Luqmanul Hakim
damn zionist ruthless in sports as well...waiting for hate replies...=p
El Toro
They look like heaven
Seno Budd
Even the Israeli reported said that wasn't really respecting even tho I can guarantee you guys if she was from Belgium everyone would be just like "oh it's okay she just couldn't contain her excitement".....
Rae Dai
I laugh all the time unable to stop. Sometimes it's a good shot for me. Maybe the other player is immature about a mistake. Maybe it just looks too serious. Either way i will laugh and I won't stop until I level out on my own.
5 million views about nothing !
Jassa Singh
i would let her laugh at me all day long.. she is adorable!
Mila Roberts
Best part of it is, the girls who missed the overhead won the game
Mid Dim
she tried to stop but couldnt lol kinda cute
Rotua Frans Manalu
its funn, but when you see from estonian point of view its like a humiliate feel sory, but still laugh
Aman Sharma
I love her.
Adam Sandler
The comment section is worse than Auschwitz
Timo Fernandes
hot chicks...
Cana box
What a Bitch
G zone
Fuck Israel
Arief Chalid
for muslim guys,.. Israel is the name of prophet Ya'qub.. so if you want to curse, just curse JEWS
Arturo Albino
Master Chris
I love Israel
TheGreat Gatsby
jesus !!! them jewwwwss are fucking hot!! now I am 100% sure Hitler was asexual!! cozz damnn !! why would you wanna put these hot bitches in concentration camps!! sex camp sure but not concentration camps XD !
"israel" the stray dogs of earth that claim to have a country that already had a people
Bogus Bozo
Who else laughed when she kept trying to hold it in but couldn't?
So sexist!!! Actually wait, they are all women. It's Trump's fault. We need more gun control!
Petroshock Pictures
Tennis chicks. PREMIUM...
Leonel Pisacic
Ralphy Jayson Bernales
Ifraz Ali
After that
She farted
Grizz Frank
Fuck Israel - From Wales.
Obaid Vlogs 2
Israel sucks
Joonas Kärhä
What an asshole lol shes ugly asf too
Blue Mon
Fuck israel
Spur 18
All anti zionists and anti semites out there, it kills y'all how attractive our Israeli girls are, and hey look, you can see more than just their ankles, neat
fucking kikes
melarkhadijah muslim
i hate israel
Justine De Leon
Not a big deal
Like the video and pretty girl to and from Israel so winning all around.
fucking jewish........i laught when i use soap
ram chandran
Cute but better to hide or take time to come out, just because other will hurt a lot, especially when two countries.
Handy Man
Are the used panties for sale or...?
Exo-l SMstans
israel 👎 free Palestine 📣
Is Zulkarnain
Yeah, israeli love to laugh. They also laugh when their bombs killed all the palestinian kids. Not a big deal though.
Aditya Sanket
I really want to know who won the match, or I should say... had the last laugh! XD
Pip Smith
disliked cos she is an ugly jew and not native to Palestine!
This_is_ron 24356
Half y'all laugh at ppl falling and other shit stfu 😬😂😂
Ahmed Hany
Israel is a terrorist country that killing children women everyday and take a land they don't own they are savages.

All people here know what is happening in Palestine and what is " Isreal " Terror is doing there !!

Stop your fucking words. and say the truth, if you are human you will defend about Palestine and Innocents .
fck jew
Hungry for success ready for everything
💓💓💓we love israel💓💓💓
respect form india and plz ignore the toxic comments
Ashish Kumar
Israel is terrorist state.
They look about as Israeli as eskimos. More like Russians to me.
So.... did she ever serve the ball or nah?
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