Merkel meets Trump at the White House

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Donald Trump haven't always seen eye-to-eye, meaning their first face-to-face discussions could be tense. 

But the leaders of two of the world's most powerful countries put on a diplomatic smile for the cameras as they met at the White House.

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Francis Godinho
The media and the Trump haters (some below on this thread) have nothing to offer to the Americans who voted for President Donald Trump. Just because your vote failed to win Hillary Clinton or Obama's legacy, that does not give the right to curse and abuse. Hey, you bet all your money on a horse name, "Hillary" she came last at the race, you are frustrated and curse the winning horse. You and the whole media were fooled by Hillary & Obama. Donald Trump did nothing to fool you. He was minding his own business promising who wanted change. Nothing wrong with change in life. You are like the media reporters who will only come with negative questions about wiretap, about Russia etc., Real highly educated reporter(s) would ask the President what he can do to improve the thought of people who voted and lost, who curse day in and day out? Reporters who care for America would go to all the people who voted President to find out are you happy with the President promises and his policies to bring jobs, lower taxes, raise the standard of living? That is the reporter's job. Nobody in the media or people who curse have asked that question? Only show their frustration by cursing and abusing. How can the media ever win by alienating President Trump supporters who are watching to kick you losers again in 2020
Gabri gabriele
frau culona :D
German traitor meets American clown.
There, fixed the title for you eurolies.
AltNRG Account
Wheel clamp airforce one.
Bob Leroy
Trump wanted to talk about gossip and she wanted to talk about world issues
Trump looked so immature. He is a gossip queen
Non Mirage Truth Vision
They seemed happy to finally meet in person, definitely more pleasant than the visit with Erdoğan.
Peter Becker
Both are bad
VDS John
let her go to Somalia
Trump you have to resist her Sith mind tricks she will use on you, don´t give in to her Globalist agenda. Remember that Merkel is the loyal follower of George Soros
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