Star Trek Discovery - 2 trailers

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2 promotional trailers have been released so far to the new TV show Star Trek Discovery, which is currently in production and will be released later in 2017 on CBS All Access (USA) and Netflix (rest of the world).

Kishore Motwani
Please be good, please be good, please be good.
Anonymous Guy
It's out and it's shit. More liberal political correct cuntyshite.
Randall Goguen
They should drop the whole show.
Richard English
omg it looks so flat like warf said we under went change in the deep space nine episode so u ran with it. this looks horrible like the extras from the walking dead horriblr
I hope they keep this musical score. I love it
Star Trek: Section 31.


can't make a kick ass morally grey show.
Iron E
This looks like it's going to be an amazing video game.

Oh wait. It's a TV show?

So now my Star Trek is being peed on by a new generation and I hate it ...That ship looks like a mix of warbird and bird of prey and way to aggressive for the federation..
Carlo X
I can't wait ! I can't wait !!!
The Anti PC Parrot
why does the ship look Klingon? also i honestly dont think it matters how good this series is. the decisions they are making with it like for example making it exclusive to cbs all access make it seem like its doomed to fail. i mean they are putting it in a tough position before from the get go so for it to succeed it would have to be game of thrones level good.
Chae Kang
Why does it look like a bird of prey?
S Blair
Remember Axanar! Be careful of the STD that CBS wants to give you. :)
notasloud r
sigh. CBS has messed up 'Trek enough. In their recent destruction of fan based shows [Renegades, Axanar, Continues, etc.] with their crazy new rules, as well as their new "pay to play" Discovery instead of putting it on standard channels, they have done more in the course of a year to destroy fandom than a lot. CBS should sell their interest in Star Trek and get it to someone who would treat it right, SyFy or TNT for starters.
Kenneth Johnson
Brian Johnson
Looks like it's going to be just as lousy as the last show was. They're ruining this franchise for sure.
Cue bitching Trekkers .....
Kym Moulds
2 of the worst trailers I have ever seen in my life. It doesn't make me want to watch it at all. THUMBS DOWN!!!!
I hope and pray the series won't be as boring as these promos. Did the Borg win? So far, the CGI hardware is the star.
Johnny jr
the ship looks like a Klingon ship ?? but it's star trek so I'm going to watch 😁
Gloucon X
The saucer part of the ship looks like the hubcap from a 1966 Ford Fairlane.
John Angier
Google earth
kenaniah caruana
it is almost... klingon.
Tom Frazer
It is so fitting that logo is broken.
Its so god damn shitty, what the fuck is this, this is not Star Trek,
What the fuck were they thinking, i wouldn't pay to see this garbage
Ruby Stone
Cut back on the damn lenses flares they are distracting
Chuck Kline
Wow they are going to hell. Ruining Star Trek is like burning a bible....a horrible idea!
Zachary Fett
That ship looks awful.
Gahdamn CBS paywall AHHHHRGH!! Prepare to be torrented.
art paul
In the are secondary characters and nothing makes sense
Chronus 101
It might be ok, but was hoping that the next Star Trek show would be a century or two after The Next Generation. Bummer!!!!!
kodiak wild
1:55 ohhh, no good shots of avery? c'mon.
Phong Nguyen
I think if they release the first episode now may have a better effect. Have anyone ever try to release the 1st episode early and what is the result?
I've found out that the Starfleet ship featured in the first one(*edit) is from Ralph McQuarries(Planet of the Titans 1976-77) concept Enterprise design. I'm still glad the ship we got in The Motion Picture was more true to the original. The one featured here still doesn't make sense. What's worse CG is not needed to clean it up so much when there are a number of designs that would've fit better without having to make it look like a kitbash from three different eras of Star Trek.
Digger D
Did they get this new ship built at a Romulan ship yard? ;) Looks more like a Romulan ship.
J Pasby
The new ship looks nice but doesn't fit between the NX-01 and the Constitution class designs it doesn't fill the evolution gap. This series is suposed to be before Ct. Pike but after Archer?
when the roddenberrys sold the rights to star trek, they hand-picked their successors in order to ruin the franchise. they always hated the higher-ups in production, it was their way of ruining things for them; fans weren't even considered...
Soul Crusher15
dudes if we finally find out the origin of the Borg that will be Amazing my friends to this day debate the origin
Tee Bee
wait, is this Star Trek Estrogen?
Dennis Gonzalez
Looks like a fan film made on MSPAINT.
Paulo Gustavo Cortez Silva
This new series is going to be 10 years before the kirk take over as captain of uss enterprise but it will happen in the time line of the series or of the new films?
Oh dear....looks very cheap cgi effects for the ship, like something from SyFy channel. They don't appear in these trailers but the bald Klingons look terrible.
Jacob Ozment
anybody notice it says "S T D"
Nick Radelj
It dosen t look like Star trek I know!
Rax Savvage
that is one fugly starship....
Holy shit this looks cheap!!!
Darren Foster
The ship looks like a Romulan Bird of Prey.
BJ Martin
Oh hell no! This has the making of crap.
Getting tired of the whole "just before Kirk and crew" routine. Make something about after Kirk. Maybe in the time between Kirk and Picard. Or (gasp) after Picard. Visually it doesn't work when it's supposed to be "before Kirk" but using technology that looks far more advanced. Did Starfleet stock the Enterprise with the dregs of the storeroom?
Finally we will find out who Reys Mom is
Derik Lattig
#deriklattig says I like it
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