Golden Globes: 'Walking Dead's' Jeffrey Dean Morgan Poses With 'Lucille,' Teases Midseason Premiere

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On the Golden Globes red carpet, "The Walking Dead's" Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks with Access Hollywood and is surprised with "Lucille" on the carpet! Plus, find out why he thinks fans are obsessed with his character Negan.
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Sherosekhan Khan
Is it weird that I have a man crush on this guy? ❤️
Onácia Nacinha Oficial
Jeffrey Dean Morgan 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ashley Guerrero
He's old enough to be my dad but he's so hot..........
Why does he have to be so hot?!
Karly Weasley
in the moment they gave him the fake Lucille he goes all Negan, LOVE IT!
Wally Spencer
Rubic Cube
with Eugene's engineering knowledge and skills i think negan wouldn't care 4 daryl anymore
is so cool
Stefan Urban
He is a caveman alpha Silverback and girls dig that. All your feelings proves Evolution and your affection is noting more than an instinct.
Flux Fox
Hard to hate this character....Well I dont hated the cha but he was angst-inducing and I got a verry bad feeling in my stomach cause this figure was so evil without knowing it cause it's confused stance of life.... But I have great respect to the actor that has realy understood how such a psychopatic, wrong leaded figure is behaving and may opend a possibility to take a look at such a charakter that realy is appearing (unfortunely) often on this world.... We can see such a Character for example now at the highest podest of that world and we could have seen it often before... greatings from germany..
The Tribute Master
xD He started leaning back with the bat over his shoulder 0:16
That's right man get into character lol
Super Deity
Those who did disliked this video: Glenn, Abraham, Spencer and Olivia
Eli harris
im confused about his beard, did it grow back or is this old
I hope all the fangirls don't ruin Negan for me like they did with Daryl.
adblock plus to block annoying ads!
love how he instantly goes to Negan's body movements when he gets Lucille.
WHAT a man seriously...<3
Melancholy Heart
Is it me, or am I the only woman who smiles like the Cheshire Cat at the sight of this man? 😻😻😻
Ambar Benitez
He is so hot! My God
**Acquires bat... Instantly starts leaning backward**
The Comedian great actor
Crystal leon
"why is it so hard to hate negan?"

me- 'because he is hot'
Its not hard to hate Negan because of the writing. Trust me. The writing sucks! The show sucks! Jeffrey Dean Morgan has an infectious charisma that can not be duplicated. He is the reason you can't hate Negan. Everyone else sucks.
Payton in the back
Lewlav Abra
Well hello there, John Winchester
Ayano Aishi
Gavin Lesko
so glad hes bulking and getting bigger
Hilarie in the Background. So cute and beautiful!
What a great guy
Ari Papermaster
Erica Kovacs
How did Lucille get on the red carpet? 😄💗
Monica C
daddy af 😍
Pigeon Crack
Hahaha I love this man!
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