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Rising Rhythms
*Hello all*, my channel is dedicated to supporting new and unpopular artists to give them the motivation to keep producing wonderful works !

I just uploaded a remix of this song made by Voodoo Belong, so check it out if you are interested.

If you are not interested then I'm sorry to bother and wish you all a nice day :) Thanks
Who loves the song FFF 1:27
Eugene Delecroix
gud music
Ксюша Горбунова
Я люблю эту песню
FUN World
I love this
Shaina Kaur
Some of the best music vids righ here. YEE🤘🏾🤘🏾🔥🔥
Danny O'Hara
That party looks like it stinks of weed
Danny O'Hara
That party looks like it stinks of weed
Lorena Zogu
kush asht shqiptar like
please guys does it contains copyright
RA Oruatser
OMG!!!! All this time I thought Britney Spears is the original of this song!!! 😂😭😢
Nyeyuugen III
Bebe rhexa is hot aff
Arpita Sharma
Thumbs up if you guys have same habit of reading comments while listening to the song 👍
Christopher Amalaha
Who loves g easy I do he so cool and I can rap others are craps without you all and g easy should I rap or talk crap
Zander Fertig
I've been alone for all my life. I dont have plans of having a care of whether I find someone or anything because this song makes me just give up on life and just be happy with myself and keep myself company. This song makes me drive 110 on the highway and not give a fuck. It may sound negative but truth be told this song is the best song when you're broken.
Sarah Aguilar
fuck everybody im gud all on my own
Franck Valdez
me and my girlfriend together
"Ça va être que nous, d'ailleurs c'est moi qui conduit" 👌
Gladys Leyva
I love this song I remember of the pass
Monkey Lou
Wait.. thats Bebe?????
Edna Quintero
this in musica.ly
the zarn barn 93
jus me myself and I till the die I day and I'll die happy fuck love and fuck everyone
Jorge alejandro Valdez Rodríguez
Bebe! <3
Who listening in 2017 March 29
Rizing Pho
my favorite song still.✌
Mohnish Nair
Dont pull your brake
yes you are compared to Mr Drake
but thats not what you're here to take
G-Eazy be easy and I wish that more music
tours you take... and i wish more money you can make...

just a fan,
I love this song!
this song is so depressing like me
I hate the way such an emotional and deep song has turnt into a perfectly hyped and groupied crap. FUCK YALL 16 YEARS OLD BITCHES
trust me my love *and the whole fricken place is filled with people
algum BR que ama g-Eazy?
Jay Reay
What a dope track, god bless g-eazy
Jay Reay
What a dope track, god bless g-eazy
Adnan Ramcic
chill nation*
Adnan Ramcic
on chll there are more views than here
I'm genius!!
Alfred Butler
I thought this was Drake I guess the new sound is drake
Arniukas GG
this song is cool
i don't know
That scene when he is talking to himself is on point.
Casandra Branch
G Eazy sooooooooooooooooo SEXY!!!!
"cheer up u asshole" 😁😂😂
Roger Rice
This is a really psychologically intelligent song, it depicts a psychological conflict that I go through at night sometimes.
If I heard this song while I was in Iraq it would be a great song as it is now. This song is on point. F those fake ass people not only those who say your friends. Every birthday I have had since I heard this song says it all. Simple is better at any time.
any small you tubers want to support each other ? let's be friends xo
LPS world of Selin
I think in real life G's girlfriend is Bebe Rexha because in Bebe's No Broken Hearts song they hug together😀
oh shiit Lucas
Who's still listening in 2017?
Atira Duncan
I've listened to a lot of songs and this is by far the longest song I have ever listened to
Jay White
I don't give a fuck!
Jay White
That's right Russian model, lover of myself!
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