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Time to CATCH and RELEASE some SHARKS!
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We tagged and measured these sharks for research, and then safely released them.


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Huge thanks to Josh at BlacktipH for helping us make this happen!
Josh is trained professional who helped us measure, tag, and safely release all sharks that were caught!
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Mahanoor Mahanoor
aren't the sharks cute like if you agree
Mahanoor Mahanoor
ya he does cause he's awesome well all of them are
jasmin kaur
super_ sadra
really man!! you dont kill sharks just for youtube!!! do you like it when aliens come and say we gotta kill humans for youtube!! what if one of those humans is you? you dont like that! right? SO YOU DO NOT KILL SHARKS?!!!
MatyG Channel
😭poor garret😭
lulu 29
R.I.P garett
aidan hole
Do the shark life
Emmit Allen
I live in fl
Been Bino
its not just you jeffery
Shark on, Shark on!!
Young Savage
I hate ty because he wins everything and when he loses it's like the world is gonna end
Namrata Bagdare
Linus Möller
And say "Oh i think you was a shark" 🤗
Linus Möller
I know how someone can win over Tyler, Fish Tyler so he is out
Comic Heros
I Love Ty So!!!!!!!!!!
Van chuyen
good game and well player
Gangsterkidgmin Gangsterkidgmin
flying challange
Stella Sui
can you guy please do more fishing videos I love you fishing vids p.s love you guys
Gabe no
I'm sorry Garrett
christina lange
Pour Garrett
Dayton Hale
do you keep the sharks
Bassem's Nerf guns
I guess I you can say this is sharking battle
Davohn Davis
what the fuck
Rocio Herrera
dont kill the sharks or i wont like thi video and un subcribe
Rafael Valle Costa
Meu nome é juliana
Adan Prange
what happened to garett
Dovid Deitsch
its not just you and poor gar
The grim reaper's Games
The grim reaper's Games
Sr Temaki
aki é BR porrraaaaaaáaaaaaaaa
little lab rat
garage is therd
Fifa Dillon
They coach the same shark like 20 times
Me Tube
Nate Richardson
Did he really go to the hospital
Alfie Newson
yous are awesome
Mr Panda
this is the best challenge that I have ever seen
Chloe Evangeline
Poor Garett he's in hispital😰😭
Amazing music Neil
What kind of bait did you guys use
Lets Go Fish Gaming
Noooo Gar!
Ty and Cody is my favorit
Stella Sung
Is it dangerous
Stella Sung
How many sharks are in those beach
KameDrpx Gaming
Did a shark bite garret?
Oskar Salomonowitz
Oskar Salomonowitz
Die armen Haie.
Teddy The puppy
Is garret ok
Alexander Mortensen
What did you do with the sharks?
Jasper Sullivan-Ussher
giant tuna fishing battle
Jonas Ward
Muhd Farhan
Challenge Soccer Panna/Nutmeg
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