Star Trek Discovery - 2 trailers

Star Trek DiscoveryTrailer20162017Teaser

2 promotional trailers have been released so far to the new TV show Star Trek Discovery, which is currently in production and will be released later in 2017 on CBS All Access (USA) and Netflix (rest of the world).

Kishore Motwani
Please be good, please be good, please be good.
Digger D
Did they get this new ship built at a Romulan ship yard? ;) Looks more like a Romulan ship.
So the only white actors will be Klingons,.......I hope they blow the fuck out of the reboot gay/transgender floating
Very Angry
Something is telling me it's going to be rubbish, full of homosexual characters having interracial relationships with an all female cast trying to force social justice on aliens.
J Pasby
The new ship looks nice but doesn't fit between the NX-01 and the Constitution class designs it doesn't fill the evolution gap. This series is suposed to be before Ct. Pike but after Archer?
when the roddenberrys sold the rights to star trek, they hand-picked their successors in order to ruin the franchise. they always hated the higher-ups in production, it was their way of ruining things for them; fans weren't even considered...
sarah sheldahl
dudes if we finally find out the origin of the Borg that will be Amazing my friends to this day debate the origin
Tee Bee
wait, is this Star Trek Estrogen?
Dennis Gonzalez
Looks like a fan film made on MSPAINT.
Paulo Gustavo Cortez Silva
This new series is going to be 10 years before the kirk take over as captain of uss enterprise but it will happen in the time line of the series or of the new films?
Oh dear....looks very cheap cgi effects for the ship, like something from SyFy channel. They don't appear in these trailers but the bald Klingons look terrible.
Check..Strong Black Woman..Transgender? SJW? It's Enterprise 2001 again..Klingons again..Same old Sh*t..There is No Evolution..I feel nothing..And i don't care.. :)
Jacob Ozment
anybody notice it says "S T D"
Nick Radelj
It dosen t look like Star trek I know!
Rax Savvage
that is one fugly starship....
Holy shit this looks cheap!!!
Darren Foster
The ship looks like a Romulan Bird of Prey.
BJ Martin
Oh hell no! This has the making of crap.
Getting tired of the whole "just before Kirk and crew" routine. Make something about after Kirk. Maybe in the time between Kirk and Picard. Or (gasp) after Picard. Visually it doesn't work when it's supposed to be "before Kirk" but using technology that looks far more advanced. Did Starfleet stock the Enterprise with the dregs of the storeroom?
Finally we will find out who Reys Mom is
Derik Lattig
#deriklattig says I like it
David Jones
Looks like an "OLD RUST BUCKET"......

William L.
Available on PPV only makes this new series = Major FAIL! And yet another origin story?! gimme a break, already! The ruination of Gene's vision continues.
Terrence Moffett
this looks freakin' epic
Victor Fatalys
A TV show that is actually a prequel to the rebooted movies ?

Eew...will keep waiting for the HD remastered version of DS9 and Voyager then, and rewatch TNG and TOS in blurays ;)
Albert Mag
Never seen so many whining comments ...for cripes sakes be happy people
It's a brand new Movie ....just enjoy it ....
Ingo Ludwig
It's a mess !
mark casebier
Star Trek Discovery can not skimp[ on writers. It will make on the quality of story. American TV has become a third rate source of entertainment. Is that what the call they call their drivel?
Teegan Mulcahy-Dionysius
Mr. Poopy Butthole
that ship looks fake as fuck, lol, use a model please!
Lord Guts
This is a disgusting peace of bullshit! First they fucked up Star Wars, now it's time for Star Trek.
Aaron Blackaby
wel that's me voting out of this show already. nuvva female fcukkin lead. now I'm no chauvinist believe me,bt enuff already!!!! Eva heard of saturation Hollywood? hav u people still nt learned frm ghostbusters(a film I actually enjoyed tbh) bt seriously stop fcukkin wiv all our "memory's of the past". and giv us bak the leads us GUYS can relate 2 again.
GasFromMyAnus I0I
I really really hope this isn't smeared in Political Correctness cause I simply won't watch.
Taking Heat
Man, That one ugly looking starship! Like the current Toyota Prius!!
A new trailer came up, expect a new video this weekend!
fuck Yes !!!! fap fap fap fap fap
John Tuttle
VOMIT! I would rather fly Oscar The Grouches trash can through space "With No LID!" How stupid is CBS. They might as well put Trumps wig on it. At least that would make it more entertaining.
nerdkid Mcgowan1207
why am i getting more of a 24 century vibe than pre federation
So Star Trek has just become a vehicle for promoting the progressive SJW agenda....guess the hopeful future that Roddenberry envisioned, got cast aside for the politically correct message
Andrew Burkot
always amazes me how these idiots cant even do basic research..... every ship had their OWN insignia, they didn't all start using the Enterprise one til TNG.....
dan Rice
the ship look ugly Enterpise ship looked more real but this ship no i don't like it at all. that ship is not a Star trek ship at all.
Drayton Alan
Please give to the Red Shirts Widows and Orphans Fund. RSWOF
Michael Elsy
Why does the back of the ship look like a Romulan Bird of Prey.
Billy McAuliffe
that ship dear God no no no
Jason Rayment
Bad CG and animation, bad design.
Oodldoodl Noodlesocks
Doesn't bode well when kids in their bedrooms are pulling off better CGI than this.
Patrick Wilson
I sort of hoped that this series would be set just after Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Nemesis.
James Street
Bloody Ugly Ship.
Jovee Gillen
If this comment section has taught me anything, it's that everyone loves TOS, TNG, and DS9, while half of fans love but the other half hate VOY and Enterprise.
Stephan Marcus
I'm getting a Fyre Festival vibe about this show...
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