Dalai Lama: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Tibetan Buddhists have suffered deep persecution by the Chinese government. John Oliver sits down with the Dalai Lama to discuss China, the conditions in Tibet, and horse milk.

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James S
That man genuinely seemed like the nicest person I've ever seen
I wish theyd make all new episodes available in Canada
Ajay Kumar
Great! Dalai Lama
Jin Sheng
Oh no, I do not want Oliver to be banned in China QAQ
cromusic ibra
I laughed so hard after he was done imitating the "most British man ever" especially when he ended it with "nighty night, sleepy tight."
Emil Shaji
he even make dalai lama laugh very much,that's a credit
"This video is not available. Sorry about that."
Is the reason i illegally download your content.

Eat shit HBO, your company sucks but your content doesn't.
The Dalai Lama is so cute! Every time he laughs he brings joy. His heart is so special. I'm saddened to hear the Chinese are doing this and it is very wrong. If we have no more Dalai Lamas who will protect the earth?
Bi Bu
What an amazing person. I am not Buddhist but I respect their religion and God bless him and the Tibetan people. They deserve to be free of the Chinese communist regime.
He's a useless strafucker. Tibet is fucked with or without him.
Diemas Hawkins
The Dalai Lama has an amazing laugh. He seems like such a great guy and he also has that confidence and self appreciation that is genuine without being in any way egotistic or arrogant. He's such a chill and kind person with all the burden that he bares and things he has to deal with. Like the hardest thing I have to deal with in my life is school and I stress out because of it.
William Clarke
John Oliver does it again! 18.52mins well spent
Freshly Cut Lawn
Is it just me or is the the dalai lama fricken adorable.
mengya hu
I do not want to talk about politics. However, just to mention one simple point, if people refer to the suicide bombers as terrorists, why self-immolation here can be referred as heroic acts.
Nihar Banavalikar
Dalai lama is very noble.the indian government has done a lot for him by giving him shelter and also going to war with china in 1965
Charles Strong
I never really watch interviews, never find them particularly interesting. But for whatever reason, I decided to watch this one, and goddamn am I glad I did. I knew the basics of the position of Dalai Lama, and knew that a lot of people in America seem to like him, but I never paid it much mind. But he's very funny, clearly smart, and seems like a genuinely kind man. I like him.
isn't horse milk horse semen?
he seems like a chill dude
Robert Hanan
I do not like some fagot english piece of shit bashing our President when he has a lot more inbred stories to tell in his own country.
Daniel Gould
I'm so jealous of John Oliver. I'd love to spend an hour with his holiness.
Ian Woods
It must be cool to live like a god on the backs of subsistence farming peasants while you jet around the world impressing Westerners with how "humble" and "enlightened" you are. On the sliding scale of evil operating under the guise of religion, Tibetan Buddhism is certainly on the more banal and marginal end, but let's not forget that these temples are cared for by today's serfs. The Dalai Lama, like all men, is flawed. It's a shame he doesn't renounce some of the more archaic practices and privileges his religious office affords him, in service to the Tibetan people.
James Phillips
The more I see of John, the more I respect him. Too bad there are not more like him. As for the Dalai Lama , I have always admired him and his views. Another brilliant man with a heart. again, too bad there are not more like minded people. The world is changing , just wonder which way are we going to go from here.
So he's kinda like the last airbender.
Giovanni Figueroa
You didn't mention that the Dalai Llama literally owned all of the people in Tibet. You didn't mention the revolution against serfdom which China aided. You didn't mention the torture that the serfs went through. You didn't mention that he was an autocratic God-human monarch dictator. The people setting themselves on fire do so to get the old ways back. The days of serfdom, slavery, monarchy, theocratic dictatorship. FUCK HIM! Tibet was freed when he was removed from power and the people liberated themselves.
icevsfire fun
Imagine if he is a demon!?
Julie Zhen
they are so quick to hate on Chinese people but it was white people it be difference. I am all for calling put bs but this perpetuate hate against all Chinese people. communism is rule by dictators. this doesnt represent all Chinese people. communism came from the west. nothing is worst than white supremacy
Rowan Rainford
This is so good and pure I am so happy. This gave me a will again.
Daniel Kaplan
15:00 "Let's talk about a lighter subject: Death." Irony?
