistributed the land to the common people. Dalai Lama and ruling elite left Tibet and became a CIA operative. The Lama and CIA trained insurgent tried to start an uprising in Tibet that failed because the common Tibetan did not follow him. Dreamy eye westerner have been taken in by the author of "Shangra La" and Hollywood bullcrap and ignored real history. The monks belong to the Theocracy ruling class and they want to retirn to the old feudal system.
Lotte Hermans
Pals see Does anyone identify smarter than this result? tofl...
Man Wang
Such an interesting video. I wonder if John knows the dirty history of Da Lai. After all, Da Lai was known in China as a big fan of raping little girls (part of Da Lai's daily study) and peeling off skin from slaves alive. He ran to US just because he is not very good at hiding these stuff through politics. It is so amazing how American loves Da Lai. Or to say, so stupid and funny. One last thing that you foreigners definitely do not know: Da Lai is not his name but his title. According to the religion, any Da Lai is not allowed to die outside of Tibet, or his soul will be erased permanently from the world and will not return to life. Frankly speaking, we are kind of expecting for his death. That will make him the ever first Da Lai who breaks that rule. Such a history to make and witness.
Dr. Emeter KDiacope
Authority should provide something that the people respond to. Not men like me, but men who need authority. The question is, who is providing to whom and who is providing with what? This is a potential problem larger than organized crime in the 40s riding on the shoulders of a sparse few fathers of failing ferocity. There are certain bland techniques in any authority definition like bitters in a cocktail or flavor salts that provide the rich gaming and definitions in the competition.
lel sure

i mean chinese slavery doesnt count as slavery right
the slave owner has so many fans after all
maybe all the fans want to get a human skin tangka too :)
or the instruments for rituals made from human bones?
anyway its just slaves so no one gives a shit
Joseph Stalin
Fuck these commies!!
Dark Chocolate-Rain
"Yes. I am demon with horns"
puts 2 fingers on head like demon
Coral Reeves
Wow. The Dalai Lama acts like a mischievous Grandpa... LOVE IT! HAH! Pretty sure his reincarnation plans will set them Chinese tumbling over themselves hahhaha!
Sorry John, a major message of your show is: Don't be gullible.
Ajit Kapadia
TheDark Nite
Everyone talks about how 'poor innocent' Buddhists are persecuted by the Chinese by bringing them technology, better food, electricity. Nobody talks about how intolerant these Buddhists are in raping their minorities in Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka etc. Why not ask the Dalai Lama about Buddhist terrorism against Rohingya!
starlight 76
what a hyporite this lama...
Jacques Celliers
China liberated Tibet from the Lama's feudal serfdom. Tibet is to China what the Confederacy was to the US.
SBB feat. Quavo
china number 1!!!!!!!!!!!
Kitty Grimm
I never thought the Dalai Lama was so humorous. What a lovely man!
As a Chinese who's never been abroad, I admire Dalai as a person which he showed me in this interview, wisdom, humour, excellent I-don't-give-a-shit attitude. But I believe he can also see that imperialism is global these days, and it's not about US being THE empire or China being THE empire, the point is global empire-lization is destined. Therefore, this whole Dalai thing is a postcolonial problem, no more than what happened between Algerians and France, except Tibet won't be able to leave China. Team China.
YuXiao Liu
I think the problem of this dude is that, some guys would burn themselves and their family after hearing his religion
Martial Arts UK - CMAUK
what an education
Li Min
You know that traditional mongolian Alkohol is Horse milk snaps. It is not a joke.
Vishal T
We will nuke china if china dares to touch Dalai lama. He is our guest and we consider our guests as gods... We will all die happily to protect him.. Tibetans and Dalai Lama - India is your own country till you get freedom.
Richard Conner
THE FACT THAT THE DISPERSED LLAMAS&monks of TIBET have now been opening centers around the world is the GOOD NEWS about this cultural disaster.
Lets Naruto This Shit
Never knew Dalai Lama had an Indian accent๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚โœŒ
Dominic Tee
This is one of those "Why would you even dislike this" videos, I think.
แžแž“แŸ’แžแŸ’แžšแžธ แžแŸ’แž˜แŸ‚แžš
like you
Alex Shimla
I have lived in Dharamshala india where Dalai lama is. N it feels so good to watch him laugh in such a adorable way. Its really good to watch religious holy men very light hearted and able to laugh like inocent kids. Some religious figures of various religions seems very hard liners and strict. They wont laught they wont smile.
Radix Lecti
Region in south west china?
We fought a revolution just so we wouldn't have to listen to uneducated british know-nothings then this guy gets on TV.
Santoshkumar Pandey
This was one of the best episodes of this show and mind you most of them are damn good. I just couldn't stop smiling once the interview began. One of the best moments ever.
Debz Baumaus
So back to the 90's we must go with free Tibet campaign.
Crazy Gaming
Being a politician and having a good sense of humour is Awesome
Cristian Popa
I really really loved that.
Tyg Rahof
Sorry but worst gift ever. He has a collection of some of the most priceless watches in the world. And you give him a twenty dollar watch from the eighties? Was this just for the laughs?
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