Amelie Johnson
i love meow meow
How long did it take ellen to give a good lick to Miley? Not Long
Alex Lacroix
sounds like some of us are modern day hippies
Whitney Edson
Awe Miley looks adorable! Her outfit is soooo cute! I love Miley and Ellen so much!
Abby R
god i lovd miley
Karmen Warden
Ahh i luv miley
Thank goodness im not a millennial
Oh Ha Neul
Vlogster Without vlogging
She came in like a wrecking ball
Amy Bowie
Oh my god the man pushing Miley on stage
Teal Gaming
Im a millennial 💕
Kary J.
Her hair looks beautiful (M)
Joanna Rose
Please see my channel Joanna rose 🌹 and subscribed to
God her voice is so manly and reminds me of a horse 😂😂😂
Conny V
Miley always sounds like she swallowed a guy.
jenny craig
cringed so hard
Shie Nguyen
I like Miley more than Taylor Swift
Tata Bean
I saw the man pushing Miley at 0:64
American Way
ElleN the masonic slave shill just interviewed the "exercise role player" in the Vegas event - conveniently named Jesus CAMPos.

This is how the cowards communicate in darkness with signs, names, #'s and Symbols, because of their unjust criminal acts.

Hence why she disables comments on particular videos.

LUKE 8:17

MARK 4:22

YESHUA "The Original Stone Mason". carpenter not!!
Negin Salari
Miley's face looked so angry when no one applauded her being vegan right away 😂
Tran Doanh
Am I the only one who feel bad for the old man?
G_ Digger026
Miley and I were both born in 1992 I don't think we exactly qualify as Millennials XD but that's okay
Kendi Kinoti
Meow Meow
Ellen is just da best! xDD I mean who dosent love her?!
Faith Lindsay
Is it just me or - and I’m not hating, just stating an observation - is Miley trying too hard? To be happy, or to be different to how she’s been portrayed the past few years?
Everyone loves miley
StopmotionsAg 2005
0:38 Poor guy had to push Miley and the stage on sage😂😂😂😂
Flora Guan
why yu acting liemtbishshit lamo aint ur sto whyy u like it cux u saisan
Deena K
sorry people, i stopped liking miley when she posted her crybaby video after Trump won, get over it!!! I didn't cry when obama won, I went on with my life... i didn't throw a temper tantrum and all the crap these celebrities have done. Its disgusting. I have a 24 year old daughter who is vegan, has been since 6th grade. Very proud of her.
Umut Balci
whats the song omg
Chanakya Pendse
Why do I need to see the iPhone 8 commercial always before I watch a Ellen video on this channel
miley looks Sober AF
Cazjin Kurd
Omg at 0:44 that girl in the front row seat looks like Miley that had the purplish dress on
Tiffany Djohan
anyone notice that guy on the back pushing??
Milagros Antonena
i love them
Taylor Heinbaugh
Isn't she penny from Bolt
Namita Mantri
I liked it mainly because of Ellen's dance at the end......can't stop watching it
Aditya cnady_for_life
Kendall.. 😍😍
365 nnn
Ellen is good at dance
Pedro Carcharias
I'd like to invite Ellen and everyone to view The Book of Pedro Volume 1 on YouTube
zarria & zarriah
Miley is so pretty 😭😍😍😍
Anchor's Away
Everybody's vegan
Samuel Akinsulire
I loved watching them dance together soooo cute!!!!!!!
3:24 love how the camera moves
Infotainment by Sana Aly
even i dont understand fidget spinners😐😐😐
#1 Smiler
Gen z is better but love you Miley Cyrus
WOW,There's a lot of blonde girls
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