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Time to CATCH and RELEASE some SHARKS!
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We tagged and measured these sharks for research, and then safely released them.


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Huge thanks to Josh at BlacktipH for helping us make this happen!
Josh is trained professional who helped us measure, tag, and safely release all sharks that were caught!
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Henry Swenerton
How would you guys catch sharks at the beach.
iHqchoPPs UHC & PvP
Dont do this please 😒
Darann Begay
The battle should be trout fishing
bikers skateboarders
can you look up my channel biker skateboarders
Tj sumter
more fishing
Daniel Gonzalez
I'm tired of Ty winning all the time
is it rele
Jenna Ommen
Mikolodeon Vlogs, Challenges, Games, and more!
Do Goliath Grouper next! Like if you agree!
Lucy Lu
So cool
Slime685 Gamer
Nice Fishing dude! Sad for your friends that got bited by the Shark. :(
ragas opel plas
dont kill sharks
Kaopann Mthl
Rama Marrow
You guys shouldn't catch sharks because I'm a vegetarian
christina pehl
stop killing sharks they are good for the ocean
Of course tyler wins
hunter 4,000 other things
hunting battle
Raleigh Green
Do u put the Sharks Back in the water ???
Red X
that was so awesome
Mr_TI_ Chicken
were the sharks put back
Ákos Molnár-Bíró
Jonny Cruz
I had a I.V three times in one day I was so sick I was in tears because a I.V
K.priya N
Valen Omg Pro
Luiz e
Wind Boss
Laser tag
Alexia Declerck
FooTYWoLF 3999
I haven't seen this yet (honest) I bet ty wins
John David Donohue
Reid _11
This was AWESOME!!!!!
I subbed
who else feels they are starting to run out of ideas...
John Lau
sry but disklike. The poor shark..
Zarina Govindasamy
why would u do this
ClanClasher 89
Subscribe to me
ClanClasher 89
Subscribe to me
restu triandy
Go ty go ty go ty
why do you guys do that to a shark😭😭😭
Marissa Macias
ty you the best
Shannon Clinard
where did uall fish
Jessica Bae
Shark on Shark on
Ethan :D
the sharks are so cute!
Hafiz Arham
That is so skary
Cardin N
Who is the leader of dude perfect?
Landon Koubandonh
I love this channel because of no clickbait
Jeremy Norton
do a golf battle
Gabe Wennekamp
Laser tag battle please
Gabe Wennekamp
Laser tag battle
Thiago Loufer
Jajajaisjjsjjjdeeifiefhufbyurihvuoyeh hovhyr cui tu rti ru of
I think it's brutal to catch the sharks for clicks, i mean it is good that you realised them, but i think that they had a lot of stress😞
Lilly Jouline
It's not fishing is sharking
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