Golden Globes: 'Walking Dead's' Jeffrey Dean Morgan Poses With 'Lucille,' Teases Midseason Premiere

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On the Golden Globes red carpet, "The Walking Dead's" Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks with Access Hollywood and is surprised with "Lucille" on the carpet! Plus, find out why he thinks fans are obsessed with his character Negan.
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WHAT a man seriously...<3
Melancholy Heart
Is it me, or am I the only woman who smiles like the Cheshire Cat at the sight of this man? 😻😻😻
Ambar Benitez
He is so hot! My God
**Acquires bat... Instantly starts leaning backward**
The Comedian great actor
Crystal leon
"why is it so hard to hate negan?"

me- 'because he is hot'
JD Fenix Redfield
"why is it so hard too hate Negan is it because of you" she asked "well ya know its a combination of blah blah damn JDM doesn't want to sound conceded XD !!!
Its not hard to hate Negan because of the writing. Trust me. The writing sucks! The show sucks! Jeffrey Dean Morgan has an infectious charisma that can not be duplicated. He is the reason you can't hate Negan. Everyone else sucks.
Payton in the back
Lewlav Abra
Well hello there, John Winchester
Emo Baby *-*
Gavin Lesko (K1LLAxBIGxG)
so glad hes bulking and getting bigger
Hilarie in the Background. So cute and beautiful!
What a great guy
Ari Papermaster
Erica Glenn
How did Lucille get on the red carpet? 😄💗
Monica C
daddy af 😍
Pigeon Crack
Hahaha I love this man!
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