Jiyu Jiang
I really feel sorry for those honest people receiving large amount of one-sided liberal point of view on the Tibetan issue. Tibet has not gain its independence since the unification by Yuan dynasty began in 1271. I have been to Tibet and as a free traveller I witnessed that the Tibetans enjoy benefits in both material and spiritual aspects given by the regional government. The integrity of the nation is the only bottom line. I admit there is a big military presence over there, but It is not the oppression performed by the communist party, it is just a long-standing tradition that Tibet is placed under the control of the Chinese central government, no matter what regime is in control. The Chinese government did made some mistake by using the Stalinist approach back in the 60s, but that era is far over by now. If you go to Tibet and compare the living standard over there with that in Nepal, you will see the difference the government is really making a real effort of improving the livelihood of Tibetan people. For many of those people who criticise Chinese government, how can you judge the government while you don't know who Dalai Lama really is?
Kamel Horn
The Dalai Lama talks so much fucking shit i cant even
Araz Zeyniyev
it feels like john oliver does some populism
Wang King
Tibet was a part of the great ancient China empire. Now, it is a part of PRC. Simple as that. This ambitious schemer wants to build his own Tibet Empire. Think about it. Will you agree to build a, for example, Alaska Empire as a US citizen? What is wrong with you people. Do not get fooled by these funny clowns. Learn the history of the east. Those people who burnt themselves are just brain washed extremists who are instructed by the outside incitement to disturb the harmony of China's society. Suicide bomber is another proper example for you guys to understand their behaviour. As you all know weapons are strictly controlled in China. That is the reason why they cannot bomb innocent people.
Kushagra Pandey
we Indians face a lot of flak from the Chinese for having him here, or him visiting Buddhist shrines , but guess what ? We love him!
Jason Adams
Dalai Lama and Lady Gaga in Indianapolis discussing yoga...wow.
Sam Geuvenen
He got a watch from FDR? That's a treasure beyond reckoning.
Wilhelm Bèthvéder
The guy at 1:07 was actually almost correct. The Dalai Lama is said to be a manifestation of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.
Digvijay Singh
fuck china the last grave of communism shit
china is taking over Tibet and nobody is doing anything and it the end of it the Tibetan's are gonna be counted as the bad group.
kinda like
Israel and palestine.
Europeans and Native Americans.
Sam Smorcington
I can't believe John actually traveled to the mountains of India to meet with the Dalai Lama
Page Hamlin
When the Dalai Lama laughs it makes my heart happy 😊
Michael Phillips
When Chinese officials described the Dalai Lama as a "demon" and then you want to explain how there are good demons in Chinese culture, to said officials. It would be hilarious to tell them how their ancestors would be disappointed in them and therefore insult them in the worst way, assuming they know their culture enough to be offended.
Katie Morris
How in the world 🌎 do you top a PRIVATE meeting the Dalai Lama 'one to one' EVER ??? Hearing him laugh, joke and tell you how he irritates the Chinese Power players ??!!?? As well as how carefully and delicately he has to deal with Tibetans who practice Self-immolation without making their personal sacrifices seem wrongful and 'un-Buddhist' - that would give their families a deep shame and scar to bare forever when they've lost a son or daughter who they consider to be a martyr for the Tibetan cause .... Completely heartbreaking, and I feel his empathy. If he came out and said "it's wrong, badly practiced Buddhism" just to save the lives he wants to, he'd be slapping the immolation martyrs memory and their families in the face. He wants desperately to save their lives but can't without desecrating the memory of those who've given their lives for a free Tibet. It's an awful position to be in but I'm glad that he applies so much wisdom and compassion to the issue as only the Dalai Lama could. #trulyamazing
subs for dalailama is needed. He has an accent that I have problems understanding.
Esther Rojo Blanco
I can't believe this interview didn't go viral/head of news/whatever.... best interview ever. What a brilliant conversation. Oliver: what a legend!!!
Vincent Lagana
The dalai lama is a scumbag!
Lajavi Krelac
Sorry John but the same thing u can say about the Serbian region of Kosovo,they took it,setup a paramilitary formation and burn all the monastery and churches that are Serbian history and faith..........I am talking about 3:34 - 4:10 time.......more and more I dislike your show!!!!!!!!
Eufa The Cat
Dalai Lama is so chill
Richard Boase
Oliver doesn't understand the depths of this at all...
Maria Acosta
I really enjoyed watching the Dali Lama and John Oliver chatting.
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