Reading Mean Comments! (Dear Ryan)

reading mean commentsnigahigaryan higahigatvdear ryan

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Vance Guzman
ryan can you rap battle with greg #askryan
kurupati obulaiah
#dear Ryan could you smash pie on dereck
tema's channel
dear Ryan can u ride a bycicle while carrying your friends ON you
(2 or more)
tema's channel
wow I'm confused from the copy thing
FlamingGamer 36095
dear ryan can you burn 1000 papers
Anime Fan
New Rapper - Ryan Higa
Taylor Tedford
Dear Ryan you should vlog a tour with you and your team
Omg why does Ryan eyes look so weird
are the ring light safe for ur eyes
Morning Awesome
Once I was asked if I was Chinese or Korean. Answer was the blue spot decorating his eye next.
jesus cano
when did that guy see his grandmas vagina
Bad Decision
4:48 "I can't think of anything else to write." and "These text things took so long to make." 😂
Arestsnow 77
You forgot the uhh
the not alone syauqi
i want is i want the shirt but im a kid :(
aaron depp
you are so funny and handsome. that's all I have to say.
Super Pony
Dear Ryan, can you do a video where your a emoji that's lost and he finds more emojis that are lost. Or something like that please I'm trying to make you read long.
Daniel Ojeda
dear ryan can you make a trailer for spiderman?
ChrisNeonGamer GD
Evan [Vanoss] offended
little cute alisha
+Layla Mack you get a lot of likes, that means..... RYAN IS GOOD LOOKING!
yang luo
I love Ryan so much he's da best
Nash k.D.
For Greg: seriously i think that you are one of the cutest in the tehee club
Everyone on this channel is a total savage!!!!!
Sean is a total savage
The Non-PC Gamer
And this was the start of Dude Decent....
4:07 lispy jimmy
Sir ColdMilk Playz
Dear Ryan can u try to land a back flip
Idiotictree1233 Bleach
Dear Ryan can u eat hog food?
Smart Laziness
What is the song in the beginning
Ahmad Bilal
The only youtube that doesn't disappoints
Mechadroid 3000
Dear ryan can you do fast and furious in real life
iram zakir
I just realised i have liked every single of Ryan's vedio i have seen.

Tho joined this channel just 3 days ago but man this man is 🔥
Aparajita Chowdhuri
whoever wished that Marley dies is a total knuckleheaded lifeless worthless idiot

if you're not the person... that's totally cool
Ashe The Crafter
They Made a world record lol
Alexia Chen
Dear Ryan, how are you?
Jay Golden
dear ryan: why do you say your pet peeve when the only pets you have is Marley and Teddy?
Aisha Malik
0:30 I think "he" is possesed cause just...just the way he talks and his face at that time.....Ryan is......ILLUMINATI
NSR Deoxys
you suck
Dear Ryan please leak your nudes 🙃
Charise Ann O. Sabordo
Hey dear Ryan can u sing Stronger Than you by Sans?
Charise Ann O. Sabordo
He predicted (Rings)the movie😮
breanna gollihur
braces are AWESOME
This was published on my birthday
Justin Santos
You suck
Ren Mcscoggin
Dear ryan can you do a zootopia parody?
Ren Mcscoggin
i love how their so rich that they just laugh when the hoverboard breaks. lol i would cry!
NOOOOO SEAN UR MY FAVORITE(No offense to anyone else)!!!
ryans lips are so chapped they look like my grandmas vagina
He doesnt look like vanoss, that guy is just racist
Pushya Jain
ooh! that eyes are due to the light ring and all this time i thought that he was a cyborg sent from the future to entertain us due to the lack of entertainment and a lot of people getting offended. ( this idea has nothing todo with my recent watching of the terminator franchise)
TheProBro 17
Ryan I wonder who will rap faster me or you?
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