Tennis Player Can't stop laughing at the opposite player mistake

TennisFemales Tennis2016IsraelEstonia2vs2

Israel - Estonia 
Israel Tennis Player can't stop laughing at the Estonia player after her mistake

it wasn't that funny bitch!
Plot twist: the girl who made the mistake won.
Quantum Thinking
Chosen women are hot
Is it only me wondering how hot all these chicks are?
Benjamin gaete leon
Legend has it she's still laughing
Seungyun Choi
Why are tennis players so hot
Anna Bunny
red tube is a pornsite... you know that right?
Gaira Liiver
oh eesti ( estonia ) yo eestlased
Michael Collier
Love them all, I mean love all.
hey everybody in here, i just wanted to let yall know that donald trump loves each and every one of you. god bless
Anubis GameNoReal
What a fucking bitch
Of course it had to be a kike.

And by the way. It's called Palestine, not "israel" as nazis refer.
Veronika Alexandra
She should laugh at herself, very unprofessional,unless she was laughing out of nervousness I have no tolerance for behavior like this! she is the one looking ridiculous, grow up really ,where is the sportsmanship and aside that, humanity..not funny..
I would slip all four of them some dick right after that match
K Collections
Terror land Israel
i cracked up too
Israel girl are cute.
Ginger Hater
Damn, didn't expect to see my country in here.
kriz polido
she's cute😊
Ronaldo Bmt
israel player stupid fucking ass no respected.. country most terrorist in the world
Fast Solution
fuck israel
Women laughing is slightly obnoxious sometimes
what a bad attitude
Vladimir Putin
Stupid estonian blonde
Fire Of Beauty
I wonder if that pussy smells like greed and stolen countries.
Megi Arjuna
fuck israel
Israel, says it all, they laugh at kids getting bombed
123 456
laughing gas
Benjamin Eckman
This is why everyone hates Israel AM I RIGHT
Christian Leuellyn
Women these days💯
KD35 durant
thats why hitler hate the jews
Straight Gangsta
I like thighs
Got to get all the giggles out
God I hoped the Estonians smashed them
Arctic Tofu
A typical kike.
Cad avr
damn girl, looking good ;)
Serve can not be delayed. You have certain time to serve.
This is violation, should be opponent's point and the game
inglisuri saertashoriso
they are sexy hmmm give me that girl
That girl seriously needs some meat to fill her hole !!!
Mamad Irooni
its ok; Israeli are asshole by nature.;;; A typical zionist filthy jews;
Forhan Khan
I hate israil
Megan Mcmillan
thats mean everyone makes mistakes
Mahamed Aboubakar
When hitler uses laughing gas instead
okay 'It wasssss soooo funny' haha
Came here for the video. Stayed for the comments
so unprofessional
Don't Read My Profile Picture
gotta love jews.
don't read my name
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