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Nat & Lo show you how to play the secret T-Rex game inside Chrome. For more games from Google you might like to play, check out the full video →

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art and craft ideas
i like this
Türkler burmamigg?
Who is Turkish? :D asdgjl
FDM Thunder
Who thinks they have to release this games on Android?
Christine Fortune
does it only work on mobile
How can I see that
C. M.
como eu descobri que era Deus eu estava rezando e percebi que estava falando comigo mesmo
TrillBoy 2X
Congrats on surpassing Apple as the most valuable brand!
Can you guys please change the Google logo back to the old logo?
I have also made a game like this in C++ this year
Kali Takumi
Everybody talks about this like it isn't a secret so I guess that means I'm dumb for just thinking the dinosaur represented the fact that neither of us had internet connection
Great Time Wins
Please try to ask as many people as you can to subscribe me I really need it!
Mystiic Gamer
Garvin Chanderia
I want a pixel but I can't afford it 😭😭😭😭
Cpt. Haddock
I've been playing this rex games for a long time.
can I get a google gift box
Coffi Channel
здохните от спида мамок ваших ебал на столе пидоры почему я не могу создать второй аккаунт?
AllIndianEducation [AIE]
i love google toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
AllIndianEducation [AIE]
very very nice
Star Butterfly
my highest score is 652
Imran GD
google,please,ban the channel called «They Are Maggots».Please.Just please
nick ._.
Joe Capo
*4 million subscribers
I'm glad to see that subscriptions are useless
acak kadul broo #vlog
Vinayak Venu
hey there is a game Google pacman just type it and press I am feeling lucky there you go Google pacman is there to play
Fireofthetiger/ /FireTiger818
Miguel Oseguera
эдик Ульенко
✌️Мир, дружба, радость Жизни🎆
I actually love playing little dinosaur game when offline. Simple yet effective.
Israel Raizer Cruvinel
Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background?
Davide Mengozzi
Please Google
Google pixel in italy
Rajesh Kumar Ranjan Ranjan
samitha sheshan
Alyssa Mitchell
.... really? this isn't even a secret
As I was watching this, my tab crashed. Maybe the Chrome dev team should work more on proper memory allocation rather than flashy little games.
hen nope
DH Shawon
Yo dawg, I heard you like videos, so we made a video for a video.
Trolly Troll
I already knew that
Good, let me try first !
Simon Vasquez
Hex Crown
knew about that for a looooong time. You guys have any new "Secret games"?
smart droid
alguieen q able español por aqui para q me tradusca q dicen en el video😂
I'm desperate for 40 subscribers. Whoever subscribes to me will get a sub back, like on their vid and a shoutout.

Just comment "done"
Catia Rodrigues
Eu nunca consigo 😂😂
Technical Track
I can play this game
very well
any one who played it?
Adnan Al-shami
How did you get it to say Fi in the notification bar?
Michael Thomas
The reason I don't share these vids in my communities is because they're way to short !
+Google @Google #Google
Life tips.
Ranel Tamayo
that's google we love
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