Feeding giraffes at Elmwood Park Zoo

Giraffe (Organism Classification)Elmwood Park Zoo (Zoo)Philadelphia (City/Town/Village)Zoo (Type Of Museum)City (Ontology Class)Museum (Building Function)Village (Fictional Setting)giraffeNorristown (City/Town/Village)Lettuce (Organism Classification)

© Sean T. McMann — Grab a leaf of lettuce and feed the two male giraffes at the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, Pa.! These cute guys love to gobble the green stuff, and if you listen closely at the 1:29 mark, you can hear the older giraffe chomp on his lunch. For more information on the Elmwood Park Zoo, click http://elmwoodparkzoo.org/

Eddie Gonzalez
that is so cool!
Andrew Nagy
These Animals belong in the wild . Not in fucking norristown
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Doggo
damn, those dogs have long necks.
Troy london
they are so cute
Adrian St5
abdul razak
Up ggxdo
I Refuse To Defuse
Herbivorous animals are great
I Refuse To Defuse
Herbivorous animals are great
Mandar Khandekar
this was so satisfying to watch
David montz
Why did you do a close up of his mouth that was just disturbing lol
alan lacy
Unacceptable Orange Juice With Milk In It
Giraffes. I love them.
Nikki Cartwright
OMG I love giraffes🤓🤓🤓
John Smith
lol, the kid got bit
Hamid Moham
Why not ??!!
Anthony Lee
Is this legal. Did the zoo allow this?
Shy Beats
That tongue tho lol
Leelooo G!rl!ng
Did you know that if a giraffe drinks a coffee... by the time it gets down to its belly.. the coffee is cold? Do you ever think about that? No. You only think about yourself.
what if dinosaurs actually behaved like giraffes around humans? if they didn't go extinct we'd have them in zoos and feed them and make memes out of them xD
Satou Tatsuhiro
I don't believe in giraffes
beybladejag bj 123
its si nice
Fed Ff
their fur is so beautiful
Very cool video. Thanks for sharing.
That's pretty awesome, you can do that at a zoo close to where I live too. :D I have a similar video
I'm losing command
Fabulous animals.
This dark tongue :D
Tech tonik
is this the one close to wasaga paintball?
Tery Miller
They are so beautiful
Beautiful animals!
:) :)
Awesome, time for me to check out the Elmwood Park Zoo!
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