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Third Of Second
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Mambo Con Twisto
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Broadway Heights
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Soho Strut Main
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Riviera Dance
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Private Eyes
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Happy & Funny Clarinet Swing
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Some Party 60s
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Coffee Jones
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Benefit Cosmetics
Rena Gillen

Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit Cosmetics
Jared Bailey
Victoria Payne, Makeup Artist IG 

cutey Rosado
why is she moving like she has arthritis? 😲
Rosario Dsilva
she looks a little like adele at one point hey?
Taylor Tynan
Gavin Hollis
I don't know how Cara Delevingne can be your example of eyebrows for 2000-2010 when her official modeling career started in 2009.
Shelly Clark
Ok 5 or more likes on this comment if you think Buzzfeed needs new makeup artists who are more experienced. These people did so terrible on her brows, they were so uneven because two different people were doing her brows!!!
Bsalaices YT
0:37 Last time I checked silent wasn't spelled "silient"...
silient movies are gr8
Luthien Hirohito
Geez, looking at her trying to be sexy give me shivers, bleh.
Black-Kitty 101
this girl reminds me of voldemort and ursula. no offence I'm a Harry potter fan
Green Alligator
Oh wow. Please don't tell me that in the 1900s people had their makeup cakey af.
Faye Hanson
Maia Straus
tbh the 50s brow is more now than the now one is
Guini Vsb
you are sooo beautiful without makeup!
Jasmin Magapan
i naturally have the 2010 eyebrows
annamei 2430
1920 is how I draw my eyebrows in manga style and 1930 is a Jessica rabbit one
is it even possible to have that much makeup caked onto your face
Fashion taste was just better in the 40s and 50s IMO
Ricca Shaps
If you can't cope with the trends, I say it should be good as long as they are symmetrical and clean trimmed.
Robert Crawford
This is gross man...
Ellen Oh
20s and 50s most def
Eman Ellaithy
I feel the model's pain
Cassandra Melendez
I wish the girl in the video would have held still she kept moving around too much
Tessa Heffels
The man can do the brows much better than the woman.
So cakey and the eyebrows aren't even
Sophia Rice-Straus
They wrote silient movies, instead of silent movies. Oopsies Buzzfeed!
Thania Gomez
I have really thick eyebrows!help?
1960 is my fave
Anika Raybarman
0:51 Was like
DAMN that arch be on fleek
Ffs just cuz the eye brows arent even doesnt mean ur whole life is over it might make some people annoyed but just deal with it they did put very hard work in the video so appreciate it and dont go all hating just cuz i said something opposite of what ur saying just appreciate what they are doing they arent the best makeup artist but there not bad aswell btw i love how u guys put different music for each eye brows it suits so much good work Buzzfeed 😊
Gabrielle Dela Cruz
those brows were nowhere near as liz taylor's
Wow the quality of their videos is getting worse. They need to hire better make up artists and better models.
Blade The Werewolf
What are silient movies?
Kailyn Cherry
My fav was the 1930
Teresa L
we get it people
no need to keep repeating it you know there's thousands of comments already
Megan Mair
am i the only one who cringed at the way the women was mooving her head around?
Wee Scottish Nutter
I don't -

What -

Okay, okay, cool
Autumn Johnson
Omfg having two different makeup artists for the same face never works out
Solid Tech 6
Is it just me or were her 2 eyebrows always looking different
Isabelle Teta
I'm sorry, but it REALLY doesn't matter if the eyebrows are uneven or crooked, their main focus was to show when, how and why. But really, buzzfeed can try a little better
Ruby Hawkins
they do not know how to do eyebrows properly one eyebrow was higher than the other one was more pointier than the other
Crab Apple
So much negativity in the comments it's just sad
The make-up artist on the left didn't even try to match the other & they majority of her work looked terrible!!
Amber Galante
the 60s and 70s brows were nice
Nevaeh johnson101
u guys need better models because that one ate to many big macks
Zenny Zenzen
Wow all these complains about the makeup artist thing is gonna get the makeup artists fired. (Man I feel bad for them)
Shannon Locke
All of these looked terrible. Bad Buzzfeed, BAD.
Shanees Hayat
the model is cringy
1920-30 I was so scared.. o3o
it made me touch my eyebrows
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